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Heart Forth, Alicia is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky.
Heart Forth, Alicia is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky.
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#53 - Journal Screen, Development Updates, Home Improvements & New GIFs

Posted by Alonso Martin (Creator)

Hey there! It’s time for another update.

In many ways, this update is a companion to the previous one. We’ve continued our steady progress in crafting the game's content, which includes the addition of new enemies, fresh new rooms for the world's diversity, creating sprites, animations, missing assets and backgrounds, designing and implementing puzzles for the wind stone and the other spells, implementing some of the menus and interfaces that were still missing, and continuing to optimize the runtime.

A big amount of what we’ve worked on for the past months needs to be kept under the shroud of mystery (so as to avoid spoilers), but there’s some cool stuff we have to share with you in this update.

Upgrade your spells to solve devious puzzles, or simply to to master the art of clearing the way
Upgrade your spells to solve devious puzzles, or simply to to master the art of clearing the way

Journal Screen

One of the cool things we worked on since the last update is the Journal Screen, which displays the current quests, sidequests and achievements. In the GIF below you can check out the comparison between the initial (and really old) version of the scheduling screen and the new Journal Screen, which helps you keep better track of the story as it unfolds, and of any optional quests you undertake.

With the confidence of how much better the Journal Screen turned out, we're considering adding a bestiary of sorts later on. This will help you with some optional quests that require you to acquire specific item drops, present you with granular enemy information and further immerse you in the game's world. 

We'd like to know if this is something you'd like to see, so let us know in the comments section.

Manage your quests, sidequests and achievements with ease
Manage your quests, sidequests and achievements with ease

Home Improvements

One of the more meaty things we’ve worked on recently is on expanding a dungeon that you encounter in the middle of the game, namely Blivek Palace, with the primary aim of easing the player into the gameplay style of the second half of the game. This area was developed to serve as the culmination of a story arc, and is filled with enemies and puzzles. Initially, the dungeon's gameplay peak rested on a mini-boss battle, with a momentous cutscene setting up story elements for the second half of the game.

During final passes for this area, it became apparent that an actual, epic boss fight was missing at the heart of this dungeon. After all, players would prefer to advance the story themselves by fighting an antagonist instead of seeing things play out in a cutscene. We therefore promoted the mini-boss battle into a fully fledged boss fight, and revamped the mini-boss battle. We also added a new cluster of rooms to this dungeon to introduce some characters potentially important to the story. Help them out, and you will be rewarded later in the game.

Rumor has it that Commander Ännukh died in battle long ago, and a ghostly entity inhabits his helmet and uniform
Rumor has it that Commander Ännukh died in battle long ago, and a ghostly entity inhabits his helmet and uniform

We are in the process of putting the final touches on this area, after which we’ll return to working on the remaining areas for the second half of the game, including their respective rooms, enemies and bosses. Later on we also need to develop the last UI elements that are pending (namely, a proper controls setup screen, the bestiary, book/lore screens), finish developing the optional content, getting the final parts of the OST finished, creating the remaining sound effects, implementing some of the creative Kickstarter rewards, among other exciting things.

Looking Forward 

Considerable progress have been made in the past months. We're happy with how many of the game's threads are coming together, but we are still not at a point where we can confidently share a targeted release window with you.

We've always been open about our development process, and we've shared the primary reasons for our extended development in a previous update. These reasons continue to be relevant to this day. Our pace is as brisk as reasonably possible, but in order to reach the quality of game we promised, which is our paramount priority, we can't cut corners. We are going to continue pressing development forward for the remainder of this year and extend into the next one, all the while bringing our dream game into shape.

Alicia & Ottin enjoy a pretty sunset at West Äurinside (accelerated for purposes of this GIF)
Alicia & Ottin enjoy a pretty sunset at West Äurinside (accelerated for purposes of this GIF)

We’ve made efforts to alleviate the wait by keeping you updated through these write-ups, and through biweekly development livestreams that we've had since the end of the campaign. In the same spirit, we also released the all-backers demo for everyone to try out, which you can download over here if you haven’t yet. We’re infinitely grateful for your support and your continued patience.

The livestreams happen every other Tuesday at 1pm CT. They're a unique way for you and I to get in touch in real-time to address any questions or comments you might have, as well as letting us get more acquainted as we keep pushing forward. Hope to see you there this Tuesday.

