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Rolls like a ball without the smooth edges. The next iteration of Euler's classic Orbiform.
Rolls like a ball without the smooth edges. The next iteration of Euler's classic Orbiform.
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Check those mailboxes! PentaOrbiforms have shipped!

Posted by AltDynamic (Creator)

  Hello Backers, 

This will be the shortest update ever, and probably the most exciting!

Just over 300 packages are in the mail system, so watch those mailboxes. 

Some packages look like these envelopes, some are in small boxes (not shown). 

Shown are roughly 200 packages.
Shown are roughly 200 packages.

US residents should start arriving tomorrow. International backers should expect their packages to arrive beginning next week. We’ll send an update once another few hundred ship, so probably in a few days. 



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    1. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Narciso Jaramillo - Didn't see you packing boxes here :p Most PentaOrbiforms did ship a few weeks ago, and most did ship with stands too. Some wood was held to make sure it was done right. Your shipped late last week, will send tracking now through direct message. :)

    2. Narciso Jaramillo

      (Tried to send a direct message, but there's some issue with KS...)

      I noticed that all the PentaOrbiforms without stands were shipped a few weeks ago, but I don't believe I ever received mine. It doesn't look like I got a tracking number in email. Could you check into whether mine shipped?

    3. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Art - There doesn't seem to be a record of your base. Sending a personal message now to figure this out!

    4. Missing avatar


      Got mine and they look great; curious if the base is shipped separate thanks

    5. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Bixby - Thank you so much for your support from your family. Hope to see you at the next shape's campaign. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bixby on

      Received quickly and absolutely beautiful. Such a great campaign! Really looking forward to the next shape in the series. Well done.

    7. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Ferdinand - Will check on yours. Both of your orders will ship in the same box too. Kickstarter doesn't have a way of letting us send tracking numbers, but that can be sent too. Message incoming soon.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand on

      Same here, can I get an update? I also purchased some items from your site directly but haven't received any notice on when these items will be shipped. Thanks

    9. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @David Martin - Checking now! Will send you a message.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Martin on

      Any chance you can tell me if mine have shipped yet? I still haven't received them or a shipment notice. Can't wait!

    11. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Nathaniel Paust - There is no planned "last" batch. It is a continually shifting order. As for your package, it was shipped, however there is an alert of some kind. Message incoming.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Paust on

      So, if we haven't gotten an email with a tracking number yet, we're in the last batch? (I'm fine with that, I got a weird message from the post office today though and I want to make sure it wasn't saying that my pentaorbiforms aren't the thing that's missing!)

    13. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Jeff Jackson - Yes, there are about 200 more to pack. Your package has shipped, tracking was just sent to you. It is scheduled to arrive Monday! Hang in there!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff Jackson on

      Just wondering if you are still sending US packages. Still haven't gotten ours. The excitement is almost unbearable.

    15. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Bixby, THANK YOU!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Bixby on

      Absolutely beautiful! I will be much anticipating the next form. Thank you!

    17. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Victor - Not sure how you define "perfectly balanced", it is perfectly the same width all around. The difference between this shape and a circle, is the center shifts up and down as it moves, relative to the plane it is on, and this requires more energy to maintain movement. In a circle, the center of mass and actual center are in the same spot, and when it rolls this point is always level with the plane. Glad you think it is pretty though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Victor on

      Pretty disappointed. I was under the impression it would roll just as a ball does, since it's supposedly perfectly balanced to do so. It does not. It just wobbles around. Pretty with no personality.

    19. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Jim Hooker - Thank you very much! And exactly, perfectly matches your Orbiform :)

    20. Missing avatar

      jim hooker on

      Got mine safe and sound - so beautiful! And it rolls so nicely with my original Orbiform! Thanks!

    21. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Ross Thompson - Yes, they will arrive together. Both of your brass machines are ready, just need to be labeled to ship.

    22. Ross Thompson

      I also ordered a triangular Orbiform - should I expect both to arrive together?

    23. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Randy - Thank you!! Pretty sure yours is one that shipped btw.

    24. Randy on

      Nicely done, can't wait to see it.

    25. AltDynamic 6-time creator on

      @Craig Etkin - Yes sir! Everything will come in one package.

    26. Craig Etkin on

      That's great. If we purchased a stand add on will they ship in the same package?