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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #31 - Rulebook and Another Delay Explained

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

Hi there backers,

Another week down, another update due. Let's get to it.

Another Rulebook Draft is now available

We have been getting a lot of great feedback from you regarding the rulebook. Also, after Cole Freeser's rather passionate comment on the previous update, a long-running internal debate was settled and we have decided to include all of the game's components in the rulebook.

We have run out of room to adequetely include the guild lore but we are currently investigating other options to bring the lore back outside of the game manual so stay tuned on that front.

We’re much happier with the state of the rulebook now and we invite everyone to cast their eyes on the latest version on the Kick'd Pledge Manager.

Facing another delay

I had hoped that the delay we experienced this time last month would be the only one we facebut, alas, that was not to be. 

What happenned?

Throughout last week, it became apparant that the project was not being managed effectively. Then, with the incredibly useful and helpful feedback on the rulebook, it was evident more time and effort was required to get it to much more polished state. Finally, after speaking to the manufacturer, they have come back with a no-go on the meeple design. 

What are we doing about it?

In terms of project management, we have had a shift of project leads. We are already seeing improvements on the project's time frame and you should see this improvement become apparent over the next few weeks.

With the meeple design, one possible solution is to increase the size of the component to allow the more intricate parts of the design to be thick enough to withstand breakages during production and typical use. At the moment, we are waiting on a few more solutions from the manufacturers as to what can be done with the design to get it as close as possible to the intended design. 

That's all for this week folks. I look forward to seeing what comes out of the project over the next few weeks. I know that the project lead is cracking their whip harder than ever to ensure the game gets to your hands looking great and in a timely manner. 

Until next time,

- Dylan, Aaron, and the Smiths of Winterforge Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      Just want to thank Cole Feeser for keeping on top of the rule book :)

      @Table Tyrant Games, you should give the gentleman an extra copy of the game for his services!

    2. Cole Feeser on

      @Table Tyrant Game - Thanks for the reply. That little added note about the faith tokens clears it up for sure.

      To the next, point you are right, you do point out in TWO different places what to look out for. Perhaps I am just overthinking some things and that this isn't actually a real issue. So this should be good as is. Carry on!

      You're note about the lower quality makes total sense. As long as the final rulebook sent to the printer is high quality that is all that matters. Its fine if all the drafts in between aren't as high of a quality.

      With regards to the Guild bios I didn't think they'd make it back in the manual and that's fine. Just thought I'd ask. :) Either way I look forward to whatever you might come up with!

      Thanks for listening and again I look forward to the next update!

    3. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      Hey everyone, thanks for the comments.

      @Greg, at the moment, we're more working to get a design to work than throw more designs at the problem as that is likely to extend the delay further.

      @Saudipanda, thanks for those. We've updated the rulebook and you should see those in the folowing drafts

      @Cole.There's a few to cover so here we go:
      - To clear up the faith token confusion there, we have added "(if there is one)" after the statement "Players split the points of both their current and the next place"
      - We have included the things to look out for both on the component explanation page AND the rule setup page. Any more is kinda redundant.
      - The borders are lower-quality as the export is rendered to a lower standard as we are performing a lot more back-and-forth than originally intended. This won't occur in the final version.
      - Guild bios aren't coming back in the manual as there is no room. As stated above, there are other avenues we are pursuing.

      Thanks everyone :)


    4. Cole Feeser on

      Well! Thanks for the mention. It is good to know that you ARE listening. With that in mind I do have a few things to note about this latest version.

      First, something good, I am glad that you clarified what happens when you have contracts in holding at the end of the game!

      Two, on page 14 with regards to a tie for the total of Faith tokens it says the following, "In the result of a tie for first or second, Players split the points of both their current and the next place evenly (ignoring any remainder)." So if there is a tie for 1st both players get 2 points (5 / 2 = 2 with an ignored remainder of 1) but what happens if there is a tie for 2nd? Do both players get 1 point each (2 / 2 = 1) or something else?

      Three, something to think about in regards to the expansion only Crew Cards (Appraiser and two Bodyguard cards). On page 5 under step 9 of the setup it does say to remove them if not playing with the matching expansions. The cards in question do include an icon so you know they are from an expansion but other than that it can be easy to overlook this info. Point is is that if you are playing a game without expansions it can be easy to miss the fact that these specific Crew cards need be excluded. I don't know if the answer is to re-include a note about this on the components page or what but it is something to think about.

      Four, This next issue cropped in the last draft of the rulebook (last week) but I didn't notice it until this week. The blue border on all the pages appears to be of a reduced / pixelated quality. Compare the borders from the 08/20 v2 version of the rules compared to today and you should be able to instantly see what I'm talking about, especially if you zoom in a little. Now, you might tell me this was an intentional change and that is fine BUT if it wasn't then hopefully it gets fixed.

      I know that you had to remove the guild bios due to space constraints and I do not want to suggest that you should simply add 4 extra pages to the rulebook JUST so we can have these bios back but I do wonder if it is an option. Another option might be trying to fit the bios onto the back of the guild player boards. Regardless of that though, having to remove the guild bios did leave what feels like excessive empty space on page 6 of the rulebook. I don't know what you could do to fill in that space or make it seem less empty but to me, at least, it does stick out.

      That is all I have for now but I do love what I am seeing. With each new draft the rulebook does get better and better. Also, while delays are unfortunate they do happen and I appreciate that you are being upfront about them and not trying to hide them from us. Much like others have mentioned I am definitely craving to play this game but at the same time I am happy to wait if it means we get a very solid game.

      With regards to the Meeple issue. I would assume if you had to make them bigger that they would still fit in the provided insert. I mean unless you make them super big this shouldn't be an issue either way but I thought it was worth bringing up.

      Beyond that I can't wait for the next update and I hope at some point we can get a glimpse of the metal coins and the insert.

    5. JKP

      If you do any polls I don't think BGG is the way to go. I don't know if you can limit responses to backers only. If you can't then you open up the poll to non-backers who have no skin in the game or to people who like to vote for the worst option to be funny.

    6. Missing avatar


      Rule book typos:
      p3, 'For the full rules of the Alleyway Expansions, see see pg. 13-15'
      p14, 'Face token, front.'

      Well done rule book. I see how you were squeezed for space, and had to keep it dry and concise.
      I wish I didn't read it, really. The craving to play the game has intensified.

      For all the rules related to using the bonus of the prime position, I think in my case, I will always place a token under the meeple on that spot, if the player did not use the bonus on that same turn. Just to remind everyone that the bonus was not taken.

      Thank you for all your hard work.

    7. Steven Crane

      Good to be kept up to date, and very pleased to see a back and forth of suggestions and discussion over the development of the game

      Keep up the good work

    8. Greg Phillips

      If there are alternative designs could we do a BGG poll to choose the fave options please if possible...?

    9. Shawn

      As always thanks for keeping us in the loop. You guys and gals are awesome.