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"Little Sun" is an album celebrating the birth, life and untimely passing of my dog Dingo who was stricken with canine lymphoma. Read more

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"Little Sun" is an album celebrating the birth, life and untimely passing of my dog Dingo who was stricken with canine lymphoma.

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Hello all, and thanks for taking a moment to check out my Kickstarter project page.

My name is Mark Alan and I'm a singer / songwriter based out of Los Angeles recording in a project I call Alphanaut. I have created this profile to assist with the recording costs for my second full length album titled "Little Sun".

About "Little Sun": In October 2009 I experienced the tragic loss of my dog Dingo after he fought a valiant battle with canine lymphoma at the untimely age of six. Dingo was truly an amazing creature who entered our universe for too short a time, touching all around him in ways I never thought possible. He was a daredevil, lover of life, pals with every human he met, best friend and star of the neighborhood. He taught us all a great deal, and when he was gone, he was greatly missed by all who had met him.

At the time of his passing I was mixing my first album, and stricken with feelings so profound, I began writing songs about him. Mostly I thought this was catharsis, a way of simply processing what I was going through. But soon one song became two; a single, became an EP, and eventually a 12 song concept album of his life was formed. After four intense months I took a look at and realized it was of the best material I have ever created. Dingo's life had gifted me with these songs and vowed to release them as my second album to honor what he had given.

In the end "Little Sun" is more than just a collection of songs about Dingo, it's about family, friendship, life, love and loss and I'm hoping it can be universally appreciated by all once it's done.


Well studio time, musicians, mastering and creation of actual CDs adds up really quick. Also, in the past I've relied more on synthesizers to define my sound, but with this album I want it to be as organic as possible. There will still be keyboards, but many of the pieces I composed for orchestra and I really would love for these parts to be played by human beings and not from a library of sounds. To pull this off I need to hire; string quartet, oboe, french horns, flautist, trumpet, ukulele, bandoneon, harmonium and upright bass.

Thanks so much for considering my project and with your help I can pull of my vision for the album. Please donate at whatever level you can as every little bit will help. And remember you'll be treated to some great items as a way of saying thanks.







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    Download a loss-less quality MP3 of one of my previous songs, your choice. Plus a thank you on my site

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    Download the new album "Little Sun" a week before it's official release date

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    Above, plus a limited edition autographed CD copy of my previous album "Out of Orbit" featuring 4 extra tunes

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    Above, plus acoustic versions of two songs from the new album "Little Sun" which will be exclusive to my backers

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    Above, plus digital copies of my 4 music videos for your computer or hand held device

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    Above, plus a set of autographed, limited edition collector cards featuring liner notes and original art designed by me

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    Above, plus all my previous recordings as autographed CD copies or loss-less / 320k digital downloads

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    Above, plus 2 hours of my time donated to the animal charity of your choice. Must be located within 100 miles of the greater Los Angeles area.

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