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The Alpine Hammock is the first ever alpine-style hammock: it's fast, it's light and it can protect you in all your outdoor adventures.
The Alpine Hammock is the first ever alpine-style hammock: it's fast, it's light and it can protect you in all your outdoor adventures.
362 backers pledged $42,915 to help bring this project to life.

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      June Russell on

      Beautifully written; keep going Michael, we believe in you and your awesome Alpine Hammock!

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      June Russell on

      We are so impressed with our two logo shirts and our two hydro-flasks. Thank you!
      June and Frank

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      Barb Cassidy on

      Congratulations and good luck to you.

      Barb Thomas

    4. Jacob Howard Wolf-Saxon on

      yes!!!! I was scared there for a minute! keep up the hard work, I'm excited to see where this will go!

    5. Michael Brown Creator on

      Thanks for the support everyone! We now have people from all over who will be using the Alpine Hammock: Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wyoming, Switzerland, Portugal, South Africa, and many other places so we are incredibly psyched to get our product out into the world. To stay up to date on our progress please check out (and Like) our Facebook page

      Thanks again, we could not have done this without you all!

      Mike and Ryan

    6. Tammy Green on

      I'm so happy for you guys ....congratulations!!! Looking forward to using my Alpine Hammock!

    7. nockgeneer on

      Brought over by my KS friend S.D. at the SpaceVenture kickstarter with ~30 min. left on the clock. Got me one just in time! Great to see my questions about it were already answered so it was easy to pledge. I'm sure the cost will be well worth it.

    8. Stephen Normandin on

      In the words of Korin Hasegawa-john, this is "improbably cool".

    9. Cassandra on

      This is so fantastic! I can't wait to own one! :} If I'd found this sooner than 3 days ago I totally would have signed up as a tester!


    10. Peter Huerlimann on

      Congratulations also from Liechtenstein! At least one Alpine Hammock will find its way to the alps :) Can't wait to get it AND try it out of course! Good job guys!

    11. Kris on

      Congrats. Can't wait to try one out in the backcountry of the midwest.

    12. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on

      Just use the extra 2000 dollars, or more :) for extra careful beta testing. Nothing is more depressing than getting the first product run gear and almost instantly hear that there are many flaws which are corrected with the second run.

      But of course as they say "perfect is the worst enemy of the good!", so better get the Alpine hammock coming real than use years to perfect it and get nothing ready.

      Anyway. I'm extra Happy for You Guys!!!

      ...and waiting my two Alpine Hammocks ASAP! ;)

    13. Gear Exposure on

      Congrats! The past few hours have been epic. Glad this project got funded we all think that this is a great idea people will love to use. Can't wait to get our hands on the production ready Alpine Hammock.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      Really looking forward to the end product. Also really glad it made the goal, just in time.

    15. David Spaulding on

      Congratulations! You guys rock! Looking forward to seeing the Alpine Hammock in the wild. Nice work.

    16. Missing avatar

      william koenig on

      Congratulations!!! I'm excited to see the final product. Great idea and great design. To be honest I'm surprised this hasn't been done before.

    17. Michael Brown Creator on

      Hey @Aaron, here's our project update with specs and pack size included our Kickstarter Alpine Hammock will include a built-in stuff sack not the sea-to-summit bag shown in the update but the size/dimensions will be pretty much the same.

    18. Aaron Jones on

      I'd like to see what it looks like while packed up! What are the dimensions/weight?

    19. Michael Brown Creator on

      @Grant - the sleeping pad I use in the Alpine Hammock is a Big Agnes Air Core (20" x 72"), it's the largest one I've ever owned. I usually go for a women's 3/4 length thermarest which is much narrower, shorter, and lighter. However, my Big Agnes which fits fine (half inflated in the hammock, fully inflated in the bivy) is actually the same size as the Thermarest Luxury Regular size. You should be fine but we haven't tested it with larger sleeping pads than 20"x70".

