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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
1,214 backers pledged AU$ 87,787 to help bring this project to life.

Campaign Update #68 - Shipping Update Cont.

Posted by Allen Chang (Collaborator)

Hello backers,

This is Allen again for your weekly shipping update.

Earlier this week, our freight forwarder advised us that the shipping company has changed the shipping schedules for US and AU.

US-Bound Shipment

  • Vessel: SAN FELIX V.820N
  • ETA: Jun 07 (Trucking to St. Louis Warehouse Approx. Jun 15)

AU-Bound Shipment

  • Vessel: MSC AMSTERDAM V.FD819W
  • ETA: Jun 10

EU-Bound Shipment

There are no changes to the EU shipment and the vessel should arrive this week. The cargo will then go through customs clearance and trucking to the EU fulfilment warehouse (HappyShops).

As always, thanks for backing.

- Allen and the Smiths of Winterforge team

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    1. Dustin Hulsey on

      Hello @Allen Chang

      Thanks. Any news on the ship the game is actually on yet?

    2. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      @Dustin Hulsey: I've just checked with Kris from VR Distribution who's handling the AU shipments for us. The ETA has not changed. The initial vessel handed the cargo over to another vessel destined for Australia at Singapore docks and it's making its way here. I don't have the new detail of the vessel bound from Singapore to Australia for us to track though. I've asked if the forwarder can get the info for us.

    3. Dustin Hulsey on

      I was wondering if we could confirm the details of the AU bound ship? According to the marine vessel trackers, it seems that the ship details we were given is heading to the Suez Canal from Singapore...

    4. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      @Pat Gallagher

      are u kidding me? why talking about worst camaign... talk abaut better ones!

      we have 8 mounths of delay. we will recive a not perfect game with missprints.

      i like the game. but they are working so bad on it. give us some info at the end of any week, sayng the same things since 4 mounths do not mean that they make a good job.

      ks is not a place place where to do charity. we payed. and they have broken the trust deal !
      ZERO excuse. now i want just see an update where thay say that the game is on ours doors. and i hope that it wll be perfect. but i m confident that will not.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tehral on

      or dead man's doubloons ;)
      worst KS so far was that one

    6. Pat Gallagher on

      @Talen, if you want to see smoke, mirrors, half-truths and outright lies, go take a look at the dumpster fires that are the Evil Dead 2 and Terminator campaigns. This campaign is ticking along relatively smoothly by comparison.

    7. Missing avatar


      It is a turn of phrase meant to imply, I will not trust any information I am given about this campaign as it all seems to be smoke and mirrors, delays delays and half truths.

    8. Missing avatar

      Folkert Schilthuis

      @Talen77 what? You are getting it after you got it? What do you mean?

    9. Missing avatar


      I'll believe I'm getting this game 3 days after I've got it.