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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

Please fill out the "survey" and let us know your shipping address :)

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hi Backers.

We hope that all of you are doing great :) Our campaign is over since the 5th of August, and we still get so much great and valuable feedback and input from you, it’s really astonishing.

Since several days our survey should be now visible in your email inbox. It’s not really a “survey”, but more a crucial step, in order to let us know what your shipping address is, and which add-ons you may want to get.

Some questions popped up regarding the survey, and we wanted to make use of this opportunity to clarify most of them.

The survey isn’t just a survey, it’s an important step for you, in order to enter your shipping address. With this survey, you can also add additional items and add-ons at no additional shipping fees, and with a 20% discount :) If you don’t add anything to your current order, you won’t pay more, as you already paid for your Amabrush unit at Kickstarter :) We will close the survey by end of September, so please also check your spam folder if you haven’t seen the email, in order to finish this crucial step :) You can enter your current address right now into the survey. If you move until December, you can always change your address with the exact same access to the survey every time you have to :)

Just a short explanation: at the first step, you can verify your order from Kickstarter, and you can specify the toothpaste flavor. At the second step, you can add additional items and add-ons. And at the third step, you can specify your delivery address :)

We’ve added the option to pay with PayPal (next to credit cards) since some days :) The prices for the add-ons are all already 20% deducted. So there is no need to enter a promo code into the promo box, please just leave this box empty, as we didn’t send a promo code for the 20% discount.

Regarding the 15% promo code for our regular online shop (which goes live in November/December): We will send out an additional email with your personal code for this by the time when our development for the online shop is finished :) This is not needed right now for the current survey :)

Please also check your spam folder if you didn’t get the email with our link to this survey. The sender email address is called “” and you can also search your inbox for the subject “AMABRUSH - Survey for Kickstarter”. If you can’t find the email with the survey-invite at all, please write us a short email to and we will send another invite to you :)

The Amabrush pro version does not include the UV-lid. The UV-lid is an accessory for the mouthpiece-storage-attachment. This mouthpiece-storage-attachment (that can store two mouthpieces) comes included with the pro version, along with the circular wireless charging dock. If you attach the mouthpiece-storage-attachment to the circular wireless charging dock, it will look exactly like on the photos on Kickstarter :)

We are still so overwhelmed about your support, new collaborations, new opportunities and offers for knowledge-exchange, and we are truly thankful for this in order to bring the best automatic toothbrush experience to your bathroom :)

We're still answering to every single message and email we receive within several days. Please keep coming your great feedback or thoughts. Thank you so much! We’ll definitely keep you updated about important milestones in the near future :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tyler Turner on

      Any update on this I ordered 8/3/17 and have received nothing

    2. Alasdair Beattie on

      i did not recieve an email either.

    3. Lasse Olavsen Øien on

      Haven't received any email.

    4. Missing avatar

      KaHei Chan on

      I do not receive the email mentioned. Can you check it for me please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Taylor Lampe on

      So, I'm in love with this project and can't wait for my device to arrive! One point of criticism for the updates. Maybe less smiley faces, haha.

    6. Missing avatar

      Marc Herzog on

      I backed here at Kickstarter and here they say they ship until at least December, on Indiegogo they tell to ship until at least February.
      Do Kickstarter Backers recieve first?

    7. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @Tom Leenaert - this product isn't meant to ship until at least December...

    8. Tom Leenaert on

      Did anyone received his product yet ???

    9. Missing avatar

      정연우 on

      I did not receive an email.
      Can you send me an email?

    10. Missing avatar

      Angelo Fugazzi on

      I don't received a tracking for shipping. it's possible have it?

    11. Teresa Ho on

      Hey, I'm a backer and I haven't received an email from you with a survey till now :/
      Would you please check that or send the email again?


    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua P Gorton on

      I still have not gotten my product, please assist me in getting it

    13. Missing avatar

      Ewa Marciniak on


      I'm a backer #20692, and I did not receive an email with a survey. Could you please get back to me? Thanks.

      Best regards,

    14. Marcelo Russo on

      Hi Guys,
      Can you please confirm that my address on Crowdox is all good?

      I ran into issues with the survery...talked to the guys from Crowdox...then got 2 emails of my upgrades and address... and then Crowdox told me to re do the survey.

