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Alpha is the world's first strapless, continuous heart rate watch that is ECG accurate, on the WRIST at run speeds up to 20 kph!
Alpha is the world's first strapless, continuous heart rate watch that is ECG accurate, on the WRIST at run speeds up to 20 kph!
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    1. Anderson Chan on

      hi liz,
      please respond to the private email that I sent you.
      ive just removed the alpha mio from its packaging.
      my alpha mio wont powerup at all!! nothing comes up on the screen when I hook it up to charge!
      ive tried holding down one button / buttons , still nothing!!!

    2. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @David Hagan: we aren't working on it but I'll check into the technical possibility. I am not sure how many BLE devices can be connected to one device simultaneously.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Hagan on

      I would buy 25 of these if you know a way to track that many heart monitors with a computer application? Can this be done now or is it being worked on?

    4. TimFranklyn on

      Congratulations on reaching Australian stores!!!! If a new version with back lighting becomes available please let all the kickstarter backers know, Thanks. I used the Alpha in the New Zealand ironman at the beginning of the year and it was extremely useful keeping an eye on my heart rate.

    5. mixmaster on

      I'm disappointed - I emailed support on my watch inaccuracies and never got a reply...

    6. Missing avatar

      David Gaya on

      Just flashed android 4.3 onto my nexus 4. Can't even see the alpha still.

    7. Missing avatar

      Randy Fine on

      According to the reports, Android 4.3 was released yesterday or today with support for Bluetooth LE:

      "Bluetooth Low Energy is now supported for low-power connection to peripherals like a heart rate monitor or a smart watch. This will make it possible to establish Bluetooth connections without using as much energy and depleting battery life."

    8. Sergio Andrade on

      Any idea when I'll receive my Alpha?

    9. Missing avatar

      David Gaya on

      Android currently does not support bluetooth 4. Android 4.3 should be out this week which has promised to add support. Nexus owners should get this pretty quickly, Samsung has stated the S3 and 4 will get it. Older phones will almost certainly have to rely on a custom ROM like cyanogen mod.

    10. Leetcat on

      we need to get this on google's my tracks

    11. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      The only Android app so far is MAP MY FITNESS on DROID RAZR. I'm waiting for some partner updates and as soon as I have them, I will post an update. The apps need to handle BT4 inside their apps since the phones are not implementing it in a standard fashion yet. Thanks! Liz

    12. Indoclone on

      @Liz. Does the problem for Alpha connecting with Android apps still not solved yet? I have just been trying it out with Nexus 4 using Endomondo. The Nexus couldn't even recognize there is another bluetooth device, endomondo can't receive any data from alpha.

      Please update us on this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Manuel P on

      @Liz, I sent a message prior to contact me and never got a response. I remember seeing that devices had shipped at early as December. It's March now and I still don't have my alpha. Can you give an update? I'm located in Montreal, Quebec.

    14. Missing avatar

      Wolfram on

      @Liz, thank you for the clarification!

    15. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @Wolfram: HI, we have now tested all of the major Android phones with the major apps and the only one we can verify working is Map My Run on Droid Razr. I really hope you understand that we did test the Android environment in the past and we did know it was supported by various apps. However, in the last few months, many of the apps that were working on various phones (like Wahoo) can no longer work because of an Android OS upgrade that impacts each phone differently. So, our major partners are all scrambling to get things back on track. In the very near future, we will be announcing when some apps will be working on the S3. This is a short term technical advancement issue resultant of a combination of lack of Android standards and varying phone activations of BLE. Hang in there and the tech will catch up to our needs! Thanks, Liz

    16. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @Kuniaki: I will check into it right away. A member of our support team will contact you via private message.


    17. Jack Bauer

      So the hardware team won't reach out to me? Again, the button are really difficult to press.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wolfram on

      @Patrick, unfortunately I have to confirm that Runtastic (Pro) on Android/Galaxy S3 only sees "classic" Bluetooth devices and not the BTLE Mio Alpha.

