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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #30 - New rulebook version, your questions answered, and a special gift

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

Hey there backers,

Sunday is here so you know what that means; it's time for an update! With manufacturing coming down fast on us, we're expecting the start of the QA process shortly.

Next Rulebook Draft

The new version of the rulebook is now available for download from within the Kick'd pledge manager. We've gone through and enacted a lot of the errors you have found in the last two drafts and anything not implemented should be answered below.

We have implemented some Frequently Asked Questions already but, if you have any more quirky situations you need to be clarified, feel free to add them to the comments below and we'll see if they're worth throwing in.

Answers to your questions

If there is going to be a custom formed plastic insert, please make it accommodate sleeved cards, thanks! - chocolate eclair

Yes. There is going to be a plastic insert and yes, there will be room for sleeves. We love sleeving our games as well and would never create something that can't fit sleeved cards.

Page 13 - Lords of Winterforge
As part of the set-up, each player takes additional 2 meeples, but the component list on says that the game only has 6 Smith Meeples. Is the game coming with more meeples? - Stephan Bradley

Yes. We have purposely left off expansion and stretch-goal components from the component listing as including them would include substantial layout work for the rulebook after the campaign (if/when the game goes to retail without these components).

We will be releasing a supplemental components list available for digital download here and on the BoardGameGeek entry.

Rulebook in general - Components depiction It is weird that the dice depiction on the rulebook moves from realistic rendering on the component list to simplified icons on the forging description. - Stephan Bradley

We went with the current imagery as it matches the dice symbol found on the component cards and is much easier to read than the rendered 3D faces.

If pun is intended then that's fine. But if pun was not intended it should be: TEST YOUR METTLE - chocolate eclair

It's a pun... it stays ;)

The biggest outstanding issue is the fact that the rulebook, while it has the correct breakdown, still says we're only getting 40 Coin Tokens. - Cole Feeser

Regardless of what we make the final component count of the game, all backers will still get 50 metal coins per pack :) we promised that in the campaign and we will be delivering on that promise.

On page 3 it says that the game includes 25 Work Tokens but yet the campaign description says the game includes 30 Work Tokens. So which is it? 25 or 30? - Cole Feeser

As further testing occurred and the game changed over time, we found that the work tokens were not used as much as they originally were, meaning we wouldn't need so many.

The background stories to the Guilds have been removed. Is this a temporary thing or are they gone for good? They add flavour and it would be a shame for them to be gone. - chocolate eclair 

They're gone sorry. With the limited space (as rulebooks pages come in lots of 4) we were faced with the decision of increasing the rulebook size by another four pages, just putting in some of the Guild Flavour but not all of it, and not putting in any of it. We went with the zero option as only putting in 4 out of the 6 guilds at most was not acceptable to us. We're currently discussing what we can do to bring these lore elements back into the game but we can't guarantee that they will be in the final copy sorry. The primary goal for us is to get everything related to playing the game clear first, and bring in the story if we have space, so, in this particular case, we had to go with the gameplay explanation.

A Desktop Gift For You

We have released some special Desktop Background images for you to use on your computer. You will find these images in the Kick'd pledge manager. We have included not just the fantastic piece done by Grzegorz Pedrycz for the Limited Edition Backer Sleeve, but we have also included the original cover piece illustrated by Jamie Noble-Frier. Each desktop background comes in 2560x1440, 1920x1080, and 1600x900. 

That's all for today. The excitement is building here as we start to lock things down prior to manufacturing.

Catch you next week,

- Dylan, Aaron, and the Smiths of Winterforge team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      This iteration of the rules looks pretty complete in terms of typos. Unlike Cole Feeser, I've not looked in detail into whether the rules are coherent and make sense.

      With regards to the lore, would it be possible to reinstate them and fill in any blank space with artwork similar to what's being offered for download in this update? Heck, even one or two "This page is intentionally left blank" is probably better than no lore :)

    2. Cole Feeser on

      Thanks for the update but a couple of things I want to note. One, you said, "Yes. We have purposely left off expansion and stretch-goal components from the component listing as including them would include substantial layout work for the rulebook after the campaign (if/when the game goes to retail without these components)." So if my understanding is correct then, if this game ever gets to retail (which I hope it does) it will not include the expansion/variant content by default? If this is true that would also mean then it should have a rulebook that doesn't mention the rules for the expansions/variants. but you couldn't exactly take those pages out because there is only 3 of them and as you said, "(as rulebooks pages come in lots of 4)"

      Something just feels weird to me. You don't want to mention the additional Smith meeples or the player aids because they are expansion / stretch goal content and those might not make it to the retail version which is fine but at the same time you point out not to include the expansion only Crew Cards if you aren't playing the relevant expansions. What happens if these expansions aren't in the retail version?

      I think if I understand the base / core game will come to retail with the expansion stuff available separately. It just feels like what you are trying to say doesn't match what you trying to do. I think what you are trying to say is you want the core game to be clearly separated from the expansion / stretch goal content which means you should take the approach of having a rulebook just for the core game and then a separate smaller rulebook for said expansion/stretch goal content (Like Lords of Waterdeep does). What you are trying to DO though is have everything in one big rulebook. Unfortunately it feels like you are falling somewhere in between.

      Anyways I do wish we could physically get the flavour text for the 6 guilds added into the rulebook especially since without them page 6 of the current rulebook then feels empty. I'd be totally fine with you fluffing the lore out to 4 full pages and tacking them onto the end of the rulebook. That or remove the 3 pages of expansion stuff and replace them with the lore (2 guilds per page) and then put all the expansion stuff in a separate, smaller rulebook.

      Personally I'd prefer an all inclusive rulebook but I understand for retail distribution purposes why you'd have them separate.

      Also, understand I'm not trying to speak for all the backers nor am I trying to seem mad or upset. I'm just trying to provide my input. With that being said even though I'd love to have the lore physically available, having a clear set of rules that add up to a playable game is much more important.

      Anyways, I hope we can get the lore somehow, but either way I love the work you've done so far, keep it up and I can't wait for more details in future updates!

    3. Jason Anarchy

      Hey guys, I'm a designer and I run Kickstarters myself... just want to say you're doing a great job running this campaign. These updates are always fun to read and I never feel like my inbox is getting spammed. Thanks for the Desktop background too!

    4. Roby Knapen

      +1 for adding a digital form of lore if there is no budget for a physical thing.

    5. Missing avatar


      Regarding guilds background, if a physical solution is not feasible, what about a digital one? I usually like lore for my games, it helps immersion