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Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based skirmish board game based in the World of Torn. Quick set-up, fast gameplay, awesome miniatures.
Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based skirmish board game based in the World of Torn. Quick set-up, fast gameplay, awesome miniatures.
561 backers pledged $67,742 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Millington on

      Can we get the files to 3d print our miniatures?

    2. James Crisp on

      I would like to formally ask a second time for a partial refund for my $250 pledge. I see others have started to receive refunds.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Hurst on

      I backed this project for $305 and didn't get a refund. I got the box full of cardboard no minis. I was really looking forward to this game

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ilmari Suominen on

      It's been awhile. So obviously I (we) didn't get what was promised. Any way to get a refund?

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    7. Ren on

      Got my partial refund. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ronald C. Rector

      @Natalya - Thank You !

    9. Missing avatar

      Ronald C. Rector

      @Alyssa- Ok, I going to take a chance that you may see this message. I see there are refunds being issued. Unfortunately, I do not have a FaceBook account so contacting you through that conduit is not an option for me. I backed the project at $270 for the game and all the minis. I did receive the game some time ago and actually played it. Not bad but really needed those minis. Anyway, a partial refund of any sort would be appreciated........Thanks, Ron

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. John Falzone

      I did receive my refund a few weeks ago. Hopefully everyone else will be compensated as well!

    12. Ren on

      Alyssa, I have messaged you on Facebook. If you log in, can you please reply my message?

    13. Kosongz on

      I just received my refund. Thanks.

    14. Grovel on

      I recieved the game today (Melbourne, Australia). I didn't actually order the game though, my pledge was solely miniatures, so I guess this is intended as a consolation.

    15. Kosongz on

      No refund and no game for me as well. Messaged her on Facebook, but no replies.

    16. John Falzone

      And just to be clear, two of those requests were through Facebook where those who received refunds said they messaged her.

    17. John Falzone

      I've asked for a partial refund 3 times now and have not received it OR a response. The only way she can have TOTAL vindication is if EVERYONE who requests a refund gets one. I just wanted a time frame for a refund (not demanding an immediate one) and no response. Don't know why some are getting one but not others. If I just have to wait, tell me!!

    18. Mark Johnson

      Apparently we've got our copy at home waiting for us now, Melbourne, Australia.

    19. Mat on

      Just got a partial refund from Alyssa, a day after I asked. I received the base board game so I asked for a partial refund from my pledge. Say what you will, actions speak louder than words. Alyssa came through. As far as I'm concerned this is total vindication for her and her project.
      Thank you Alyssa.

    20. Mat on

      Just sent a message. Here's hoping. (Thanks Bill)

    21. Kosongz on

      Yeah. That's the one I messaged.

    22. Kosongz on

      Well, I have a Facebook account, and I messaged her and got no reply. No game, no refund. SoulJar should never be allowed to run a campaign again.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ronald C. Rector

      Ditto on Matt's comment. I don't have a FB account but the wife does. She could not find her either. Did find something for "Torn Armor". Was that what you guys used to reach her?
      Thanks...... Ron$270ouch!

    24. Mat on

      Can someone indicate what the FB account for Alyssa is? I can't seem to find it.

    25. Bill Redford on

      The best way to ask for a refund seems to be to message Alyssa through Facebook. I never got a response through here, but she responded the same day through Facebook. I pledged $255.00. I got the base game and was refunded $125.00. Best of luck to everyone here.

    26. James Crisp on

      I pledged $250 for the game and miniatures and would like to request a partial refund for the miniatures not being produced.

    27. Kosongz on

      Well, no game and no refund for me. Oh well, Happy New Year, everyone.

    28. Adam Diephouse on

      I've e-mailed about a dozen times and never got a single response.

    29. Lachlann Lindsay on

      So how do I exactly go around getting a refund seeming that this is never going to come out?

    30. Bill Redford on

      Got my refund today! So, good luck to everyone. Thanks Alyssa.

    31. Qwyksilver on

      Just wanted to provide an update:

      I just received a partial refund for my pledge this morning of $150.00. I pledged $250. $150 pledge level, plus an additional $100 for miniatures. I received a copy of the game, which was a $75 pledge level, but I was completely in this for the miniatures. If I really wanted to split hairs, I could argue about $25, but I received most of my money back. At this point, I am simply happy to take the funds I could get returned, and walk away. To everyone else who has backed, and requested a refund, good luck.

