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The Alpine Hammock is the first ever alpine-style hammock: it's fast, it's light and it can protect you in all your outdoor adventures.
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Alpine Hammock to Launch at Outdoor Retailer

Posted by Michael Brown (Creator)

The Alpine Hammock Team is makin’ moves!  In August, we’ll be attending the world’s largest outdoor industry tradeshow called Outdoor Retailer.  It’s a four-day tradeshow that is only open to buyers and sellers in the outdoor industry, aka these are the folks who make things happen.  Attendees from last year include big names like REI, Patagonia, Eastern Mountain Sports (New England), Marmot, Black Diamond and hundreds of other companies.  The timing of this event will coincide with our official product launch so this is our chance network with dozens of outdoor retailers and kick things off strong.

Alpine Hammock will be participating in the Open Air Demo Day, a showcase of all the new gear coming out for 2014.  We’ll be among the tent section with a 12' x 15' plot of land to showcase our stuff.  We’re bringing two Alpine Hammocks, one we’ll set up in a hammock stand and the other we’ll lay on the ground next to it as a bivy sack.  Buyers and sellers alike will be able to come try it out and ask us questions.  Also, our new prototypes look awesome so we're excited to show them off:

So $1500 later plus a plane ticket and a hotel room we’re heading to Salt Lake City!

Other noteworthy news is that our cofounder Mike got selected to give a seminar talk on crowdfunding in the outdoor industry.  Here’s the brief writeup of the talk:

Using Crowdfunding to Accelerate Innovation in the Outdoor Industry

“In 2011, over $1.5 Billion Dollars were raised through crowdfunding to support artists, musicians, fashion designers, and inventors. However, outdoor products lagged behind in this global trend of peer-to-peer research and development. In this presentation you’ll hear about successful individuals and companies alike who have used crowdfunding to bring innovative products into the outdoor marketplace. You’ll learn how to effectively (and not effectively) launch a campaign, how to set up attractive reward structures, how to attract media attention and ultimately how to successfully reach your fundraising goals.”

For a few awesome crowdfunded outdoor products check out the coolest sleeping pad we've ever seen called the Windcatcher,  the most B.A. theft-resistant bike light ever from Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries, and a video documentary of the first African American Ascent of Denali.

This is an incredible opportunity for us because it will be the first ever crowdfunding talk at Outdoor Retailer so it is likely to attract a lot of attention.  We’ll have a captive audience for a full 60 minutes who are all there to learn about crowdfunding in the outdoor industry.  Awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who believed in our Kickstarter campaign.  Without your help we wouldn’t have had the cash to make prototypes, start our first production run, and pay for a trip to Outdoor Retailer.  Your support has made all of the difference.  Thank you!

Quick Update on Manufacturing

We are currently in negotiations with a well-known tent manufacturer to make our first 100 Alpine Hammocks.  If things go as planned we’ll be starting manufacturing in June.  We will post another update as soon as the details are finalized.

Happy Trails!


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    1. Michael Brown Creator on

      Kris: the short answer is that we don't have firm dates for shipping, the long answer is that before our first production run, the manufacturer makes 2-3 prototypes based off our design and instructions, these will definitely be ready by the end of July for display at the OR show, once these are ready we can start production, we'll post an update when the dates of production are more solid


    2. Kris on

      Michael. Thanks for the reply. Are there any reliable production/shipping details available?

    3. Michael Brown Creator on

      Kris: I understand your concern because we are certainly promoting our product in preparation for production. However that is not the only thing we are doing behind the scenes, we've been though six prototype revisions and two manufacturers who we have since fired because of low quality and inattention to detail, we are on our third US-based manufacturer which looks promising, we are in almost daily communication with them. I know it is taking longer than expected to produce these but it's better to do it right than to get you a product we wouldn't be satisfied using (or paying money for) ourselves. It sounds like we could do a better job at communicating that.

    4. Kris on

      Any word on production or shipping yet? Everything seems to be focused on promoting the product vice getting it actually produced and shipped to your backers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on

      Nice color. Light, not too hot if sun shines and blends in to the woods naturally. Ventilation system seems to be best possible in it's class.

      I could not be happier about the Alpine hammock!

      Hope I'll get mine soon.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      As with prior updates, it's good to hear good news. Hope your time at Outdoor Retailer goes well, and looking forward very much to the production model. From what I've understood of the updates thus far, I think you guys have a long and bright future in the business ahead.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Fuller on

      Here's hoping that the first production run will be ready for a run at the Maine coast and the Maine Island trail July/ August.