Smiths of Winterforge

by Table Tyrant Games

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    1. Scott D

      These things happen and I really appreciate the update. I’m sure when it gets here, the wait and delay will quickly be forgotten.


    2. Missing avatar

      Sean Monson

      I would infinitely rather have a weekly update on a project I don't have yet than have radio silence for months on end.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Benson

      Compared to many other projects, Table Tyrant managed their timelines very well, turned around in a reasonable time, and haven't been subject to untoward delays. There have been some delays, but no one manufacturing in the same period was able to avoid them.

      I think they can be justifiably proud of the turnaround, especially for a game of this complexity.

      Dylan's concern and politeness are appreciated, but I am more than happy to wait patiently. I've been very impressed with the whole process so far.