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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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Amabrush October News

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hello Community :-)   

We hope you are doing all well. We haven’t forgotten you guys, we just have long-range stuff going on. 

We currently are working on a big update, which we hope to release as soon as possible. We are still awaiting some answers from our business and production partners. Therefore we couldn’t provide you any updates to the product itself until now, since we did not want to make empty promises and give out hazy facts. 

However, to not leave you without anything we want to share some other news with you :-)

New Logo 

The white “AMABRUSH” in capital letters, turned into a simple but stylish “amabrush” font in small letters. Instead of the old navy-blue, a refreshing and unique turqoise in a pastel manner express Amabrush as clean, fresh and modern, with a touch of a lifestyle-oriented appearance. 

The new design accentuate trustworthiness and points out the medical purpose of Amabrush. 

What do you think? :-)

Pilot Tester - Status quo 

First of all thanks a lot to our Pilot Testers for their support and belief in Amabrush from the very beginning. We already communicated this topic with you guys, but now for everyone to know, we unfortunately could not manage to send out Amabrush to our Pilot Testers, due to legal concerns

We are truly sorry for that and we are very glad for your understanding. For not leaving our Pilot Testers high and dry, we offered them a special goodie, which gladly has been well-received. 

For everyone to know why we had to take those steps: We had some serious discussions with legal departments. Governmental matters did put us obstacles in our way and with every step it seemed to get more complicated and so a pre-release of our product was not possible, due to certification and other governmental issues.

It’s somehow really complicated and we don’t want to go into detail right now, but all those who joined our Pilot Tester program are already aware with this matter and luckily we received great feedback. Thanks again :-) 

Copycats, fakes and other products 

At the moment we are (thanks to you guys) aware of products such as uFunbrush and Unico, but also sales offers, such as on Ebay and Amazon, are going around. 

As for the first, we can not judge on them as we don’t know about those products in detail. We don’t feel threatened and as it is in business, there will always be an active competition and rivalry. 

We are not concerned about this, but are very thankful to our community sending us messages and links to projects which may be alike Amabrush. That’s a great act of support and we are amazed by your many messages :-) 

Concerning “supposedly” Amabrush products, please keep in mind, that every other online shop you will spot on the World Wide Web (that offers Amabrush right now super cheap) is definitely a fake. Currently, Amabrush is only available on Indiegogo

We forwarded already-known websites and sales to our legal department. If you spot another fake or copycat product, please let us know at :)

Pending patent 

Due to legal reasons we have to correct our claim from the previous update. Our patent application is still pending and we are just allowed to claim that it is “granted” when it is publicly accessible

With this news we are gone for the weekend. Thanks for having us and for the next update we can only tell you this much: We will reveal bigger news! :-)  

Your Amabrush-Team!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Elliot on

      Any updates? It's March and I haven't received anything!

    2. Tiffany Burgi on

      Hello when will we be getting an update? Its been almost 2 months?

    3. Missing avatar

      Anchal Nigam on

      Has anyone heard any updates? I haven't heard anything since October and its December 18th now.

    4. Triet Vuong on

      Hi, it's December... it's time for an update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Amy Church on

      The new logo isn't a logo, it's rather generic and does not make a statement. It's set in a font that could be typing the name of manufacturers of kids cotton clothes, or q-tips, or balloons because it is comprised of round, bubbly characters. Your product is trying to convey cleanliness through technology and modern convenience. My professional opinion with over 34 years of corporate design. I recently saw a different manufacturers version of a handsfree brush with a ghastly print of grinning teeth on it's handle. Thankfully you aren't going in that direction. Proper oral care is serious. I've spent thousands on my smile and I don't entrust it to toys.

      Now other than the logo, how's progress.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mallory on

      Yes the wait has been a while, perfectly understandable and thank you for the transparency...but the most important question: are we getting these bad boys before Christmas?

      For some reason the image of my boyfriend and I gleefully using the Amabrush in our pjs on Christmas day is forever engrained in my mind. Please make expectation a reality.

    7. Frederick Mitchell on

      My shipping address has changed since I completed the survey. How can I edit it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mirja on

      I'm also asking when do you deliver Amabrush? If I remember right the the delivery time was December? If I can't get it in the begining of December I hope I'll get in February because I'm not at home to fetch it. Is here somebody to answer these questions? Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rainey Yeow on

      Any update for us? When will the shipment be going out? It has been so long.

    10. Arnoud Bijvoet


    11. Missing avatar

      Cyan Banister on

      When are you going to start the deliveries for the Amabrush?

    12. Tracey R Bewlay on

      Yesterday, I saw and ad selling Amabrush on social media. Is this your product?

