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Alpha is the world's first strapless, continuous heart rate watch that is ECG accurate, on the WRIST at run speeds up to 20 kph!
Alpha is the world's first strapless, continuous heart rate watch that is ECG accurate, on the WRIST at run speeds up to 20 kph!
1,366 backers pledged $321,314 to help bring this project to life.

THE SHIPPING NEWS (wasn't that a movie with Kevin Spacey?)

Hello Alpha Backers!

The announcement you have all been waiting for - the answer to the big question:

When will I get my ALPHA?

We have approved the results of our pre-production and we have now slotted our mass production. We will be finished our first run of ALPHA and plan to start shipping by:


They will be shipping via priority courier so we hope they will arrive within just a few days after the 15th.  If you have not completed your survey, now would be a good time to do so. If possible, it would be terrific to get all remaining responses in by midnight PST on November 12th.

I am super happy with the way every detail is turning out - from the look and feel of ALPHA on the wrist, the beautifully designed package (teaser peek below), and, of course, its performance. To say I am proud of the team is an understatement. Everyone involved in the project has put more than the usual effort into the product - this project has been their passion. This has been a project of heart and soul.

I want to call out a few people that have made an enormous difference to our success:

Team MIO: Manson Fei (who literally put his heart into it), Gene Yanku (beautifully done on all fronts), and Qin Yu; the whole team at Philips but in particular Giuseppe Coppola, John De Lange, Piet Van Engen (who refused to retire until the project was complete - what a swan song!), Fons Schipper, David Roovers, Cristian Presura, Toon Bogers, Tjeu Mans and Ad Rommersand (yes, it took THAT many experts in their fields), and, of course, the manufacturing team in China led by Walter Camota (awesome talent), under the unflagging oversight of Kathy Ip and President Leon Leong.

I can hardly wait to get your comments when you get your ALPHAs. Thanks for all the support are all TOTALLY THE BOMB!

Take care,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Brent Seely on December 14, 2012

      Still on track for DECEMBER 15?

    2. Juan Pedro Alvarado C on November 14, 2012

      Survey? Where do I find this or have I already filled it out?

    3. Liz Dickinson Creator on November 12, 2012

      And one more apology...
      I can't believe it since he spent so much time in China with our team and truly was one of the most integral people - Koen Geenen should be on the Team Philips list. Koen, my sincerest apologies. I will bring some Maple Syrup for you with me when I visit Holland next. That's Canada's variant ingredient for Stroop Waffle Cookies...much appreciated those long days in China.

    4. Liz Dickinson Creator on November 11, 2012

      My apologies to Ad Rommers, from Philips for misspelling your name! I can't edit it in the update anymore so I wanted to point it our here.

    5. Pam Mabrouk on November 10, 2012

      Awesome news! This will be my Xmas present!

    6. Paul Biermann on November 10, 2012

      Good news! Unfortunately no Christmas with Alpha for me then. The parcel to Germany should take a few days. But to be honest Christmas will be loaded with food not sports ;-)

    7. Gregory Rummo on November 10, 2012

      (Just found it!) Sorry!

    8. Gregory Rummo on November 10, 2012

      Survey? Where do I find this or have I already filled it out? What if I want to order more of these? Do I just increase my pledge or is it too late for that?

    9. Missing avatar

      Glenn Usher on November 10, 2012

      Thanks Liz and everyone else involved. Can't wait for it to arrive.

    10. Karim el Gamal on November 10, 2012

      Exciting news. Can't wait to take my Alpha for a spin ;-)

    11. Gilbert Gaddi on November 10, 2012

      Good work Liz!!!! Awesome project! Hope i can get mine before Christmas even if we are from Downunder. :)

    12. Alexandr Ryabinovsky on November 10, 2012

      bad news for me :( I think that the parcel will not come to me until the new year .. Usually delivered to Russia for two weeks, but before the new year post loaded stronger. And after the new year - 10 public holidays :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Gerald C on November 9, 2012

      Well done! Congrats, Liz and your entire team!

    14. Vasili Sviridov on November 9, 2012

      Hey, I'm in Vancouver, could I drop by and pick mine up? :D