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The ultimate adventure guitar. Built to go anywhere. Designed for the adventurer in us all.
The ultimate adventure guitar. Built to go anywhere. Designed for the adventurer in us all.
189 backers pledged $67,162 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Farmer on

      Hello Chris,
      Like most everyone else here - I'd like to understand to process of knowing when I can realistically expect delivery of my guitar. I have had numerous messages unanswered - and in all honesty - I don't expect this one to be answered either. Could you be straight with us and just let us know if it's a dead deal or not? We've waited for years....YEARS!

    2. Ben Sprague on

      Hey Chris, Any hope on this??? Still praying my almost $500 investment becomes a playable guitar. Please update.


    3. Anthony Barolin on

      Hi Chris - any updates to the Alpaca delivery? Tony Barolin

    4. Aaron Selya on

      Hey Chris,
      You mentioned that there were some built in deadlines in your last update. Is there any information you can share on the progress?

    5. Mark Farmer on

      Hi Chris,
      I want to confirm with you that I am on your 40 list as well. Is there any way you could please email the remaining backers that have not had their pledges fulfilled with an accurate delivery estimate?

    6. Missing avatar

      Till Weinhold on

      Wh_ere has Chri_hi_s Dun_can gone
      and my___ guitar____ promi_ses
      I want'd to play_a song /on it
      long time a_goo

      excuse me ;-)

    7. Mark Farmer on

      Hi Chris,
      I want to confirm with you that I am on your 40 list as well. Is there any way you could please email the remaining backers that have not had their pledges fulfilled with an accurate delivery estimate?

    8. Sergey Kirillin on

      No Beth, I'm another one who is still waiting for his guitar...

    9. Beth Lamenskie on

      I guess I am one of the 40 who have not received theirs yet. Hoping to still receive it.....

    10. Vladimir Boyko Kuznetsov on

      so did this guys just don't unswear anymore?
      does anybody know?
      Or did everybody said ok good buy 450 bucks...

    11. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Want to see Chris on TV?

      I just wished we had updates like this.
      Chris, please can you start communicating with your backer community again?

      Here is him on Twitter:

    12. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      What's the latest timeline in terms of delivering this project? 3 years later and we are still in the dark with no infrequent updates. This better not be one of those tactics out of the CST Watch playbook of failed campaigns. It's hard to remain optimistic and supportive when we hear almost nothing regarding this.
      In fact, close to $70,000 of borrowed funds with no accountability is no laughing matter. I recall very early on in the project, you had called some backers out through one of your updates in rather tasteless fashion. Your specific comment was that we, the backers, are not placing an order but rather supposed to behave like partners in your venture. It seemed you were annoyed that we were annoyed with delays Well, much time has passed since then; is this how you treat your partners?

    13. Beth Lamenskie on

      It has been 3 full years since I made my pledge and have been waiting. Will I get my guitar at some point?

    14. Chris Duncan Creator on

      @James - Good question. I'm still fully committed to delivering all the instruments.

    15. james dantow on

      Chris, with the new funding, what happens to backers who never got a product like me?

    16. Matt Joyce on

      A personal response if probably the least Chris can offer the many folks on here who pledged a pretty significant amount of coin for a product that simply never was.

    17. Matt Joyce on

      Maybe this is the part where this project vanishes into the night.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I believe I speak for many on here and since I did not get a personal response to my question in regards to the status of this project, I will ask the question here - Has any progress been made on unfulfilled pledges?

    19. Joel Koh on

      Any update Chris?

    20. Missing avatar

      Kane Harding on

      Well, now that these guitars are out of production, the few that did make it into the wild could become quite sought after in the future so I might be up for selling mine for a profit. Drop me a line if you are interested ;-)

    21. david goin on

      Keep us posted. Investing can be tricky business as we knew going in. That you had some pretty remarkable curves just makes you part of life's little circus of unbelievable incidents. That you're still at this is a testimony to your dogged persistence. I've backed Kickstarter projects that were funded then slowly (or quickly) just disappeared. Some didn't fail; they just decided to use the money to get out and leverage other things. Good luck w Oregon. Its traditions are not as long as vermonts and likely, because of it, less bound to habit and this and that entrenched thing. The break will probably serve you well as well. Thanks for the updates. I'll continue to think about the guitar that you can use in a snowball fight. �

    22. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I don't mind the infrequent updates as much as I mind the lack of an answer to the question, "HOW MANY GUITARS HAVE SHIPPED TO DATE?!" More specifically, guitars that are NOT considered B-stock.

    23. Matt Joyce on

      So 2.25 years on... Any updates? This is the longest running kickstarter I have been a part of that hasn't just said 'sorry we can't do it' or vanished into the night.


    24. jeffrey dorwart on

      Hey Judysbanana, just for reference, I am 78 on the original list and haven' heard a peep either. I can only assume that the delay in communications means they are too busy herding cats to have time for updates.

    25. judysbanana on

      I am a backer who moved to Hong Kong from the US. It's been a while and I have absolutely no idea what the status is and when will I receive my guitar..Appreciate your feedback.

    26. Missing avatar

      tinsonpin on

      I was #156 on the list,i still waiting ;)

    27. Jason Goray on

      The January update said you were starting to contact backers in the #60s.

      The detailed updates are awesome, but I realize those can take some time and energy to create, so just a "we've started contacting backers in the ###s" would be great to see from time to time.

