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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #59 - Final Samples are here!

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

Hey there backers,

The samples arrived this week so let's get straight into it...

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You can view a higher-resolution version of this video here on YouTube.

So, the TL;DR is the game is ready to go to shipping. But lets address a few errors we've found in the final print run that will be fixed during the second print run. In the mean time, we will be assembling an errata document explaining the correct course of action when encountering these errors.

While we wish we were able to pick up these errors earlier in the process, we feel these are relatively minor ones that don't detract from the game and it’s certainly not one that we feel should delay the project even further

Extra Dice

This was addressed last week. Basically, an extra D12 was thrown into the game during the assembly process. Enjoy the extra dice.

Board Error

The information in the rulebook was not properly conveyed in the board art. Instead of saying 4+, the final contract space says 5+. In this case, the rulebook is correct and the final contract space is filled when playing with 4 or more players, not 5 or more.

Master Crafter Crew Card

The text on the card says "Place an extra Skill Token on your first unsuccessful Forge Action each turn". The term Skill Token is a holdover from a previous version of the game and actually means Work Token, as there is no skill tokens in the current game.

Rulebook - Solo Variant

In the chapter regarding the Solo Variant of the game, under the Final Scoring section, it refers you to page 11 to calculate your final score. The final scoring calculation is on page 12.

On to Fulfillment

So, this means we're on our way to fulfillment. Tomorrow, the logistics peeps at Rule & Make are locking in a shipment date with the manufacturing factory and from there, it's a week to move on to the freight forwarders. 

This means that, if your details have changed since the end of the campaign, you NEED to make sure they are up to date in the Kick'd Pledge Manager

Next week, I'll be talking the logistics peeps to hopefully get an estimated logistics time frame, or, at the very least, explain how we plan to run the logistics side of things with a rough idea of times for each.

Thanks again for backing us. We'll see you again next week with more Smiths of Winterforge news.

- Dylan, Aaron, and the Smiths of Winterforge Team

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    1. Chris Perz

      A good example of a mistake in a rule book is Royals, a game that wasn't funded on KS. The rule book states that for a two player game, players must choose red or blue markers. There aren't any red or blue player pieces in the game. You are supposed to use white or black. Even the rule book for Royals on their website hasn't been updated even though I'm sure a lot of people have made the suggestion to the manufacturer to fix the error (including me).

    2. Chris Perz

      I don't know how many games I have that have errors in them. This isn't just a KS thing. All manufacturers have errors in their games at some point or another. It is just a fact of life that mistakes happen. Nobody is perfect after all. These minor errors aren't that big of a deal at all. As far as the error on the board and rule book goes, I'll just have to use a sharpie or some other pen to make that change myself. If @Table Tyrant Games decides to come up with a better solution before we receive our games, then great. The only error that might be a bit of an issue is the card, but again, not that big of a deal and could be fixed with a sharpie or some other pen temporarily until a possible replacement is provided. Look on the bright side, though. We are getting an extra D12 for free. All in all, I am excited to receive my copy and look forward to get it to the table.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Benson

      The errors are so minor I'm not in the least bit concerned about them. Not worth causing a fuss about.
      Congratulations on everything so far. Looking forward to getting it in my hands!

    4. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      @table Tyrant... just reprint the misstaken cards...AND give us little stickers to let us correct the problem of the boards and manuals.

      it's the most affordable way.

    5. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      Just so everyone is aware. These are post-manufacturing samples. These errors have already been printed. As I said below, we’re currently investigating options that won’t delay the fulfilment.

    6. BoardGameRevolution

      If you know there are errors then fix them now please

    7. Sploot

      I'd rather get a copy of the second print run or corrected versions even if it's even later on delivery. A product with mistakes on something as central as the board is just unacceptable - if you guys can't deliver a proper version, at least offer refunds.

    8. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      We are currently investigating some possible options without delaying our fulfilment plans. If you have further concerns, please message us and we'll address it together.


    9. Lisa

      Do we have the option of waiting for the 2nd (correct) print run? Or as others here have mentioned, getting replacements/physical correction items for the things that have errors? While I'd love to play the game sooner, I'd rather wait to get correct board/rulebook/card, etc. Only "informing" us of them and deciding for us that they are minor does not seem like a good idea. In addition to great game play, board game art, aesthetics, and correctness are very important (NOT minor) to many people, including me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      @stèphane +1

      But the card must be reprinted

    11. Stéphane Landry

      Sticker is a good idea to correct the problem on the board or the rules book.

    12. Missing avatar

      Evan Bentley on

      So I'm genuinely confused here... Isn't the purpose of the sample so that issues can be resolved?

      The project is already well off schedule, surely it'd be better to just have the issues resolved.

    13. JKP

      I'll never understand how being a KS is always a license for errors. So many campaigns are full of errors. Irritating. I can't remember exactly but it feels like this is the second or third in a row from R&M with errors after such a flawless start. Maybe I'm remembering wrong though.

    14. Ben Pohl on

      While the errors are minor and don't effect gameplay, I do agree with @sploot. Stickers for sure. Those who don't care will toss them and those who do will be happy.

    15. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      Give us some stickers to correct the role book and board errors, and a new card out of the box for the miss card text.

      I really really really like the result of the unboxing BUT is unacceptable to have such a big error after all that delay in production.

      Fix it please
      (follow my suggest, create stickers and reprint a single card)

    16. Sploot

      Disappointed with the lack of quality checks that let these errors slip through, especially the error on the board. Kind of sucks to saddle the backers that helped make this happen with a sub-par version of the game... will you be providing free revision kits when the issues are fixed?

    17. MacenKrace on

      Well all together this was a nice campaign. I don't worry about the small mistakes, I think they won't affect gameplay much. Cheers!