    13. Missing avatar

      Zach Taylor on

      Hey guys I was curious about a shipping dead line as are most people here and I am also curious about the next update. The last update says we are working on a "big" update but have not gotten any news yet. I would like some more transparency and maybe twice a month updates if the updates are going to consist of more or less no substantial information. To wait two months for any real update is making everyone on edge and its as simple as 5 min to sit down and type out a decent response that explains the progress of the company.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Lucini on

      Hi guys, any idea of expected shipping timeline? Thank you. Ciao!

    15. Sean Day

      I actually like the old logo better. However, you can't please all the people all the time.

    16. Kenna

      Good update in the comments. And from a designer, excellent change to the logo. People don't realize how important that actually is in regard to how people immediately perceive your product. It's clean and modern and definitely says medical, but simple.

    17. lee man lok on

      I just hope you can delivery on time....

    18. Missing avatar

      kurt semellechner on

      wann wird amabrush endlich ausgeliefert?
      mir ist das logo so ziemlich egal, ich möchte das produkt endlich verwenden können.

    19. John Schofield on

      I personally am really excited by this update as I feel you guys are being very open and upfront on what is going on and not sugar coating. I like the way there are possible communication errors or points that are misinterpreted which make some people freak - which are then clarified - it seems more like a dalogue than some of the updates I have seen on higely funded and massively delayed projects on Kickstarter where the white house spin doctors clearly wrote them.

      Personally I like the new logo and given the success of this funding it is important/essential for you guys to have the right professional corporate identity and image so well done. This will hopefully contributing to ensuring future success - and therefore keep our products alive in the future for replacement bits.

      Some clear idea on timeline - even approximate would be great.

    20. Missing avatar


      This is great news, and a great update. chill friends - these are nice people. They didn't announce the logo like it was all they've been working on for the past few weeks, they said, "not leave you without anything" (here's another little tidbit - logo!). Obviously they've been working on other things.

      @Dr P - English is not their first language, so I feel like commenting on their writing style is a bit rough.

      @Jiyeon, Pontius Pilate - 'investors' (in quotation marks) is the right term - a backer is not an investor, at least not in the conventional sense. They have no contractual obligations to you. Think of it as mutual goodwill - and keep working on that :P

      @"For All" - please don't speak for me.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ana Karen on

      great call! thank you for the clarification! I was starting to freak out!

    22. Aaron Colwick on

      Thanks for the clarification, Amabrush Team, that is much more understandable. I think y'all made the right call in y'alls decision making, so keep it up!

    23. Amabrush Creator on

      Hello All :-)

      We have received many messages and questions over the weekend and we wanted to clarify some uncertainties.

      Regarding “legal issues”. There aren’t any legal difficulties. The following legal issues we faced were regarding the pilot-tester units:

      Our legal department told us that we aren’t allowed to ship our pre-production units to our pilot-testers, as government does not differ between pre-production units or retail units. It is our duty to get all certifications and to offer a warranty for EVERY device, even if it’s “only” a sample.

      Development, shipment and production WOULD slow down tremendously, IF we have to undergo all certification and warranty procedures twice. So we decided not to ship the pilot-tester units in order to ship ALL units to you as soon as possible.

      We already are in production process and we ALREADY GOT THE APPROVAL to launch Amabrush. So don’t worry guys, your product is already in the making. :-)

      Regarding “pending patent”. This is only a formality, which we have to undergo.

      Your Amabrush-Team :-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Jiyeon on

      Yeap I know your patent now pending, but how long approximately that process to getting patent will take?
      Backers are investor, who you guys should tell the truth with sincerly, not your teenaged friends you can tell "You know, I have real big news! But I cannot tell you now~~~"

    25. Mikko Zitting

      What about the proof of efficacy? Will Amabrush remove plaque in 10 sec the same way as a 30 euros electric toothbrush in 100 sec?

    26. Missing avatar

      James Parker on

      I like the new logo and color as it is refreshing as the device itself! Your community appreciates your efforts to R&D the product, and to protect our investment from usurpers and mavericks, to keep the genuine article as paramount as it is, and to discern counterfeits.

    27. Anne on

      Very nice work on the logo!

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy Mesa on

      These people are completely tone deaf if they think we care the slightest bit about their logo compared to the many, many real issues with their campaign and product.

      I'm becoming increasingly skeptical, and this update only makes it worse.

    29. Missing avatar


      URGENT NEWS!!!
      "Panic ensues, all have rotten teeth b/c Amabrush hit some road blocks!"

      People, seriously? To those making IGG comments... double wow! Amabrush is NOT for sale on KS anymore... technically it never was. They are saying that currently there is no store, other than IGG, where you can order it.

