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Aloud decides to make a record that screams: this is what a rock n' roll band sounds like making music LIVE.
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124 backers pledged $10,015 to help bring this project to life.

"A Little Bit Low" live at The Monkey Palace

Holy wow, guys. 

This Wednesday, our $9,000 fundraising goal was hit with about a week to spare.

Thanks to you, we can now afford to get this record finished, mastered, pressed onto very lovely vinyl, and sent out into the world in proper style. 

We've still got a whole 7 days left on this campaign, so if you're reading this and are not one of our backers, there's still time to get in on the ground floor of this thing. By the way, the "Texts From Charles" reward is still available to those who would like it. I mean, there's no reason to miss out on gems like this…

…for an entire year!

Anyway, here's the next song from our Monkey Palace gig, called "A Little Bit Low". It's one of my personal favorites. This was one of the songs written earlier in the we-are-writing-music-for-an-album process, and did a lot in terms of setting the tone for the record. 

(Also, it's fun as hell to play live.)

We shall have more for you to feast your eyes and ears on next week (and beyond).

Cheers and happy Friday,

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    1. Creator Brandon Zarzyczny on August 24, 2013

      Another awesome song guys, and congrats on meeting your goal! This one almost has a bit of a classic rock vibe, I really like it. :)