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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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#3 Stretch Goal unlocked - with proper formatting :)

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

*Our previous update lost the formatting, sorry for that*

Hey Backers :)

You did it!! With €2 mio., we all together reached a big milestone earlier today. This is truly unbelievable for us, and Amabrush is really creating massive waves around the globe. Big brands, Universities and research facilities have already reached out to us, because they truly believe that this is a new step in the oral care landscape. We were contacted by so many people who already have a lot of experience in this area, in order to help and support our development process, and we are really excited in exchanging knowledge with them. We are very excited and know that without you we haven’t reached our vision: Toothbrushing - fast, simple, and for everyone. That’s why we proudly announce that our

Stretch Goal #3 is unlocked :)

Yes, we already mentioned this, and you unlocked the add-ons :) We will offer a tongue cleaner, a traveller case (with and without electronics) and a modular charging station (please have a look at our last update for pricing information - 20% discount for backers). First pictures will follow as soon as our industrial designers are satisfied with them ;) We've put a super early draft/sketch (for illustration purposes only!) at the end of this update. It should give you a first glimpse of how the traveller case will roughly look like. We definitely add a premium touch to this with a nice, soft, but durable fabric on the outside (as visible on the images) and magnets in order to open/close the case conveniently. In the image there are some details missing, like slots for toothpaste capsules, or better arrangement, so that the space is used better and the case is thinner. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas about it at - every thought and input is welcome, and we will definitely think through every idea of you :)


As we said in our previous update, we don't want to promise on delivering these items along with your Amabrush units, but we’ll definitely do our best. “First things first” is our mantra, and in any case, you will receive your add-ons conveniently to your mailbox with no additional shipping fees.

BUT THERE IS MORE: Many of you contacted us with a great idea, and we thought that this is truly a special and novel idea. Some of you mentioned that we should offer something, from what everyone can benefit. As we don’t want to promise new features, which we may not be able to produce on time, we decided to offer a special “Thank-you gift” for all our supporters. Every backer who bought at least the Amabrush basic version, will get a 15% discount code, that he/she can use to buy additional toothpaste capsules, bottles, refillable capsules or mouthpieces on our regular online shop (after Kickstarter). This discount code is valid, as long as “Amabrush One” is marketed by us! We truly thank you all for this opportunity, and we also want you to have something in return in the long run. With such an investment goal, we are able to do a lot more than we would have been before Kickstarter and we could’ve imagined. This includes additional add-ons, not just one but several clinical studies, trials, better technology and better/more features. Our goal is truly to build and ship a toothbrush, that is able to clean your teeth, without forcing you to concentrate, or stealing your precious time! We'll send out another update with some images regarding the tongue cleaner and modular charging station as soon as possible, as well as some details about your personal discount code.

Additional Update Information

We are constantly iterating over our current development stage, in order to implement all the great feedback, and to address every single weak spot in terms of toothbrushing. Our newest mouthpiece, that features more and thinner bristles, is currently in the making for external testing purposes. Please keep in mind, that we don’t want to share any confidential parts right now, but we will figure out how to share these images with you in our updates. Please understand that we can’t show every detail, as we were already contacted by many dubious people and companies. Furthermore, we also spot some fraud online-shops, that use our pictures/videos/descriptions, and sell our product under a different name. Our legal department is already shutting them down, so please don’t buy “Amabrush” anywhere else right now, as these websites are clearly fraud. As we said, you are all a part of this great product. Without your help we are clearly not able to achieve our goal. We don't know how to express our feelings, but, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes

      I agree with Alexander Castle that the case needs to be Dual Voltage 110-240 Volts 50Hz & 60Hz no point in a travel case if you can't travel with it. thank you.

    2. Henk Puister on

      As previous backers mentioned: please make a case for singles.

    3. Faraz Golestani on

      Please make an option for singles! This is too big and bulky

    4. Matthias E Zeitler

      Single Travel case option would be great.
      I am pretty that there are lots of backers that travel alone and would rather have a smaller case.

    5. Ben Rosenthal

      I don't understand what you mean regarding who are backers fornyour project. First-timers or not, each of your updates can be either public (visible to anyone online who visits your campaign) or private (only viewable by backers).

      I can understand if you're concerned about people backing just to see a private update and then pulling out. Other than that, I encourage you to be more open about your designs. That said, I'll also understand if you prefer to wait until the campaign ends before posting private updates with this info.

    6. FF on

      Please make a case option for singles!

    7. Kenna

      I've been in plenty of KS where stretch goals unlocked an add-on, it's not that unusual. Though I wish they would throw in an inexpensive, simple counter top case to keep my cats out.

    8. Anatole Guyot-Reeb on

      I just want to second what Fade_to_Black said and point out that many backers, myself included, were under the impression that stretch goals would mean additional free accessories. It's how the other projects I have backed did things. I do think a free tongue brush would be a nice addition to the package :)
      Anyhow, thank you for all your efforts in developing this product !

    9. Fade_to_Black on

      I really like your product and backed for my girlfriend and me but doesn't a stretchgoal mean it is for free. The product itself isn't that cheap and if I want the traveller case it is a lot more to pay. I know you have high development costs and can understand the decision but maybe you think of another little incentive like a free tongue brush. Thx for your cool product.

    10. Missing avatar on

      Can you think of children and sizing plus type of toothpaste for that age group. If ever there was a need it is helping children clean their teeth.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander Castle on

      Please make sure it's Dual Voltage 110-240 no point in a travel case if you can't travel with it ;)

    12. Hendrik Oldersom on

      @ Amabrush.. you wrote:

      "the discount is valid until the moment we release an Amabrush Two,"

      But this should be: the discount is valid until the moment we no longer support Amabrush one!! In this case you could bring out model within a year. 15% life time is great, so act like that !!

      Further I like the way you communicate, the updates, and listening...
      I hope you will take a look what i wrote, and take time to think about this!!

    13. JCZ on

      I would really like to see some sort of plague test to see how effective this new concept is...

    14. Elana Kahn on

      This is great! Have you thought about kid size ones? I think my children would really benefit from this.

    15. Amabrush Creator on

      @Delaney Liddiard Carroll: No, this is not possible on Kickstarter (unfortunately). We'll send out an access to our temporary and Kickstarter-only online shop after the campaign ends. At this you can add additional items at the same prices and with no additional shipping fees :)

    16. Delaney Liddiard Carroll on

      So, can we add these items to our pledge, or are they only for sale later? I am trying to find the spot to pledge for these items. Thanks.

    17. Amabrush Creator on

      @Ben Rosenthal: Thank you. Hm, that's possible, but we don't know who pledged for our project, as many backers from us are first-timers. But we will figure out a way in order to do so :)

      @MedicNYC: Thank you. We definitely plan to shoot an update every 2-3 weeks after the campaign :) Regarding your second question: No, no definitive talks right now, just knowledge-exchange and collaboration. But our sentence was actually referring to the following: the discount is valid until the moment we release an Amabrush Two, somewhen in the future :) Sorry for this confusion :)

    18. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. Really like that you send them out quite often and with real substance. Hope you will continue that through the remainder of r&d, production, shipping, etc.

      BTW, does this mean you are expecting or are already in talks to sell Amabrush? "as long as “Amabrush One” is marketed by us!"

    19. Ben Rosenthal

      Great update! Regarding proprietary and confidential designs, is it appropriate to share them with your backer community in updates that are restricted to backers only?