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The Functionality creates "A table for 35" bringing 35 unique tables together and transforming a gallery into a temporary dining room.

The Functionality is a group of designers who are interested in making the functional more fun. We've been asked to have a show at Ground Floor Workshop.

Inspired by our living spaces and the city around us we find the table as the common link in our daily experience; it's where we have discussions, work sessions, where we eat and where we spend most of our day. It's an object that is both deeply personal and ubiquitous.

Our project, "A table for 35" brings 35 unique 24" diameter tables together to transform the gallery into a temporary crowded dining room. We're proposing a new temporary venue where everyone can have a place at the table.

From 8 - 10pm we'll be celebrating the summer at Ground Floor Workshop.

Over the last month we've been designing and prototyping and material testing for this project. Your contribution will go directly to the fabrication of each of the 35 tables for the installation. We need your help to achieve our goal!

Each table will be uniquely cut from 12 Guage milled steel and then spray finished in one of three colors.

As designers we are focused on extending the life of what we make beyond it's immediate use.

For your contributions you can have:

A Thank You Card for $5

A set of post cards for $15:

Select a poster for $45:

Order a custom table for $150:

Take home a table, be part of our party, extend the life of a piece of art. Your table is one of 35.

Here are some renderings depicting the tables in detail:

Upward flaps provide a backsplash with useful "u" shaped holes, and opportunities for magnets.

The table legs are fabricated from durable metal tube, and locked in place under the table with 3 easily removable pins, enabling quick assembly,dis-assembly and storage.

Downward flaps provide a more formal skirt, concealing the connections of the table legs below.


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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    1 backer Limited (39 left of 40)

    For $5.00 we'll send you a personal postcard from us! This postcard is one from the pack that you could own for $15.00

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    10 backers Limited (30 left of 40)

    For $15 We'll send you a set of 4 Post Card Tables. Either cut and fold them to make your own miniature table or send one to a friend.

  • Pledge $45 or more
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    10 backers Limited (30 left of 40)

    For $45 we'll send you a personalized poster, pick from one of the three shown. We'll also send you a thank you card.

  • Pledge $150 or more
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    26 backers Limited (4 left of 30)

    For $150 You'll receive a unique custom table. We'll have to charge you for shipping, but this table will come directly from the show. Have your own functional piece of art!

  • Pledge $3,500 or more
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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    We'll design a custom dining room table for you. Materials and installation are extra. But we'll install it and design it for your own unique space

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