    19. Patrick Robbe

      Despite the encouraging message received by the guys from Mio tech support, which states that "For Android device, we would recommend an application called Runtastic, which can be downloaded onto your Android smartphone, to be paired with Alpha.", I wasn't able to pair the Alpha with Runtastic on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

      I'm a bit disappointed: had I known that there would not be any suport for Android devices, I might have chosen the ANT+ instead of the BT version. As is, without any recording ability, the watch isn't that much usefull, despite the cute and flashy Mio website claims...

      On the plus side, though, I ran with both the Alpha and a Polar HRM (and a chest strap, which I hoped to be able to dump when using the Alpha), and found both to be less than two heartbeats per minute away, so at least the Alpha accuracy is good!

    20. Kristian Aasgård on

      Is the Alpha (BTLE) still not supported by any Android fitness app?

    21. Missing avatar

      Anil Divvela on

      Received my watch today, very excited to use it!

    22. Leetcat on

      Has anyone found a way to track heart beat all day and upload in a csv or similar format. I would like to monitor their own hear rate through the day and see how it reacts all day long..

    23. Leetcat on

      Can this watch get firmware update?

    24. Kristian Aasgård on

      Any news on working apps for Android (BT)? I noticed Fitbit got support for BT4.0 on Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II now.

    25. Missing avatar

      Indigoglass on


      I've been using the BT version of the watch now for about a month and absolutely love it. No more chest straps for me. It connects easily to numerous apps with my iPhone 5 but primarily use iRunner as it charts your heart rate in real time. So far the battery life and accuracy versus other devices has been excellent.

      Since I have a slightly concave wrist and primarily use a rowing machine that requires constant contractions of the forearm muscles, the watch does occasionally lose connection. I've overcome this with a few wraps of an ACE bandage. Since all of the data is still visible on the phone, covering the surface of the watch doesn't isn't an issue.

    26. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Since we can add a BT 4.0 LE dongle to any PC with USB port, would it be great if you can make the app for PC / Mac version to make a broader user demographic to a less tech savvy and for people that don't have/want a smartphone (which only available to limited type anyway).
      Furthermore a Web App will be make it more cross platform access.

    27. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Thanks Liz.
      Should be better if you already put the backlight in the Alpha on the first place and simply disable it with firmware if it's impacting the heart rate reading.
      Too bad now as an early user we got the non-backlight version. :)

    28. Indoclone on

      @Liz, an Alpha user from Indonesia here. Received it 2 weeks ago have been using it regularly ever since, what an EXCELLENT product. I bought one for my father as well, now he never takes it off!!!

      Thanks a lot for this :)

    29. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @James I sent a tickler to support. In terms of the heart flashing, right now we simply use the heart icon to show the HR detection is performing. We have two flashing rates, 1 blink per second (< =100bpm) or 2 blinks second (> 100bpm). We are considering your suggestion to match the blink with the actual HR for future models. Thanks! Liz

    30. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @Arnold I really appreciate all of your research and comments! You are a super Kickstarter backer. The reason we left off the light is because we were not sure of the impact on the accuracy of the heart rate and I wanted to do thorough tests on that before putting it in. I am happy to say that the testing is proving very positive so we will include a backlight in future versions. Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming. Thanks! Liz

    31. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Now as we know that Alpha's battery live is much longer than expected, I think a backlight would be a must for future iteration.
      I wonder why that Alpha has LED light bellow as indicator but avoiding to use LED backlight to reserve battery life.
      From my experience of using Alpha so far, a backlight is really an important feature for Alpha maybe it'll be turned on for a second or two when the button is pressed.

    32. Arnold A Sitorus on

      I was trying to check Alpha pulse reading "accuracy" using strobe apps available in App Store.
      Put the Alpha on top of iPhone screen while the app displaying pulsating strobe light (preferably at 1 or 2 Hz).
      One app I successfully tried is this:…

      (Just one app example, other strobe app may do as well)

    33. James Bailey

      @Liz Still waiting for the support email, eager to get this up and running.

