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The ultimate adventure guitar. Built to go anywhere. Designed for the adventurer in us all.
The ultimate adventure guitar. Built to go anywhere. Designed for the adventurer in us all.
189 backers pledged $67,162 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      I too have no interest in any rewards other than guitar or cash back in full, Chris. I do believe there are a few here looking at legal assistance.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Carroll on

      I’m backer 94. I have no interest in any rewards other than a guitar or cash back in full.
      How do you sleep at night Chris?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the FTC as well as your individual state's Attorney General's office. He needs to be held accountable.

    4. Shan Morris on

      I have backed a lot of kickstarters and generally consider myself accepting of hiccups and setbacks, but waiting nine months between "we'll have funding in 60 days" and "Sorry guys, hope some t-shirts and guitar picks make up for it" is absolutely ridiculous. If Mr. Duncan must be legally persuaded to do what is right and issue refunds, so be it. He had plenty of time to start the process of paying back his debt to us on his own, but evidently doesn't have the integrity to do so.
      So, if anyone is going forward with a class action lawsuit please feel free to contact me at

    5. Matt Joyce on

      "Thank you for your note. No, there are no more guitars being produced now, or in the future. As such, I am mailing out the rewards that have been produced. Shirts and tuning machines. I am aiming to have this finished by the end of December." via chris.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      @Mark Farmer - I believe everyone can sympathize with a failed business but Chris NEVER updated frequently enough, left everyone in the dark and even called some of the backers out in an update when all anyone did was ask for more updates. The writing was on the wall when he packed up and moved across the country. In my mind, all of us basically funded his move. The money had already dried up, I'm sure. Several updates ago before he moved and closed shop, he blamed his employees - for stealing etc. Only one thing speaks to me about Chris - It's always someone else's fault and never his. Let's not forget how aggressive they were at over-promising on delivery. Here's a quote from the campaign, "We've planned our campaign around the sale of 75 guitars, which we believe can be built by us in under 2 months; this is a challenge. Game on!"

    7. Missing avatar

      edworthy on

      Your last update stated that, "I will be distributing the remaining rewards to the 46 backers that remain, and formally closing the project."
      Are you now saying there are not enough guitars for those like me who paid $425 and waited 4 years to receive what you promised to deliver?
      Have the decency to reply.
      Guitar or refund. Don't waste my time with crap stickers or other trinkets.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Su on

      Chris Duncan, I don't need coupon code from some website. I want my money back. If I were you I would work as hard as I can to pay the money back to the people who supported you back the day, even it would take me years, at least I would live without shame under the sun.

    9. Mark Farmer on

      I think if you post information about how to contact Chris, they'll delete. It's not too hard to Google if any of you are interested in reaching out to Mr Duncan.
      For the record, I know what a failed business looks like. We gave him almost $70k and promised the first of the product. That's theft.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sean Su on

      My comment was deleted. Either Chris Duncan or Kickstarter did this censorship. You two are both unbelievable. Liar and fraud.

    11. Matt Joyce on

      Seeing as how kickstarter isn't forcing anyone to follow their TOS a class action is probably the only way to get any form of accountability here. =/ Kickstarter is pretty fucking terrible as a company.

    12. Missing avatar

      tinsonpin on

      I still waiting for the guitar, just want to say, never give up

    13. Missing avatar

      Sean Su on

      Count me in for a class action lawsuit.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      If anyone bothered to look this scumbag up, his professional profile suggests he has stopped Alpaca Guitar as of March 2017 and has taken new role in the industry working for someone... Just thought I'd share what he's been up to. If he cares to defend himself or claim otherwise, I'm sure his responses would be more than welcome on here.

    15. Mark Farmer on

      I am on board with a class action lawsuit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I'm sure the money has dried up by now. He basically used it to find his move across the country. Someone should get a class action lawsuit together.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matt Soar on

      *sigh* Yep, I'm still waiting for my guitar, too. I've just tweeted to him since he's nowhere to be seen around here.

    18. Shan Morris on

      As others have pointed out, this has been in limbo a long time. I had sent an unanswered message as to whether or not a B-stock alpaca was still an option. I had pledged with the hope of giving my father a guitar that he could travel with and as time drags on his ability to travel becomes less sure. And while I don't mind helping a start-up, $425 is a sum of money that is not small to me. It would be nice to at the absolute least know for sure whether or not I will get a great (albeit late) gift for my father, or if I just gave $425 to a stranger so that they could move cross country while I struggle with rent.

    19. Matt Joyce on

      Since I backed this project, I completed a project at NASA. Moved back to NY. Swapped jobs twice. Found a job I enjoy. Had 3 new nephews. Lost my father and uncle. Seen a new continent. And grown a little bit fatter ( new thing for me ) and a little bit wiser ( i could do without that tbh ).

      This project was one of the first kickstarters I ever backed. One of three that have never delivered. But is by far the most expensive. I don't know... there's something oddly beautiful about this comment thread. Time passes and here we all wait in limbo while a dude promises the future at increasingly longer intervals.

      Wonder where I'll be when the next update comes... what fresh hell or new joy will wander into my life...

    20. Mark Farmer on

      Hello Chris,
      Like most everyone else here - I'd like to understand to process of knowing when I can realistically expect delivery of my guitar. I have had numerous messages unanswered - and in all honesty - I don't expect this one to be answered either. Could you be straight with us and just let us know if it's a dead deal or not? We've waited for years....YEARS!

    21. Ben Sprague on

      Hey Chris, Any hope on this??? Still praying my almost $500 investment becomes a playable guitar. Please update.