      As for legal issues... legal issues are no joke. How they are handled can make or break a new business. You don't go talking about legal & regulatory issues, even sharing them with investors, until you have a handle on them. The wrong information get's out to competitors or others and you could end up ship's creek just because you wanted to look like the good guy and be fully transparent. Let's let them work through these issues and I'm sure they will give us what information they can, when they can.

      As for the logo.. well here I have to agree with many of the other comments:
      - 'a's look look too much like 'o's
      - Boasting about a new logo as if it's a real update is insulting. It shows that you felt the need to include something of substance just for the sake of including something. Not every update has to contain substance... it can simply be that you're making slow progress, didn't want us to think you'd forgotten and that you'll send out another update next week, hopefully with more information.

      Delivery date: We all know Dec 2017 isn't going to happen. That was clear during the campaign and is no more likely now than it was then. Companies actually think they can stick to a timeline and instead of being open and honest about it, they remain quiet. No one starting their first business, especially one as complicated as this is with so many different aspects, technical challenges, regulatory challenges, etc, should be confidently claiming before they have funds are really get started, that they know when they can deliver. When will companies learn to under promise with hopes of over performing, rather than vice versa?

    30. Jesper Doktor on

      The new logo is nice. Good job. Looking forward to the next Update with more exciting news :-)

    31. Matthew Mengerink on

      No preference on the logo. I am confused as to what the high level time line looks like now for first delivery of product. Could you update us on that as well? Thanks!

    32. Patrick A Brinkmann on

      Please summarize what part about your project is being questioned and waiting for approval.

      As for the design, I like the pastel but not the font as much. The previous was in my opinion inferior to the latest design.

      Cheers patrick

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan O'Donnell on

      Why is this update via Kickstarter if the product is only available through Indiegogo? Is this a fake update as well?

    34. Josh Hicks on

      I'm getting really anxious.

    35. Michele Angelo Capobianco on

      "Amabrush is only available on Indiegogo"
      Written on Kickstarter :)

    36. Luca Mactìre Zanon on

      Is the dec. 2017 promise still on?

    37. Pontius Pilate on

      "-- and give out hazy facts. " Yeah, well that's funny as the facts available are less than sharp edged.

      - "we unfortunately could not manage to send out Amabrush to our Pilot Testers, due to legal concerns. "

      - " a pre-release of our product was not possible, due to certification and other governmental issues."

      Jeepers, that's sort of hazy - no?

      It's nice you've been hard at work on a logo design - but that's of little use to any of us 'investors' - So, I'm seeing a red flag here.

    38. Novice Knights on

      This isn’t an update. This is a list of excuses and broken promises.

      An updated logo is something a Fortune 500 company takes pride in. Your expression of positivity here is misplaced and misguided. You are no Fortune 500 company and if you keep up the secrecy and broken promises, you’ll end up being a fraud instead.

      Your backers, myself included, would like to hear from an adult in the company who can actually tell us what is going on.

    39. Bernhard Obermoser on

      Is this the "Neue Volkspartei" turqoise? xD

    40. DeltaBlast on

      Red flags! Come get your red flags!

    41. Dr P on

      This last update leaves me worried -
      The writing style makes it look like teenagers are running the company.
      The update says that things got busy and we couldn’t deliver on our first promises, but hey... we have a pretty, new logo.

      Is there any substantial news about progress, production, or delivery dates?

    42. Kevin Consen on

      Being a designer myself, I approve of the logo. Very tasteful. Well explained as well. Any word on a shipping date? Is this being moved up too since the pilot shipment has been cancelled? Or are these legal matters of such magnitude that the entire product is at risk of being cancelled?

      Looking forward to hear from you guys.

    43. Missing avatar

      Astrid Emersberger on

      Will the delivery date with Dec. 2017 be still realistic?

    44. Missing avatar

      Visca Yvette on


      J'aimais bien l'ancien logo, comme AMABRUSH. Tant pis !

      Il me tarde de recevoir mon AMABRUSH !

      Bonne journée /soirée.

      Yvette Visca

    45. Daniel on

      Thanks for the update. Also love the new logo ❤
      Very looking forward to new exciting news and having my "original" Amabrush soon.
      You all, have a great weekend. ☀

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Paire on

      "The new design accentuate trustworthiness and points out the medical purpose of Amabrush." There is no way that it does that. Yes, the new logo has modern aspects, and it's a nice design, but it in no way deals with trustworthiness or has anything to do with a medical purpose. You've got a lowercase "a" in a circle, and a nifty new font.

      Speaking of the font, one downside of the new logo is that it is now harder to read (the tail on the lowercase "a" is so small that it now looks like omobrush not amabrush; and if you're thinking of changing it, please don't change it to just an uppercase A in the beginning, then it will look like Amobrush, something I'd use to clean bullets).

    47. Missing avatar

      Roswitha Wittenberg on

      I like the new logo very much!
      Hope I will get my one in time �