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Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based skirmish board game based in the World of Torn. Quick set-up, fast gameplay, awesome miniatures.
561 backers pledged $67,742 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Tor Gaming on

      Awesome, Guess I will need the 'one of all three' bundles.... Except, I want more than one of each!!

      Is it possible to play just behemoths in one side?!?!?

    2. Natalya Alyssa Faden Creator on

      @Patrick LOL, MU STOMPER GO SMUSH!

      @Katie - lol, thank you!

      @ozoli - I love that as well, concept through to final, through to sculpting/modelling ... even the artists love watching the process go through.

      @Roger yes certain details are missing off ht esketch (including the gnomes themselves!) the artist just wanted to dial in the basic shape, structure and such :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Roger Bunting on

      Love it. I love steampunk, I love this game, I love contraptions that are unpredictable in a game (hence one of the reasons why I have a certain ratman army from another game). The only thing with this initial sketch is there appears no way to see how the legs are powered. The structures are there but no cable, pistons or whatever.

    4. ozoli on

      Wow! This is just AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see the design progress.

    5. Missing avatar

      Katie on

      i am getting me one of these for sure...or many we will the name Ploozmoo - hehehe

    6. Patrick Jones

      I upped my pledge in anticipation of the set of 3 behemoths. If I underestimated the price, so be it... I'll raise it again when announced. If I overestimated the price, I'm pretty sure I can find something else to put the money toward. After all, those Mu aren't going to kill themselves. (Technically, I guess they could, but it wouldn't make for much of a game.)

    7. Natalya Alyssa Faden Creator on

      Exactly Arthur, exactly ... and that what we wanted to be able to get to .. the sort of bulk-rate volume of boxes going to a central location. Tor Gaming made that happen, because they're going to be that central shipping point for us and the entire EU.

    8. Arthur K on

      That's brilliant! For the money I save from the shipping how could I afford not to get that new behemoth! That piece will even make a very cool terrain piece as a tower of some sort for my other game system.

    9. Natalya Alyssa Faden Creator on

      Arthur - it's cool man, really it is. We crunched some numbers and here's the deal. Firstly, I'm already into this for a good chunk of change out of my personal stash, so in for a penny, in for a pound. Secondly, the big component here is that we can ship enbulk to England and Tor Gaming will ship to the rest of the EU on our behalf. When we do it that way our shipping costs are comparable to us shipping within the USA.

      There will be some far-flung countries (NZ, AUS, etc), and on those particular shipments we might break even or lose a little, BUT it's not like we have 1,000 NZ based backers to foot the bill for, so we can handle that.

      There's also a little room for error here. There's enough built into the pledge levels and the add-on fees to cover the shipment aspect, so we feel pretty good that at this stage we can make this happen and everyone ends up happy.

    10. Arthur K on

      Wow free shipping worldwide! That is awesome, but those cost quite a bit (not trying to tell you how to run business), it is very generous of you but I don't wanna see your resources being spread too thin for all those free stuff you are giving out (the point of kickstarter is you don't have to put up with a lot of your own money but it appears that you will have to put a lot of your own money into the tooling and now shipping, which sort of defeat the purpose of ks). Not that I am complaining for more free stuff ^:^

    11. Darksteed on

      Multiples...that soooo.....AWESOME!!!

    12. Natalya Alyssa Faden Creator on

      @Arthur ... next announcement is going to announce free shipping worldwide. watch this space.

    13. Natalya Alyssa Faden Creator on

      Yes, absolutely. I think this has suddenly taken 1st place for the things Natalya would like to field a small army of.

      Can you imagine how incredibly sexy looking 3 or 4 of these would be on the gaming table, all painted up, bases and such? PLEASE!

    14. Arthur K on

      No shipping thing? have I missed something?

    15. Darksteed on

      Wow! Looks complex. Can you field more then one of these at a time?