      Also, regarding your response to Arnold - my HRM chest strap/watch applies 0% smoothing that I can see, when its heart icon flashes, 100% of the time my heart beats at that exact time? I don't understand why you wouldn't set your watch to flash the heart when it detects a beat, even if the heartrate number it shows is smoothed?

    34. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @Arnold The heart rate does not flash in synch with your heart rate. The only true way to compare it is against an EKG machine. Every HRM chest strap employs smoothing techniques which tend to eliminate some of the variation in your heart beat so it is tough to compare ALPHA even against a strap for an exact measure of accuracy.

    35. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @Mat, @Tony: As with all biometric technologies, chest straps included, they do not work perfectly on 100% of the population. No two people are alike. We try to design things that capture the majority of the population. On some people, the watch is too small, on others too big. However, one other factor that can come into play, specifically in this technology, is wrist morphology. If your wrist is what is called "concave" (there is a noticeable dip from the wrist bone toward the elbow), it is very hard for ALPHA to sit well on your wrist and get a good seal against the light. There is not much that can be done if your wrists are like that. The only thing to try is to push it way up your arm; but if your arms are large, you may not get it up far enough. Also, I need to talk with tech support - draining the battery does not do anything to help. My apologies for that. I appreciate the feedback. Liz

    36. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Is there any way to check the Alpha accuracy without having to compare it to other heart rate monitor device?
      Is the heart beat animation blinks on Alpha display synchronized with actual heart beat or it's only for appearance?

    37. Missing avatar

      Mat C on

      After finally receiving both my watches, I've had disappointing results. One reads erratic heart rates that only sometimes matches my Garmin, the other doesn't pick up a heart rate at all. On the second, I was told by tech support to let the battery drain all the way, but that is taking forever. Even with me pressing buttons multiple times a day. I guess the fact that the battery lasts a long time is not a bad thing. I just wish I could use it.

      On the erratic readings, like others, I've tried everything - changing wrists, changing tightness, changing position, wet, dry. Nothing seems to give a consistent reading. I will let the batty drain completely then see if anything changes. Except for functionality, the watch is very nicely made. But I bought it for the functionality.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I had high hopes for mine as well, but I haven't had good luck with my Alpha either. I've tried both wrists, different places on my forearm, and nothing seems to give a consistent HR reading. My most recent use has been on the elliptical machine, where I've had a good signal only to have it read - - a couple minutes later. Also, the heart rate on the watch seems to gradually decrease when working out so a quick glace at the watch will never yield an accurate HR.

      I've tried all different positions and tightness's all to no avail. Any ideas?

    39. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      @James. Our support team will reach out to you. Likely this is a hardware problem. It happens : (
      Thanks for your patience. L

    40. James Bailey

      After a promising start, the Alpha for me (and my g/f) is significantly inaccurate (and the buttons are hard to push / know when you've pushed them @Kuniaki).

      So all this week I have been wearing my heartrate strap and watch on my right wrist, with Alpha on my left. My strap-based monitor is always correct (I can verify because it also has a little heart icon that always beats exactly when my heart beats, and is never wrong). Alpha however:
      1) When I am sitting around doing nothing (no sweat) it is within 5bpm accurate (good)
      2) If I exercise with no sweat / no significant motion of the arm, it is within 5bpm accurate (good)
      3) If I exercise with sweat, the readings go about 20-30bpm higher on average, but can be off by as much as 60bpm.
      4) If I exercise with sweat and motion of the arm, it just continues as though I haven't exercised, and then when I stop it quickly increases to 20bpm above my actual heartrate.

      This behaviour was verified by my girlfriend when she wore the watch.

      We have both tried having it loose enough that you can just pull one side hard enough to get a peak at the green LEDs, and both tried it tight enough that you skin still shows the pattern of the watch 15 minutes after taking it off, this did not seem to affect accuracy at all.

      The heart icon NEVER syncs with our actual heartbeats, not sure if its meant to. Even when the watch agrees with my other strap, it still doesn't represent my actual beats (other strap does).

