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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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#4 Stretch Goal unlocked

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hey Backers :)

We all reached unbelievable 5000% of the initial Amabrush funding goal! This is hard to believe and truly awesome. We are really flattered that our new way of toothbrushing appeals to so many people! The end of our campaign is now on the horizon, and we are really excited to hitch up our sleeves in order to bring Amabrush to your bathroom :)

We can't say it enough: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your precious time, feedback, input, ideas, messages, emails and especially your support!

Stretch Goal #4 unlocked

USB-C instead of micro-USB! We got this request really often, and we too think that this is a great way to build Amabrush with top-notch technology right from the beginning. Many of you demanded such an upgrade, and your request is our command :) Therefore, we will upgrade the micro-USB plugs to USB-C plugs. This does not effect our estimated delivery time.

A highly requested add-on was “the lid”, that protects the mouthpieces of Amabrush from dust and other environmental influences. For the sake of transparency -> 63% voted in our last survey for this additional add-on. And roughly 70% of these interested people voted for the version that comes with integrated UV light.

So we decided to offer a lid with UV light integrated. This is able to store and sanitize two mouthpieces. This is an accessory for the mouthpiece-storage attachment (which comes already included in the pro version and can be ordered on it's own after the campaign ends). It will cost €29, but for our Kickstarter-backers we’ll offer this for just €23 with a 20% discount. It features a door with a hinge, an mirrored interior panelling in order to get the most out of the UV lamp, and is a great addition in order to keep Amabrush hygienic and clean. We believe that you will all really like this :) It's important to note that you are definitely able to use Amabrush without the lid.

This is a rough and early sketch of the lid, so if you have a great idea or input about this, we would really love to hear your feedback and thoughts :) ->

As we said in our previous update, we don't want to promise on delivering the add-ons along with your Amabrush units, but we’ll definitely do our best. “First things first” is our mantra, and in any case, you will receive your add-ons conveniently to your mailbox with no additional shipping fees.

We will go through every single input from you in our last survey, it’s definitely possible that we’ll spot another great idea from you about Amabrush :)

Thank you very much again for your tremendous support and input! And especially for making this happen. Please keep your great inputs and thoughts regarding Amabrush coming, and if you have another great idea for future updates about Amabrush, please write us to -> :)


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    1. Casey Robertson on

      Then go buy an oral b or sonic care. ��

      We are kickstarting a breakthrough in oral hygiene technology. Why start that off with old connectors. GG!

    2. TheSirSpence on

      I don't want my toothbrush to be the height of technology. I want my toothbrush to be functional and convenient.

    3. Casey Robertson on

      Thesir, the main reason is because everything will be using usb-c. Why create a product that has to be updated to usb-c later on. Why not just start now?

      Yes charging faster doesn't do much but its not the point. The point is keeping up with technology. Every phone, portable battery charger and computer will be usb-c soon enough, Yes, even apple will have usb-c to lightning this year.

      **If you're making a new product, use the newest technology.**

    4. TheSirSpence on

      None of that actually explains my point, there is no benefit to USB C? Why would you need a toothbrush to charge faster, Surely using the more widely known and used technology is a better starting point.

      If the minority want USB-C how about using micro USB and supplying people with a USB-C to Micro USB adapter.

    5. Casey Robertson on

      I doubt you will need a charge unless its a long vacation but this lack of cable bs is no excuse. Go on ebay. Bam! $3 tops with free shipping.

      If you can afford a $70+ toothbrush, you can afford a $3 cable. Get with the times people. Usb-c is a good move.

    6. Janice Bailey on

      Just re-read that, okay, not 28 days, 28 uses, so for 2 people brushing 2 times a day that's 1 week. If you travel for that length of time you will need 1 whole extra cable.

    7. Janice Bailey on

      How many people travel for more than 28 days straight? The FAQ's point out that a charge will last for 28 days. I've got at least a dozen cables laying around that are USB mini (before USB micro) so I was not real happy when everything started switching to micro. Now I have dozens of micro and everything is switching to USB C, so I've purchased a few micro to C adapters and have thrown them in my travel bag. A few years from now a whole new cable will come out and the people who make money off of cables will cheer because they can reach into our pockets again. First world problems people, first world problems.

    8. TheSirSpence on

      Sad about the USB C - most devices these days are micro USB. I do not see the advantage of upgrading to USB C, however, I see the disadvantage in that I now have yet another cable that I will need to take with me when traveling.

      I have hundreds of micro USB cables. So this is a pain, its a shame people cant be given a choice. or that USB C can't be put to a vote.

    9. James Oliver on

      Also have to agree with those not liking USB C. I have an iPhone etc nothing I own uses USB C, but also agree a USB c to micro should be included, but also easily purchased.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Sitterly on

      I prefer USB C since it's what my phone uses and what most things are moving to know. However, knowing the pain others might be feeling, I would suggest that a cheap Micro USB to USB Type C Adapter could be thrown in. I've seen them go for only $3 in some places. Just a thought.

    11. Steven Roberts on

      Usb c for the win! Great upgrade.

    12. Casey Robertson on

      Yes!!! usb-c

      To all the micro-usb users, Seriously, do you need to charge your toothbrush in another room than the bathroom. You need 1 cable. Don't be silly with i already have a a million cables, I don't want to change. Apple did it, android did it, computers are doing it, portable battery chargers are now being offered with usb-c might as well have the rest of the new projects / technology items do it.

      Micro-usb is going out, In With The New!

    13. Missing avatar

      Clovis Alleaume on

      I am a bit unhappy with this USB-C story to be honest. Not that it's super important, but as other already said, I already have plenty of micro-USB cable, and therefore it's definitely more convenient for me to keep with the same standard. I know, future-proof, and all of that, but that's one more cable I'm depending on, and when traveling that's once again another cable to have.
      Bottom line, if given the option I would definitely take the micro-USB version

    14. Ciaran Hornby

      I like the upgrade to USB-C as it future proofs amabrush but I would prefer to have it as micro USB because I don't have anything that has USB-C. The best option would be to be able to choose but whether that is viable or not is the question.

    15. Sebastian Saip on

      Can't believe tech people here are complaining about USB-C .. It is the future and the next standard, so get used to it. Many of us already have USB-C mobiles, so I appreciate this move.

    16. Ben Rosenthal

      For a project like this, given the complexity of building internal electronics and designing PCBs, it's unlikely there'd be a choice between two connector options. I agree that USB-C seems too new to the marketplace for inclusion on this product and is better suited for a future version, or perhaps as an alternative when the company can afford to offer a choice.

      Another approach would be to offer a USB-C to Micro USB adapter.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Seifert on

      I second the motion posted below - if you are going to do USB-C as an upgrade, have it be an option: backers choose whether they want that or standard micro USB. I've got lots of cords/chargers w/ the latter and none with the former.

    18. Don Rull

      USB C is an upgrade? It's not appealing to me. Do you know how many Micro USB cords and chargers I have lying around? Why would a new type plug be a feature upgrade for a toothbrush? Why would I want to carry around a new cord when I travel? Ugh...