    22. Anthony Barolin on

      Hi Chris - any updates to the Alpaca delivery? Tony Barolin

    23. Aaron Selya on

      Hey Chris,
      You mentioned that there were some built in deadlines in your last update. Is there any information you can share on the progress?

    24. Mark Farmer on

      Hi Chris,
      I want to confirm with you that I am on your 40 list as well. Is there any way you could please email the remaining backers that have not had their pledges fulfilled with an accurate delivery estimate?

    25. Missing avatar

      Till Weinhold on

      Wh_ere has Chri_hi_s Dun_can gone
      and my___ guitar____ promi_ses
      I want'd to play_a song /on it
      long time a_goo

      excuse me ;-)

    26. Mark Farmer on

      Hi Chris,
      I want to confirm with you that I am on your 40 list as well. Is there any way you could please email the remaining backers that have not had their pledges fulfilled with an accurate delivery estimate?

    27. Sergey Kirillin on

      No Beth, I'm another one who is still waiting for his guitar...

    28. Beth Lamenskie on

      I guess I am one of the 40 who have not received theirs yet. Hoping to still receive it.....

    29. Vladimir Boyko Kuznetsov on

      so did this guys just don't unswear anymore?
      does anybody know?
      Or did everybody said ok good buy 450 bucks...

    30. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Want to see Chris on TV?

      I just wished we had updates like this.
      Chris, please can you start communicating with your backer community again?

      Here is him on Twitter:

    31. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      What's the latest timeline in terms of delivering this project? 3 years later and we are still in the dark with no infrequent updates. This better not be one of those tactics out of the CST Watch playbook of failed campaigns. It's hard to remain optimistic and supportive when we hear almost nothing regarding this.
      In fact, close to $70,000 of borrowed funds with no accountability is no laughing matter. I recall very early on in the project, you had called some backers out through one of your updates in rather tasteless fashion. Your specific comment was that we, the backers, are not placing an order but rather supposed to behave like partners in your venture. It seemed you were annoyed that we were annoyed with delays Well, much time has passed since then; is this how you treat your partners?

    32. Beth Lamenskie on

      It has been 3 full years since I made my pledge and have been waiting. Will I get my guitar at some point?

    33. Chris Duncan Creator on

      @James - Good question. I'm still fully committed to delivering all the instruments.

    34. james dantow on

      Chris, with the new funding, what happens to backers who never got a product like me?

    35. Matt Joyce on

      A personal response if probably the least Chris can offer the many folks on here who pledged a pretty significant amount of coin for a product that simply never was.

    36. Matt Joyce on

      Maybe this is the part where this project vanishes into the night.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I believe I speak for many on here and since I did not get a personal response to my question in regards to the status of this project, I will ask the question here - Has any progress been made on unfulfilled pledges?

    38. Joel Koh on

      Any update Chris?

    39. Missing avatar

      Kane Harding on

      Well, now that these guitars are out of production, the few that did make it into the wild could become quite sought after in the future so I might be up for selling mine for a profit. Drop me a line if you are interested ;-)

    40. david goin on

      Keep us posted. Investing can be tricky business as we knew going in. That you had some pretty remarkable curves just makes you part of life's little circus of unbelievable incidents. That you're still at this is a testimony to your dogged persistence. I've backed Kickstarter projects that were funded then slowly (or quickly) just disappeared. Some didn't fail; they just decided to use the money to get out and leverage other things. Good luck w Oregon. Its traditions are not as long as vermonts and likely, because of it, less bound to habit and this and that entrenched thing. The break will probably serve you well as well. Thanks for the updates. I'll continue to think about the guitar that you can use in a snowball fight. �

    41. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I don't mind the infrequent updates as much as I mind the lack of an answer to the question, "HOW MANY GUITARS HAVE SHIPPED TO DATE?!" More specifically, guitars that are NOT considered B-stock.

    42. Matt Joyce on

      So 2.25 years on... Any updates? This is the longest running kickstarter I have been a part of that hasn't just said 'sorry we can't do it' or vanished into the night.


    43. jeffrey dorwart on

      Hey Judysbanana, just for reference, I am 78 on the original list and haven' heard a peep either. I can only assume that the delay in communications means they are too busy herding cats to have time for updates.

    44. judysbanana on

      I am a backer who moved to Hong Kong from the US. It's been a while and I have absolutely no idea what the status is and when will I receive my guitar..Appreciate your feedback.

    45. Missing avatar

      tinsonpin on

      I was #156 on the list,i still waiting ;)

    46. Jason Goray on

      The January update said you were starting to contact backers in the #60s.

      The detailed updates are awesome, but I realize those can take some time and energy to create, so just a "we've started contacting backers in the ###s" would be great to see from time to time.

      I'm still very excited about the guitar and completely understand that its taking time and you're working on really making the product as good as you can, but I think that even a short monthly update on where things are at on the shipping numbers would go a long way to soothe people's nervousness.

      Oh, also, when I looked at the master shipping list, am I right in assuming the people with higher numbers inserted into the order bought at the "you'll get your guitar quicker" or "custom" levels? Also, there are a few numbers listed twice, like #114 and #136 - are those people who ordered multiple guitars?


    47. Missing avatar


      One year ago I was #145 on the list. I'm not even sure what that means. I don't seem to be getting updates. I wonder what's up...

    48. Matt Joyce on

      Still a few of us at least left on the non-shipped list.

      2 years 2 months and counting. hope it's worth the wait.

    49. james dantow on


      My name is James Dantow, and I am a backer. I live in Toronto Canada. May I ask where I am on the list of guitars to be shipped.

      Its been a while, and I am wanting to know, how much longer is the wait for me to receive my guitar.....

      Kind Regards - James

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