    20. Grant Smith on

      Hi Michael, optimally the thermal mat would be inside the hammock, so when I say worst case scenario if you couldn't design a sleeve well then, I guess we could just suck it up,and just lie down on top of it in bivvy mode, but given you are thinking of it, any ideas of possible dimensions? I'm guessing my therma rest luxury camp xl is a bit bigger than usual "lightweight" camping, so wondering what size mat you were thinking about designing for?

    21. Michael Brown Creator on

      @Grant - I never leave home without a sleeping pad and frequently use them in hammock mode (half blown up to keep it flexible) and always with bivy mode. You mention sleeping on the pad as a worst case scenario but I'm not sure what you mean by that. I sleep on a mat every time I'm in the backcountry. The alpine hammock currently does not have a sleeve to put your sleeping pad in or straps to secure it in place but these are design features we've been thinking about adding.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Brown on

      This is a great product that's lightweight, durable, useful and meets the extreme need, it's been field tested above and below the tree line, time to take it to the next level! Go big or go home! Let's go gents!

    23. Grant Smith on

      Hi Michael, are you planning on having a thermal mat space inside the unit? Not sure how it would work in hammock mode, in ground bivvy mode I guess you can just lie on top of the mat at worst case scenario. All the best with the project.

    24. Michael Brown Creator on

      @Timo - Thanks so much, we are glad you are so stoked about our product, your help us hugely appreciated. You just brought our project up to 46% funded!

    25. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on

      Great updates and info! Thank You very much!

      And To be true to my word's I did upgrade my Pledge from 300 $ -> 815 $

    26. Michael Brown Creator on

      @Grant - the Gore-Tex we are currently using is a 3-layer Gore-Tex which is more breathable and durable than the 2-layer Gore-Tex, although more costly as well. We felt this was the best Gore-Tex option for this application. If you have other specific suggestions, please send them along. Many people have suggested using eVent but we've had a hard time finding a supplier to run test samples. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!

    27. Grant Smith on

      Hi folks, given that we are looking at a smallish run 30-50 at this point by look, any chance we can upgrade the grade of breathable fabric? I note that gore tex has ~4 different grades and quality is one of the values I personally appreciate with KS projects. Go go project goal!

    28. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on

      Now I'm very worried! I Suggest that all backers think doubling their pledge. But maybe there will be a sudden influx of cash... thumbs and toes up! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Timo Voivalin on

      I'm bit worried, hope We all trie to get more Backers. Almost ten days gone and only almost 15.000$.

    30. Tammy Green on

      This is my first time pledging to a project. I feel strongly about the need, marketability, and usefulness of your product. I do have a hammock with netting but a rain fly would be great and the added ability to use it on the ground! Can't wait to have one! Best of Luck ...wishing success to your project!

    31. Missing avatar

      Sennen Dillane-Warwick on

      As an avid New England outdoor enthusiast, and friend/high school classmate of Michael's, I am excited to see the development of the Alpine hamock, and proud of mike for his accomplishments. I am not wealthy, but I will pledge as much as I can, probably more than I can afford to, and spread the word about this product far and wide. I encourage others to do the same. I would love to be able to make use of and Alpine Hammock on a backpacking trip someday, so I certainly hope this project gets all the funding it needs. Good luck and congratulations Mike!

    32. Stephen on

      I cant afford to donate much. However as an avid camper and a fellow new englander(from cape cod) I can not pass up giving what I can. I hope this gets funded. I would love to be able to purchase one later when I do have the money.

    33. Mike Schroll on

      I went to graduate school with Michael Brown - Proud to see him striving and taking on some of the entrepreneurial sprit we covered in class. Keep up the great work!

    34. Adam Miller on

      I have known Michael and his girlfriend, both avid outdoorsmen (outdoorspeople?) and incredibly intelligent and hard working people, for years. I have been following this project for years. Michael is serious about this project. I trust he will see this project through. I've invested in about 10 start-ups and started 5. I'm a good judge of character and I hereby put my name behind Michael and his work.