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A dumb party game that respects your intelligence. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 27, 2014.

A dumb party game that respects your intelligence.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Kevin C on February 10

      By the other comments it looks like it's just me but we can't seem to even make it to round 3, the first two rounds have taken us sooo long that we usually just give up and find something else to do. It turns into a big skipping fest. I have played 4 times with different groups of friends and no luck at a complete game.

    2. Creator James Cox on February 9

      Hi Alex - should I have received this by now? in the UK and looking at others who have, so... ?

    3. Creator Alex Hague on February 4

      Thanks! We ordered extra copies, but were waiting until everyone received theirs before we announced it. I'll send an update with the full details next week. But in the meantime, here's the link to the Amazon page:

      Oh, and if you're liking the game, leaving a quick review would make a HUGE difference.

    4. Creator Shandon on February 4

      My friends and I have been playing this since I got it. It is wildly popular and a lot of fun. We had been playing CAH but it was getting predictable, once you know what the cards say it loses it's surprise factor of funny. Meanwhile, the cards will ALWAYS be fresh with your game because each person will have a new way to act out that card. Long story boring, I am a big fan of the game and my friends want to know if they can buy their own set in the future?

    5. Creator Iain Tipping on January 24

      (Spoiler alert) took Monikers to the pub in the uk with a load of friends. Played a full round, went down very well. Then played a bit of CAH, but everyone demanded more monikers instead. So there you go, among my friends at least you've displaced CAH... And we now know what tub girl and power bottom are. For better or worse....

    6. Creator Eric Masciotra on January 20

      Just got mine. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    7. Creator Tamsyn K on January 20

      Just got mine in the UK too.

    8. Creator Iain Tipping on January 20

      Successful arrival in the UK as well. game looks great, good work!

    9. Creator Kate on January 16

      I'm in Vancouver, Canada and mine arrived today (via an Amazon shipment out of Calgary - FYI for other Canadians who may be waiting). Woohoo! Looks amazing!!

    10. Creator Alex Hague on January 16

      Yep, all the international orders went out on Jan 8. Canada backers should be getting theirs between now and the 20th. Estimates for UK backers is between now and the 21st. And everywhere else by the 27th.

    11. Creator Eric Chan on January 15

      Hey Alex, was just wondering if orders to Canada have been shipped yet? Still awaiting mine.

    12. Creator Tyson Cross on January 12

      Please be sensitive and don't spoil or reveal the cards for people who haven't played their copy yet.

    13. Creator Jericho Sayoc on January 11

      Played a game with some friends last night. Everyone loved it! There was a ton of skipping and a couple of tweaks for some house rules (most of the girls team ended up skipping ALOT so they ended up with an advantage in that many of them saw all the cards) as not everyone knew historical figures and the whole "one word for Round 2" was tough so we made it 5 words, but the descriptions were a great help. Definitely a great time!

      And the 14 word card for the astronaut who drove across country was insanely difficult yet entertaining.

    14. Creator Alex Hague on January 10

      @Daniel: Dang—sorry to hear that. If you have a minute, could you send me a photo of what the printing error looks like? I'd like to let our manufacturer know.

      Also let me know if you'd like me to replace those 8 cards—I can mail them out this weekend.

    15. Creator Daniel Leonard on January 9

      I got my game box the other day! It looks great and so do the cards. Sadly 8 of the cards had some red ink bleed onto the faces probably during manufacturing but it's only 8 and the bleed doesn't interfere with any words so it's just fine. Can't wait to play with friends!

    16. Creator Derek A on January 8

      Got mine in the mail yesterday and it looks great! thank you!

    17. Creator Iain Tipping on January 8

      Thats great. Cheers for letting me know.

    18. Creator Alex Hague on January 7

      Thanks so much everybody! Hopefully lots of Monikers being played this weekend.

      @Iain: Working on it. Basically, Amazon messed up and told us we'd be able to use them for both US and intl. fulfillment. Seriously, I was really skeptical so I confirmed this several times and they kept insisting that yes, we could. BUT I was able to figure out a weird workaround for them to ship everything, so they're shipping this week with delivery looking like late January. Sorry for that last hurdle!

    19. Creator Iain Tipping on January 7

      Has international shipped yet?

    20. Creator Rawnkin on January 7

      My copy arrived yesterday. The box and graphic design are absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to get this on the table. Thanks so much and congratulations on the successful Kickstarter!

    21. Creator Adrian B on January 7

      Got my copy! Congrats on finally completing this project!