      I'm still very excited about the guitar and completely understand that its taking time and you're working on really making the product as good as you can, but I think that even a short monthly update on where things are at on the shipping numbers would go a long way to soothe people's nervousness.

      Oh, also, when I looked at the master shipping list, am I right in assuming the people with higher numbers inserted into the order bought at the "you'll get your guitar quicker" or "custom" levels? Also, there are a few numbers listed twice, like #114 and #136 - are those people who ordered multiple guitars?


    28. Missing avatar


      One year ago I was #145 on the list. I'm not even sure what that means. I don't seem to be getting updates. I wonder what's up...

    29. Matt Joyce on

      Still a few of us at least left on the non-shipped list.

      2 years 2 months and counting. hope it's worth the wait.

    30. james dantow on


      My name is James Dantow, and I am a backer. I live in Toronto Canada. May I ask where I am on the list of guitars to be shipped.

      Its been a while, and I am wanting to know, how much longer is the wait for me to receive my guitar.....

      Kind Regards - James

    31. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Chris, thanks for the update. Please could you be more specific with guitar shipments? How many guitars have been shipped and what is the going rate on future shipments? Please have in mind that the original. expected, shipment date was March/April 2013, and I think all remaining backers would appreciate a more detailed update on the expected delivery times. Thanks.

    32. Conor Nolan on

      It's epic!! Well worth the wait (and the customs) - grey job guys!!

    33. Conor Nolan on

      Just going to collect mine, got stung with customs :-(

    34. Ben Sprague on

      Hey Chris and team.

      Target still to have all guitars out by end of April? New updates look great! Waiting with baited breath for my email or phone call confirming my address. Any Chace for a an update with list numbers. Thanks all. Keep rocking.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I sure hope there will be more updates coming as promised in the past. It seems like it went as scheduled and simply fell off. It would really help if we, as backers, could get a proper estimate of when we will likely have our backing fulfilled or some indication to the progress. How many guitars have shipped to date?

    36. jeffrey dorwart on

      Any updates for January?

    37. Thom Goodsell on

      Sorry for not posting earlier. I'm number 45 on the list, and I got my guitar on the 7th. (My wife has been having some health issues, so I was distracted and didn't think to post.) I agree with the other reviews—sound is a little thinner than I had hoped, but not at all bad for what it is. The guitar is solid and seems like it would happily survive whatever I throw at it (within reason, obviously).

    38. Alex Pagliaro on

      Thanks @MarkPorth for the video. Great to see one of these in the wild and compared to other carbon fiber guitars! Excited for mine. An update would be much appreciated :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      Can we please have some updates?

    40. James Wu on

      I don't know what queue number I am. Really hope to get an email from Chris to confirm my address and deliver soon by April 2015 like he said. ..

    41. Li Xiaolai on

      When can I get mine? BTW, how can I change my shipping address?

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Porth on

      Got mine today. For those of you keeping track, I'm number 41 on Kickstarter which makes my guitar the 27th one out the door. I got a shipping notice from Alpaca 3 days ago asking to confirm my address.
      It's great to see them finally starting to get them out the door.

      I posted a quick video comparing the sound to a couple other carbon fiber guitars I have.…

      In general the sound is thinner that the larger guitars but its got a lot of volume for its size, the neck feels great and it is very playable.

    43. Chris H on

      I received my Alpaca today (in the first 25). To be fair, Chris sent it almost a month ago, but there were UPS delivery issues. Anyway, after much waiting, I'm pretty impressed with the product that I received.

      The carbon fiber overall looks great. There are a few small, non-structural defects where the neck connects to the fret board, and while I did not opt for B stock, I'm satisfied.

      It took me a few minutes to understand the tuners, but after reading the instruction sheet (included with picks, allen wrenches, and other goodies) and tightening a few loose set screws, I was in business (just remember counterclockwise!).

      Volume is pretty impressive, give the size. Tone was about what I expected: thin but acceptable. The sound hole location certainly offers creative options to the sound depending on where you strike the strings, and the different body panel sizes work wonders for percussion.

      I'll put a full review and some pictures together if I get some time in the next few weeks, but overall know that the work these guys have put in to refine the process of making something unique has paid off. Great job Alpaca!

    44. Joel Koh on

      I still haven't received my guitar - I am 47th on the list that Chris sent out a while back... Not sure how many guitars have already been shipped out, but it would be nice to get an estimate!

    45. Missing avatar

      Kiran on

      I noticed the comments died down after a couple of guitars were recently released but I don't recall seeing an official number of guitars that were shipped after all these updates. There was a list of backer identity and the corresponding number on the list, but there has never been an actual update with " X guitars shipped this week, and Y going out next week = leaving us with Z left to fulfill " . Can we have something to that tune in the next update?

    46. Li Xiaolai on

      When can I get my guitar? It's been more than 18 months. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Porth on

      Chris, It's been a month since the last update. Can we please get an update on number of guitars shipped to Kickstarters to date and a realistic estimate on how many you think you can ship per month going forward. -thx

    48. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      So since you guys have been updating your shop and production, any chance we could get an update with some rough production timeline estimates, or at least what backer # you're on? It's somewhat difficult to make a judgment call on potentially asking for a B-grade guitar without a rough idea of how production is progressing quantitatively.

    49. Chris TiMaG #14 L

      Hey Randall, I love mine. I just stuff it in my large backpack and just take it on a ride. It's almost an EDC. I rarely have to tune it. The kids in class think the color is sorta funny, but they seem to love it. By the way, I'm a righty.

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