We also have a Discord server you can join to interact with the community and the team. See you in the next update!

Click to go to the HFA Twitch Page
Click to go to the HFA Twitch Page
Join the HFA Discord server
Join the HFA Discord server
Follow the game on Twitter
Follow the game on Twitter
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    1. KiteMan on

      Timespinner stumbled because the LGTBQ characters you spend time with were flat, not because they were included. It's a shame since another "non-traditional" relationship was handled respectfully as part of the plot.

    2. Missing avatar

      MZ on

      Thanks for recommending Timespinner, Neo. Followed your recommendation and it was a great game!

    3. Alexandre Gravel on

      Please tell me you won't listen to haters who can't read diversity LGBTQ in any of their game for less than 2 minutes without complaining to other games! #TimespinnerIsAwesome

      On a more cheerful notes, I'm really eager to play this game ^^ <3

    4. Tony Swigart on

      Not even a slight window for release 3 years later? You are killing me

    5. Steven B on

      I don't need a bestiary, I need a release on Wii U or an update on that so I can know the possibility of me playing ASAP.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please tell me this game wouldn't turn into another POLITICS and LGBT shit as "Timespinner". The devs of this game added all real life shit to a FANTASY GAME!!! :(

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Garris on

      Take your time, I still need to finish Chasm and then play Timespinner. I literally can't keep up with Kickstarter Metroidvanias right now.

    8. Andrew Wilson

      Thanks, Alonso. I'll try that next time.

    9. Alonso Martin Creator on

      @Andrew 7.5.9w is the current version. I checked your account and it seems you're using your email to try to log in. If you go into the profile page on the Backer's Club, you'll see the username you chose at the top. Use that to log in instead and it should work!

    10. Andrew Wilson

      I tried downloading the demo in the Backer's Club, but when I tried to log in to the client, it said I had a deprecated build. It's version 7.5.9w. Where do I get a not-deprecated version?

    11. Dung Nguyen on

      I completely forgot I backed this ha. Looks like it is shaping up well! Could I still get my name in the credits?

    12. Alonso Martin Creator on

      Thanks for the kind comments and support, guys! Glad to hear you're into the bestiary idea, we'll let you know in a future update how that ends shaping up.

    13. TJ Thomsen on

      IMO, almost any game with a variety of beasts/ creatures/ units could benefit from a bestiary. They add so much to the game world and make it feel much fuller and deeper. I'd love to see HFA add one, especially considering that it would have practical usage within the game.

    14. Adam on

      @Pendulum Almost 3.5 years date for a game that was supposedly mostly complete, now the goalposts are changing. There's not even a rough release date despite being over 3 years late, yikes!

    15. James Closs on

      I'm always down for anything that makes the game better!

    16. Mantis on

      Couldn't give a toss about the late release. Even the excitement from these wonderful updates was worth my coin, but I really looked forward to the finished and polished product. I rarely see this level of care put into a game, so I'm happy however long you take. Also, I too would love a bestiary.

    17. Joshua Speer on

      PLEASE do a bestiary! I love those in games of this genre

    18. S.Pendulum on

      what are we at now? 1,2, or 3 years late?

    19. maneauleau on

      It's great that you are taking your time to do things properly keep it up and let us know how this Switch version is coming or if Wii U version is the only one on the map for Nintendo devices?

    20. Adam Taylor on

      Would we like a Bestiary? HELLZ YEAH!!!

      I LOVE having a bestiary in games. Especially when they get filled out with all the info on enemies, like their various stats, what they drop, where to encounter them, etc.

    21. gedenkaffe on

      sounds (and look) great, please dont cut the corners and keep it up.

    22. Florian Sauter on

      The game looks amazing, love the look and quality. Really appreciate the work you are putting in after all the setbacks you've been through.

    23. Lunar Ray Games on

      I am absolutely in love with that Menu. The way text appears is simply magical! <3

    24. Ferrell Riley III on

      Heck Yea I want a Bestiary! think of all the little jokes you can make for descriptions. Oh, and it's helpful if you wanna grind something to know where it's located

    25. Simon Careau Auclair on

      Wow! This game will be amazing. Take all the time you need to polish it and reach the quality you want for this game :)

    26. Rii the Wordsmith on

      I for one am very interested in a bestiary, particularly if it includes drop lists.