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The Alpine Hammock is the first ever alpine-style hammock: it's fast, it's light and it can protect you in all your outdoor adventures.
The Alpine Hammock is the first ever alpine-style hammock: it's fast, it's light and it can protect you in all your outdoor adventures.
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Kickstarter Update - Prototype Manufacturing

We are excited to announce that next week we’ll begin producing our first batch of Alpine Hammock prototypes.

Until now we’ve been iterating on our design and producing Alpine Hammocks one at a time. This method has worked great for design tweaking and testing, however, once our design is finalized we plan to work with a tent manufacturer to mass produce the Alpine Hammock.  So before we launch into full-rate production we need to work out the kinks in our supply chain and make sure our manufacturing directions are clear and professional. As an example, some fabric suppliers will sell us the materials we need but they can’t supply them in large enough quantities. After dozens of phone calls and emails we’ve found a couple of promising suppliers who can meet our needs as our business scales up.

To do our low-rate prototype production, we’ve teamed up with One of a Kind Adventure Gear to make our first 14 prototypes.

One of a Kind Adventure Gear is based out of Byron Center, Michigan and they specialize in making custom outdoor gear. They also do gear modifications, gear cleaning, gear repair and many other services.  If you have a need for gear that you don’t see on the market, they can work with you to make it happen. Their responsiveness to our needs as a new startup has been awesome and we are really looking forward to getting our first fleet of prototypes out to our gear testers.  Make sure to check them out and “Like” them on Facebook.  For our next phase of manufacturing we will have to choose a larger manufacturing partner but for now, One of a Kind Adventure Gear is perfect for our needs.

11 of our prototypes will go to our Alpha Gear Testers from Kickstarter. This group of gracious gear aficionados will be the first (aside from us) to put the Alpine Hammock to the test out in the wild. We’ll have gear-review forms for them to fill out and we’ll host discussion sessions over the next few months to get their feedback. For the remaining three prototypes: one will go to a lab for strength testing, one will go to a group of engineering students from Tufts University for a Human Factors analysis, and one will be donated to the Tufts Mountain Club to be used on weekend trips so we can obtain even more feedback.

We are committed to building an awesome product and this next round of testing/feedback will be critical to the Alpine Hammock’s success.

Happy Trails,

Mike and Ryan


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    1. Missing avatar

      William e. leathem on December 2, 2012

      Mike, I would like to know when I can get one of these. this sounds awesome. Well done

    2. Missing avatar

      Kelly DeFeo on December 2, 2012

      Great job! Can't wait to see the finished product here in the White Mt.s

    3. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on December 2, 2012

      Nice!!! Thank You guys. You have been busy. I would never have thought that You could do it as fast as this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on December 1, 2012

      Looks like things are progressing well. Looking forward to the end result/mass production run.