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Creating an English release for an anime film from the Assistant Director of Kiki's Delivery Service and director of Black Lagoon
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STRETCH GOAL #1 - English Dub

Posted by All the Anime (Creator)

Again a big thank you to everyone who helped us over the target - you helped us break that in a mere 18 hours - wow!

We'll update folks more as we get closer to the $60k mark of course but our first stretch goal, to quote Kevin Bacon in the EE cinema adverts in the UK (think an AT&T advert in the USA), is a "no-brainer".  

This covers a good chunk of the usual fun packed studio-costs, casting, actor fees, mix time and miscellaneous fees associated with creating a dub - anything incurred above the stretch goal amount for the dub, we'll absorb.

What friends? Well there's a few of the usual options hovering around so if you have a preference, then shout it out.  While we can't guarantee it will be them we've gone with - it never hurts to say as it won't be the last film we need to produce a dub for...

Predictably enough - we'll announce who we're working with there after we cross the $60k line, so something to look forward to there...

Finally, a big thank you again for the awesome job you everyone is doing of spreading the work - now comes the next big challenge of hitting the first stretch goal!  So if you can give it a shout-out to the Kickstarter then we'd be really grateful :).

Speak to you all in tomorrow*,

El Presidente, Anime Limited

*That said - the Anime Ltd team will still be ploughing through as many messages and comments as we can tonight as well!  So if you're expecting an answer you probably won't have to wait until tomorrow!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Excellent, glad to see we're getting closer to reaching the dub stretch goal. Looking forward to the dub :)

    2. Michael De Marco on

      A lot of people are talking about a british dub. haha, maybe that can be a second stretch goal, a 2nd english dub recorded in the UK lol

    3. Richard J. on

      @ Geoffrey Kelly: if you're hearing the same American VAs in very show, you're just not watching enough outside the mainstream titles; big shows tend to get safe choices. And this American would actually love to hear a Brit dub too. I think it's fun to compare different versions of dubs, so long as both versions are complete.

    4. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Kelly on

      If we get to $90k can we get a proper british dub. -_^

      Americans are nice and all but hearing the same ones in every single release does get a bit tired.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jamie Spong on

      It's gotta be a Michael Sinterniklaas-directed adaptation!

    6. Phillip O'Connor on

      Please make it ZRO Limit Productions. One title, Stand Alone Complex. Enough said.

      Other than that, NYAV is my second choice. For the love of God, DON'T hire Bang Zoom. They wouldn't know sensitivity if you set them on fire.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      These studios in America have been doing this stuff for awhile so it makes sense to work with them, I just hope we see some local talent.

    8. Luis Nabais on

      NYAV was the first name that come to my mind as well. :)

    9. SpacemanHardy on

      It's NYAV, isn't it?

      It's totally NYAV. -_^

    10. All the Anime 3-time creator on

      Hi Trond,

      Yes it will contain Japanese + English subtitles & the English dub track if we hit the goal. One won't replace the other as we try to stay out of subs vs dub fights!


    11. Trond Klakken

      The bluray will contain original soundtrack + english subtitles I hope? :)