      Can you confirm is all email is

      Thanks a lot

    15. Faraz Golestani on

      Wait can we do the add-ons later and still get free shipping and 20% off? I thought the case and the UV lid were early sketches and final design was not ready yet? I don't want to blindly pay for a product that hasn't even been made yet. As I've said in an earlier comment, the UV Lid and the travelers case as its currently shown are not designed properly because they don't have proper ventilation. So can I hold out and still take advantage of free shipping and 20% off?

    16. Alexander Stamatiou

      I am a backer via BackerClub but in the survey you did not include the option for the backers that are allowed upgrade to pro for free.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard S. Hall on

      Ok, found it. The link was sent via email. I couldn't find the survey in my profile.

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard S. Hall on

      Where do we find this "survey" since I don't see one?

    19. Dilsat Uyguroglu

      i have moved back to Turkey from Singapore. do you have the adress ?

    20. Mario Hofstätter on

      I didn't get a survey email. I already wrote you an email to about it.

    21. Thomas Magnusson on


      Hi Thomas Magnusson,

      Thanks for filling out the Survey! See below for details on your selections.

      Thank You,
      AMABRUSH Team

      Qty Reward - AMABRUSH PRO COUPLE - EARLY BIRD Bundle €114.00
      1 Handpiece
      2 Mouthpiece
      2 Toothpaste Capsules x3
      Flavor: Sensitive (w/o Fluoride)
      1 Wireless Charging Dock
      1 Mouthpiece-Storage-Attachement
      2 Refillable Toothpaste Capsule
      Q: Promo or Coupon Code
      A: (Not answered or blank)

      Reward €114.00
      Reward Shipping €20.00
      Total Costs €134.00

      External Payment (Kickstarter) -€134.00
      Total Payments -€134.00

      Balance €0.00

      Shipping Address
      thomas magnusson
      Laxvägen 2 B
      Åland Islands

      im Backer 23,034

    22. Missing avatar

      James Parker on

      I am backer # 3,198, and I got an e-mail to update my shipping address. I pulled up my account and it is inaccurate as I previously upgraded to the Pro model from the basic and ordered the travel case, so my previously ordered UV light would work properly, which was not fully explained previously to me. Please respond to me as I ordered, and paid for the Pro model, the UV light, the travel case, the tongue cleaner, and maybe something else. If you are not showing that for me as my current purchase, then my paid purchase and your list do not agree, and your list is incorrect if it does not include all these items. I did not receive a second survey, like Mathias below. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to correct my original order so it included all the accessories I wanted.

    23. Missing avatar

      chris schlosser on

      already filled it out, about 1 week ago.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mathias B. Löfkvist on

      I did not receive the survey, I triple checked!
      Best regards

    25. Missing avatar

      Yusuke Murasato on

      I already filled it out.
      Pls check it out.
      I hope you will fix this problem.

    26. Missing avatar

      김용환 on

      I finished the questionnaire, and I purchased the extra component, and I paid for it, and I realized that I didn't have to fill in the code, and I didn't have anything to do with the code, so I didn't have to do anything. I used to use the translator to confirm the message, but I don't know if it's just ... I'd like to get your attention soon. December is leaning against me.

    27. Missing avatar


      If you've already completed the survey, you don't have to do it again. This update is to encourage those who haven't yet completed it, to do so.

    28. Missing avatar

      Harald Wester on

      Hi - Filled out a survey on 16.08.2017 already - so why one more time ?

      Please clarify Thank you Harry

    29. Missing avatar

      Oleg Boikov on

      What a problem?
      I already have a confirmation mail from amabrush.
      This is correct adress in here...
      I dont understand, what I nedd to do?

    30. Missing avatar

      Raphael on

      I have the same problem. The following message appears:

      "Unable to save your information"

    31. Axel Küppers on

      Paying with Paypal ends in an error.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michele Marzocchi on

      hello, I've some troubles in completing the survey. Once I get to the pay and complete part it gets stuck and doesn't allow me to make the final step. The following message appears:

      Unable to Save Your Information

      We received the following validation errors while trying to save your information
      The request was aborted and unable to be completed. Please try again.

      what should I do?

    33. Missing avatar

      Hebbrecht Monique on

      I filled it out already last week ! Kind regards !

    34. daniel L on

      I think that Filled it out already. But I am not sure

    35. Brian Ivanson on

      I got the Pro Couple Early bird. On KS it doesn't mention (that I can find) that I get refillable toothpaste capsules. In the survey it DOES list them as included.

      Can you confirm what is the truth?

    36. Andreas Kotschote

      When will you do a clinical trial or an independent test of your device?

    37. Adrian Wagener on

      Filled it out already. I hope I won't get disappointed! :)