      This is such a shame, I'm otherwise so enamoured with this watch, but it's way too inaccurate to be of assistance for training. I can only think, it is supposed to have a battery life of 4 hours or so while monitoring heartrate, but for us, it seems to last at least 16 hours, so maybe we're too pale and the watch doesn't turn up its LEDs enough and gets an incorrect reading?

      Please let me know how we can get it working, I'm really hoping there's a firmware update that can fix this!

      Kind Regards

    41. Jack Bauer

      Awesome heart rate monitor!
      One thing I like to ask is... how are the buttons for everyone? It seems really difficult to have it register when any of the buttons on the sides are pressed.

    42. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Do anyone know any apps that can record the heartbeat without having to do an exercise?
      It seems that apps that can read Alpha do it while the user in an exercise and the record of the heartbeat is just a summary not as point to point records.
      As example I want to be able to know how is my heartbeat in a particular time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Wolfram on

      Hi Liz,

      great watch! Since I'm in the BlueTooth Smart + Android (Galaxy SIII) camp, I'm sorely lacking a useful app (nRF utility doesn't cut it, even though it proves that the communication does work). On you mention you're developing your own high-performance app. Does this happen to yield an Android app as well?

      Any other recommendation specific to android apps (the ones mentioned on your Jan 15th comment don't seem to work for Android/Galaxy SIII, or did I miss something)?

    44. Missing avatar

      th on

      Hi Liz!

      Just wanna say thanks for creating such a great watch! I can't help but start wearing it since I got them and been getting feedback on how good it looks.

      The HR is working great too and so far I have tried the ANT+ with my Sony Xperia Sport and it works seamlessly :)

      Thanks again for letting us have the choice and good luck for the sales!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jorge de la Torriente on

      My package was stolen during shipment! What can I do?

    46. KN

      Hi Liz,

      Today, with the Alpha, I learned that my heart rate can and will sporadically jump up to 121 during a 49ers game. ... Wonder how it'll be like during the Super Bowl...


    47. Liz Dickinson Creator on

      Hi Everyone,
      Thought I would post this to all in case others are having the same problem as Michael trying to pair to the Suunto T6d (ANT). This is Ant and not Ant+ which are completely different protocols. Ant is closed protocol so you will not be able to pair with the Alpha.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jarrod cook on

      Hi Liz. Amazing bit of tech. Been using it for about 3 weeks now and love it. Heart rate without chest strap is a God send and really helping with my prep for my first marathon. I also have a galaxy s3 and disappointingly Samsung have not enabled bt 4.0 properly on the phone (bit of net research). As a result looking at going back to the iPhone for recording hr along with other stats. Anyone having connectivity issues with the 4s?

    49. Arnold A Sitorus on

      @Joshua G
      I tried connecting my BT earphone (Jabra Extreme 2) with iPhone 4S playing music and simultaneously connect Mio Alpha successfully. But it's not consistent, depend on the app I use to connect the Alpha.
      Runkeeper just connect fine.
      Wahoo and MapMyRun kind of hit and missed, sometimes even disconnecting the BT earphone before connecting the Alpha then the earphone connected again automatically but the music is stopped.
      Something I find quiet strange is Runkeeper has more smooth communication with Alpha compared to MapMyRun. This is odd as MapMyRun is the 'official' app for Alpha.
      One more thing.
      Seems like we can connect two BT LE devices (Alpha and LUMOback) simultaneously to a BT LE phone.

    50. Missing avatar

      Joshua Greenblatt on

      Received my Alpha yesterday, used it this morning. I am a little surprised at the fit - my wrists are not that big, but I am within four notches of the end. It is not an issue for me, but I could envision others being disappointed. Device paired quickly with all of the fitness apps on my iPhone 5 - Runtastic was the one that I chose for my first workout, and it recorded my data perfectly.

      A quick question - anyone know if I can use this and a pair of bluetooth headphones at the same time?

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