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A 2-color risograph comic about the unlikely meeting of a hungry cat and a displaced fish. (An ALL IN 1 project: one week only!)
A 2-color risograph comic about the unlikely meeting of a hungry cat and a displaced fish. (An ALL IN 1 project: one week only!)
76 backers pledged $1,252 to help bring this project to life.
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Carpe Diem: a fishy little risograph comic.



- S T R E T C H  G O A L S ! ! ! -

In less than 24 hours, we reached our initial goal of $700.  So, I'm happy to introduce some stretch goals to our Carpe Diem campaign:

We already reached $1000, so now every backer at the $10 level and up will receive a die-cut sticker with their comic.

If we reach $1400, comic-level backers will get a button set, too.  You won't have to increase or change your pledge if we reach the stretch goals; if you get the comic, you'll automatically get the new rewards, too.

New to the campaign?  Keep on reading to learn more about the comic!


Carpe Diem is the story of a hungry cat who happens upon a little lost fish.  Upon taking the fish home, our protagonist is soon faced with the problem of what to do when your canned tuna runs out and your fishy little friend is the only food left in your house.

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An all-ages, 30-page comic, to be printed as a 2-color risograph.  (Don't know about risograph?  Check out this article on the process!)

Part of Kickstarter's one-week campaign initiative All in 1, Carpe Diem is a 1-Hit Wonder project, meaning I'm offering only ONE reward tier, and we have only ONE week to raise our goal of $700!

That means ALL the money raised will go directly into printing and shipping the comic to you.

Cats, comics, and cool printing.  That's what you'll get if you support Carpe Diem this week!

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Risks and challenges

The comic started as sketches for my submission to The Sketchbook Project ( As such, all the drawings are finished, and I'm currently in the process of readying the pages for the risograph printing.

I have experience with Kickstarter: I've successfully funded my last two books and have been part of a few group projects in the past--so I know the ins and outs of running a campaign. Pending any unforeseen problems with printing or shipping, there should be no risks with this project!

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