      Natalya Alyssa, thank you for making good on your promise to provide the refund. I am sorry the project turned out the way that it did. Hopefully this has been a learning process, and once things have been squared away here, you will find success in future projects. But please, make sure you take care of the rest of the folks here. It's a little bit of goodwill, but it will go a very far way.


    32. Qwyksilver on

      Just sent a new message to her via FB, since she has been absent here.

      "Ms. Natalya Alyssa Faden,

      I am looking to follow up on the Torn Armor Kickstarter refund.
      I have noticed that you have not logged on to Kickstarter since October 21, 2015. According to our last communication through their messaging system, you indicated you were able to provide me with my refund from the Torn Armor KS "right away," however you would need to do this through Paypal. I provided you with my Paypal address on October 18, 2015 via the Kickstarter messaging system I have yet to see that refund materialize. Since I sent this information prior to your last login, I must presume that you have received the message, with my Paypal account address, but are simply declining to follow through with your intentions of providing the refund.

      I am just curious what the status of the refund is, given your indication that you were able to do it "right away."

      I am looking forward to hearing your response regarding the status of the refund.

      In addition, in case, you have somehow lost the information, you can provide the refund via Paypal to [redacted]/

      Thank you."

    33. Kosongz on

      Think we will get something by Christmas? An unexpected comment? An update maybe? The paper miniatures game perhaps? Or even better, a refund. A full refund for those that haven't gotten a thing, like most of us in Malaysia. That would be great. But that's probably just wishful thinking. Even Santa don't want to get involved with SoulJar, else he might not be able to deliver his presents in time.

    34. Qwyksilver on

      Still have not heard a thing. She hasn't logged on since 10/21...

      Also sent a message to Soulja Games with no response.


    35. Scott Kirby on

      @Kosongz - same here *sigh* don't want the game anymore, just money back......... so fed up with this...........

    36. Kosongz on

      Sighs. Still nothing. No game, no refund. Still the same.

    37. Bill Redford on

      well Souljar games logged in today, for what that is worth. I would not be surprised if either Souljar or Natalya had another kickstarter profile though...

    38. Qwyksilver on

      I'm just concerned because now "" and "" are no longer active sites. So, there is their old blog site ( which hasn't had activity since August of 2014, and the Facebook page, which last posted about the 100 AD KS going live. Nothing about its cancellation. If you follow the website from the FB page - that too is also something that is unfinished, and lying dormant for over a year. And now, 4 weeks with no response or login from Natalya. Not really getting a good feeling about the sudden radio silence. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.

    39. Bill Redford on

      My opinion. The rules arent bad... but there are many options out there... so not a big draw, as they are only "not bad". The card board is not good... I would not get any use out of them. The maps are nice. I dont have much use for big hexes, but that maps are pretty nice. I would keep the maps, and try and sell everything else... Dont think you will get much for it though. Still no response on refund request.

    40. Kosongz on

      Haven't gotten mine yet. Not sure what to make of it then as well.

      Play it? Substitute the cardboard standees with minis? Sell it (if I can find someone to buy it)? Use the components for PNP games? OR most probably, shelf it...

    41. Scott Kirby on

      @Wee Chan - how's the game? still nothing here, to be honest don't really want the game any more, really backed this for the behemoth minis.......... just want my refund now.............

    42. Qwyksilver on

      Alyssa hasn't logged on to KS since 10/21/15.
      The recent SoulJAR KS, 100 AD was cancelled on 11/2/15.

      I've sent follow up messages to Alyssa on 10/29/15 and 11/11/15 without any response since I sent her my Paypal address on 10/18/15.

    43. Wee Chan on

      @Scott Kirby, I just received the game box today.
      So there is no miniatures no dragon.
      I pledged this project for $150+addon, mainly for the miniatures but now only got the boxed game with card figures.
      I wish can get partial refund then i will support other KS project.

    44. David DuJordan on

      All I get the frustration. This was my very first KS backed and the one I am most disappointed in. I did get the game but no dragon. I really wanted it for the minis.
      I did also back dice crawl. I like that game and can't say anything negative there.
      Good luck getting a refund.

    45. Bill Redford on

      Hmmm. no response yet for me... guess I will just wait and see

    46. Kosongz on

      Well, I finally got a response. I'm on the queue from a refund and a shipment. Now, it's just wait and see.

    47. Kosongz on

      Me too. I just wanna end this and forget that I have ever backed this.

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