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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
1,214 backers pledged AU$ 87,787 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #70 - Shipping Update Cont.

Posted by Allen Chang (Collaborator)

Hello backers,

This is Allen again for your weekly shipping update.

EU-Bound Shipment

With the EU shipment, Annika from HappyShops has confirmed their freight forwarder have received the container and is in processing.

AU-Bound Shipment

Some of the backers have queried why the vessel tracking for the AU shipment is heading to the Suez Canal. The shipment was transferred when it stopped at Singapore to a different vessel heading towards Australia and the shipping ETA remains unchanged (10 June).

US-Bound Shipment

Some of you have noticed the vessel tracker is showing an arrival date of 6 July, which is not what we were told by our freight forwarder. I checked with Kris who's handling freight logistics late last week. The information he has on hand still shows an arrival date of June 7. I'm expecting to hear back from Kris in the next day or two once he's able to confirm shipment details with the forwarder to allay any concerns. Rather than waiting until next week to provide info, I will provide an update via a comment as soon as I hear back from Kris.

Rest of the World

For the "Rest of the World" backers, which includes Asia and South America, your game is on its way to our Hong Kong fulfilment partner, Exchain. Unlike the EU, US and AU bound rewards, "Rest of the World" rewards are being dispatched via airmail. We are expecting the games to arrive in the HK warehouse next week and should have it processed and ready for dispatch the week after.

- Allen and the Smiths of Winterforge team


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    1. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      @Allen Chang: Thanks for the detailed info!

    2. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      @chocolate eclair: The reason is long and as annoying as it is, it is typical of the stuff that happens regularly in the background for all logistical work. The bottom line is that the RotW fulfilment will be dispatched around the same time as rewards that had been shipped to the other major territories.

      So here's the backstory. As we were ready to ship the RotW rewards to our Chinese fulfilment partner SFC, we were told by our manufacturer that due to differences between local vs export laws, they cannot send the rewards to SFC's Dongguan warehouse. This was a first for us and it was further challenged by the fact that we've already prepaid the fulfilment fees to SFC in preparation for fulfilment.

      As the sea freight for the other regions were being organised, we've worked with our manufacturer to find a new partner who is based in Hong Kong as well as seek a solution to withdraw the funds out. Everything is sorted now. Tomorrow I'm expected to hear back from Priscilla from ExChain (our fulfilment partner in Hong Kong) to confirm if the funds are cleared.

    3. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      Why is it that the RotW shipment is still on its way to HK when the ship for EU has already arrived? Why is it that it was quicker to ship something from China to Europe than from China to HK?

    4. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      For the Aussie backers, the vessel inbound is LORI Voyage # FC822A.

    5. Tim on

      Few Kickstarter campaigns are actually able to deliver on the estimated date. There are a lot of things involved in making a game, more than I could handle. I don't care how "late" it is, I'm going to be happy when I get my copy. Please keep the weekly updates. I look forward to them, and I appreciate the constant communication even when it's not always good news.

    6. Missing avatar

      Folkert Schilthuis

      @Allen Chang I think that the weekly updates during the sea transit have caused frustration, as well as, for me at least, the lack of a clear reason why this project is so late. I think in part this is because how spread out the information is. A clear summary of what happened might change that feeling for me. I like this project a lot. it is easily in my top 5 anticipated kickstarters. I loved the campaign, I like the updates during development and even during manufacture. The weekly updates during freight have soured this a little and like I said, the lack of clear explanation of why it is so late has not helped either. Yes I will definitely look at the next table tyrant KS, but I will think harder on backing because of this experience. Which is a shame, because the product itself is amazing imho.
      Now that delivery might start soon (at least for EU backers) I think dialing down updates is not a good idea.

      I know this sounds all quite negative. I am sorry about that. As long as you know that I am Really looking forward to this game and hope that you guys will learn from this KS.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Dejardin

      Happyshops is really fast to deliver (at least for Belgium), So it should arrive soon (are the material airmailed the correction stickers ?). Yep, this project is late but I really the weekly update.

    8. Missing avatar


      This campaign has been disappointing from start to finish. I wish I had backed a different forging game and I would have had it now. Last time I choose the Aussie designer and a local no less to be patriotic. I doubt I would back table tyrant or rule and make games again.

    9. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      @Danilo Di Maio, @Folkert Schilthuis: I don't have specifics because I wasn't given any. I agree our weekly updates have only served to remind backers the game is still in transit and sea freight is typically a 3-4 week long affair. Adding to that are customs clearance, trucking to its final destination and processing at the fulfilment facility.

      HappyShops is waiting for the cargo to arrive at their facility which is due to arrive tomorrow. They're still waiting for some additional custom packaging material from our manufacturer which is posted via airmail. The games need to be processed (barcoded and packed). Packing for Smiths is a little different from other Kickstarter games, as we created a custom mailer packaging that is form-fitted to the game to ensure the game box arrives undamaged.

      So how long will this take? I don't have the dates for when the custom packing material will arrive. It could be as early as later this week or as late as early next week. Annika has been very responsive and assuming their facility does not have a big backlog of games to process and ship, it may only take a few days to dispatch the games once they are barcoded and packed.

      If weekly updates only serve to remind and frustrate backers, I can dial back the updates.

      @Dan Reid: I'll ask Kris for the vessel number, see if he's got that on hand to share.

    10. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      Kris got back to me regarding the US shipment. Everything is indeed on schedule. This is the latest tracking information he has on hand:…

    11. Missing avatar

      Folkert Schilthuis

      So what does this mean for the timeline for the European Backers? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? I really would like to have more specifics from these updates. So many updates have been so very little info in them. I am not sure if these weekly updates have served you guys. Getting little to no info every Sunday has, for me, caused more frustration than good. During manufacture and development I liked it, during distribution it was mostly just frustration.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Reid on

      Oh cool so can we get the new AU ships details so we can watch it, I enjoy seeing it’s journey 😁

    13. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      Somethings are going really wrong on this delivery.... Too slow, no precise information on the moving and no expected arrival date...

      I m so bored of those update infos.