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Heart Forth, Alicia is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky.
Heart Forth, Alicia is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky.
7,472 backers pledged $232,365 to help bring this project to life.

Update 4: Kickstarter shout outs and a stretch goal tease!

Posted by Alonso Martin (Creator)
Hi there everybody!
Wow, almost through our first two stretch goals! Amazing stuff. We’re really surprised to see things moving along so well still, so thanks so much for pushing us forward!

First thing I want to do today is make some shout outs to some friends of ours that have Kickstarters of their own going on.

For all of you that’ve asked about the Wii U port of the game (and there are quite a few :) ), I hope you’ve also taken the time to look at Hex Heroes, a Wii U-exclusive party-RTS (par-tee-ess) that might make the best use of the of the gamepad that I’ve ever seen. Here’s the rundown from their Kickstarter: 

“Hex Heroes is a multiplayer real time strategy game for Wii U where up to 4 players share the TV harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring dangerous territories. Another player uses the gamepad to manage resources and teammates, make executive decisions, and survey the land from a bird’s eye view. Hex Heroes can be played solo, but we’re sure you’ll want to wrangle up some friends to join in!” 

Sounds awesome! We’re seriously excited to see someone using the Wii U gamepad so creatively. Just as cool though, is this:

 That's right! Alicia is going to be an alternate skin for either the Elementalist or Wizard class!

Our other shout out today is to our friends at Ironward Games, who were lucky enough to get their co-op sci-fi strategy RPG The Red Solstice funded with just a few days left. Here’s the word, right from the developer’s mouth: 

 “The Red Solstice is an intense science fiction coop strategy/RPG game with a substantial dramatic singleplayer campaign as well. The setting and the story are inspired by classics such as Dawn of War, X-COM and Syndicate. In the game players need to survive the hostile environment of Mars during huge storm called the Red Solstice while trying to discover what happened to the capital colony Tharsis.” 

Sounds great, looks great, and their campaign ticker is down to counting hours. If it’s your type of game, there are still 36 hours to get your pledge in! 

Stretch goals

We have some exciting news for a whole bunch of people that have been asking for ports, and we're going to spill it tonight after we break our challenge dungeon stretch goal at $90,000. Keep your eyes on the campaign page or your inbox for an update in the next few hours. Can't wait to tell you guys what it is!

- Andrew


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    1. Roxane Tourigny on

      I can suggest a Mac and Linux port as a stretch goal.

    2. Thousandone (1001) on

      Nice, alternate skin for Alicia, I hope to see stretch goals like :

      - Live Orchestra
      - Voice Over (only Alicia),
      - Alicia's in-game House, where we can explore & sleep there, (maybe can hang HD picture too, when we click on the picture, then some HD picture will show up)
      - Alicia's house interior customization ( maybe the item we get can put inside our house, we can decorate our house, of course is just simple 2d item, u click the item where u stand, then we can just put it)

      Just sharing some ideas for stretch goals ~ XD
      Because I like to see other stretch goals beside porting

    3. Emanuel Cantanhêde on

      There'll be any sort of character customization? I would like to play with "dark skinned chick", actually...

    4. Protoman Red Bomber on

      @Alonso, Andrew (creators)
      I've already suggested this as a stretch goal idea on another update's comments, but just to know: there is a mode that we can play as another character (like Höstra or another) or do you guys intend to make a future stretch goal with this content? This is a viable feature?

      Thanks and congratulations for this game : )

    5. Todor Imreorov on

      linux linux linux ... :)

      you know from the humble bundle that we're willing to pay the most

    6. Manoko on

      Pretty sure the stretch goal tease is about a PS Vita port !
      Thank you so much guys !!!! :D

    7. dennis fuchs on

      I like what I think I'm hearing there! Excite!

    8. Alonso Martin Creator on

      - Andrew

    9. Alonso Martin Creator on

      Rest well, Tracey. I know you already got your wish for a PS4 port, so hopefully when you wake up tomorrow we'll be far enough along to break some news and make some more people as happy as you :)

    10. Tracey Craig

      Great stuff ! I'll be sure to have a look in the morning its bed time here in the UK :)