    22. Creator Erika Sim on January 5

      Super impressed with the quality of the boxing and prints. I can't wait to play with friends and family.

    23. Creator Peter Clay on January 5

      Just got mine today. Haven't played it yet, but it looks FANTASTIC.

    24. Creator Rafael Maia on January 5

      So I got a box on the mail today and after I picked up I thought "cripes, I don't remember ordering any lead from amazon this month". What a dense little box you guys managed to produce! Excited to dig into all its goodness. Cheers!

    25. Creator Amanda Helstrom-White on January 5

      I never got a tracking # or if I did I never saw it. However, I got my game today and it is AWESOME. I can't wait to play it.

    26. Creator Kelly Pierce on January 5

      Hey there -- where would I find shipping tracking info? I haven't received any separate email about it from Amazon. Thanks and looking forward to playing!

    27. Creator OgieGamer on January 3

      I'm jealous of all those who have received and played their copies!!!!!
      My shipment tracking shows it is still "hanging out" in Cali (hasn't moved since Dec. 30th).

    28. Creator Kate Aiken on January 1

      It arrived today in Northern California. Looks great...can't wait to try it!

    29. Creator tinomen on January 1

      The game was a huge hit last night.

    30. Creator Alex Hague on December 31

      Nice!! So great that a least some copies are arriving in time for NYE.

    31. Creator Dave Sexton on December 31

      Got mine in Boston!

    32. Creator Amanda Helstrom-White on December 23

      Great news Alex. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    33. Creator Alex Hague on December 20

      Definite signs of progress! The cargo cleared customs and is scheduled for pickup soon by our shipper. I'll send an update once everything is shipping for real, but shouldn't be long now! I'd guess first week of January for US backers, with a tiny possibility of arrival by new years. But not likely given all the days off in between.

    34. Creator Iain Tipping on December 20

      Its in San Francisco!?! Have they just got fed up of waiting? Are there signs of progress?

    35. Creator David Sandell on December 14

      We used the play test at a holiday party last night, and everyone loved it. Looking forward to the real thing.

    36. Creator Autumn Hahn on December 12

      Thanks for the update. We still love you. /hugs

    37. Creator Melody on December 12

      Aw, thanks for letting us know what's happening. It's somewhat comforting knowing you're more upset about it than we are! We'll just have to savour the anticipation of playing the game in the new year. Those longshoremen are the grinches who stole Christmas, definitely.

    38. Creator Erika Sim on December 12

      Alex, Any updates with regards to shipping?

    39. Creator Iain Tipping on December 9

      Ah well, given unloading, customs (twice) and international shipping I think UK by Christmas has gone out the window...

    40. Creator Alex Hague on December 8

      No kidding. But good news—the ship is now listed as moored, so presumably things are in motion.

    41. Creator Aaron Hogan on December 8

      Those union strikes are killer right now on the west coast. Here's hoping those issues get settled soon.

    42. Creator L. C. on December 5

      Thanks for keeping us updated. It's really appreciated, especially for those of us who are planning on giving these for Christmas.

    43. Creator Alex Hague on December 4

      Yep—still sitting at anchor. Will post when it finally docks!

    44. Creator Luke Walker on December 4

      Is the ship still sitting in port? Delayed by strike issues perhaps?

    45. Creator Alex Hague on November 27

      Getting close! Hopefully there won't be any delays in port. There have been labor disputes over the past couple months.

    46. Creator Christopher McKeon on November 26

      How's everything looking? Happy Thanksgiving!

    47. Creator Alex Hague on November 15

      Not FedEx! We're going to use plain vanilla USPS First-Class International.

    48. Creator Iain Tipping on November 15

      Who will you be using for international shipping? (Please don't say FedEx. Please don't say FedEx. Please don't say FedEx)

    49. Creator Claire Drawe on November 11

      Roughly when should I expect it in my mailbox?

    50. Creator Bradley Frizzell on November 7

      Nice glad to hear it! I was all resigned to some after holidays monikering around. That must be one quick cargo boat. Most of the boats on other kickstarters take 30-40days min. Plus week or two port time.

      I'm totally excited about getting it on the table and bring it out for some games. I'm happy to wait as long as it takes, just happy to hear it is in motion. I have just recently started getting in a pouring of some other kickstarter games so I have a pretty big line of board games started. Don't worry though I have a set of friends in mind for this and it will find it's way to the front of the line once it gets here. :)

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