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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #28 - New rulebook draft is now available

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

Hi there backers,

It's a nice and short one this week for our weekly update so let's get to it.

New Rulebook Draft Available

We collated your feedback last week, as well as take several more passes at it both ourselves and with the editor, to produce a new draft of the rulebook.

Just like last week, you can access the rulebook, log in to the Kick'd portal at and access the My Rewards area. Feel free to post any questions or feedback in the comments here on Kickstarter.


Updating Your Address

We have been getting a lot of requests for address updates but please know that shooting us a message does not guarantee that your address will be up to date when it comes to fulfillment time. To make sure your address is kept up to date, log in to the pledge manager at and update your details there.

Some BoardGameGeek Love


This week it came to our attention that a user by the name of Seamus1 has got their hands on some minis in preparation for the arrival of their copy. We have to say, we love the paint job :) Check them out here on BoardGameGeek.

That's all for this week folks. We'll catch you again next week.

-Dylan, Aaron and the Smiths of Winterforge Team

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    1. Trevor Soule on

      This line in the rulebook regarding the scoring limit of the bank loans should probably change:

      "Each Loan that is paid off as part of the Bank Precinct action is worth +1 RP at the end of the game."

      It should probably read: "Loans that are paid off as part of the Bank Precinct action are worth +1 RP at the end of the game (max 2)."

      This is to clarify early in that rules that not "each" loan is worth an RP, only 2 of them are worth RP.

    2. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      If there is going to be a custom formed plastic insert, please make it accommodate sleeved cards, thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      Thanks for the confirmation on the 50 metal coins - I added a few extra packs of those :)

      Whether you decide to go with 40 or 50 cardboard coins, please make sure the rulebook is consistent with the component count.

    4. Cole Feeser on

      @Table Tyrant Games: Thank you for that response. My assumption was that we would still get the 50 metal coins but without an official word I wasn't sure but now I can be!

    5. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      Hey @cole. Just a quick comment to answer your question regarding metal coins. Regardless of what we make the final component count of the game, all backers will still get 50 metal coins per pack :) we promised that in the campaign and we will be delivering on that promise.

    6. Cole Feeser on

      @Table Tyrant Games: Thanks for the updated rulebook. I am glad most of the things we backers have pointed out were corrected. However as already noted some new issues were discovered or previously noted issues are still outstanding.

      The biggest outstanding issue is the fact that the rulebook, while it has the correct breakdown, still says we're only getting 40 Coin Tokens. This greatly concerns me. It would be one thing if all we, as backers, were getting was cardboard coin tokens (and nothing else) and you reduced that count. However that isn't just what we are getting. We are also getting Metal coin tokens. In fact we could even order additional metal coin token packs.

      The fact that even after mentioning it once you still decided to stick with the number 40 makes me wonder what is going on here. It is fine if you reduce the number of cardboard coin tokens to 40 but will we still get 50 metal coin tokens? This really matters. I mean what about everyone who pledged for add-on metal coin packs (like I did)? I mean you have to realize that some people (me included) may have added on additional coin packs because the number of proposed metal coin tokens (50) would work perfectly for certain games and situations but if you reduce that count to 40 then they may not work as we intended.

      The two comments below mine already mentioned most of what else needs mentioning so I won't echo what they've said. I do want to point out one other thing as a reminder from my comments on the prior update. The player aids are still not listed in the components for the game.

      That's all for now and at the very least I couldn't find a single spelling error which is at least a step in the right direction!

      I look forward to the updates that follow which should hopefully include a look at the provided insert, the metal coins and the bag they come in and hopefully a PnP of all the cards so we can double check those for clarity and mistakes. :)

    7. Stephan Bradley on

      I have a few questions and some non-grammatical feedback. They are a mix of rulebook and component feedback, if is not too late for that.

      Page 9/11 and Board - Crew keeping
      The symbol on the board on the Tavern Precinct in between "Tavern District" and Hire Crew and Prime Position iconography is not explained on the rulebook, what can create some confusion. I assume it is a reference to the pay 1 Coin to keep crew after successfully forging. If that is the case, I think 2 things would help it:
      - Use the icon on the rulebook (either when describing forging on page 9 or 11 and on the back cover) or removing it from the board.
      - If kept on the board, I think it should be moved to below the hiring iconography as opposed to above of it. The reason is that it reads the same way as the free action on the Market District because it has the same characteristics (smaller icon, below the district name and above the district action icon).

      Page 9 and Royal Contracts - Royal Contract additional rules
      The forging processes have 2 really easy to forget rules dealing with Royal Contracts: +3 RP if first to do them and not paying Crew.
      For one, it would help if they were mentioned on the back cover Quick Reference. Would be helpful too if, on the Royal Cards, that was some "1st +3 RP" iconography. If there is a reminder of paying 1 Coin per crew after successfully forging on the board, maybe that same reminder can be expanded to includes something about not paying with Royal Contracts.

      Page 9/14 - Forging with The Auction House
      The description of the forging process on page nine can be simplified. I think, on page 9, it is unnecessary to explain about hold or turn in a contract. It more rules to remember, that you might not even use at all. Just the explanation on page 14 should suffice.
      What happens to contracts that were held but no auctioned in the endgame scoring? An explanation about on page 14 it is necessary. Someone could assume that you still get the RP but lost out on the money from the contract, or they could assume that you lost the contract entirely.

      Page 14 - The Shrine of Thommag
      What happens in the case of ties for the most or second most Faith value? An explanation about on page 14 it is necessary.

      Page 13 - Lords of Winterforg
      As part of the set-up, each player takes additional 2 meeples, but the component list on says that the game only has 6 Smith Meeples. Is the game coming with more meeples? If that is the case, those extra meeples should probably be mentioned in a component list, like The Alleyways have their respective component list.
      The Prime Position Restrictions portion could use some more clarification or rewording. I'm a little bit unsure what is its purpose. It is saying that if I can take the Prime Position of the district with my first meeple, I might resolve the prime location when placing another meeple instead? Or it its saying that when I'm placing my first meeple, I possibly will not take a Prime Position, either by choice or because it is occupied? On the later case, I can always choose not to take the Prime Location if it is available?

      Rulebook in general - Components depiction
      It is weird that the dice depiction on the rulebook moves from realistic rendering on the component list to simplified icons on the forging description. For the sake of consistency, I think the dice on page 9 and on the Quick Reference should be realistic rendering as well, with the proper number sides up.
      On my screen, all the projected shades from components depiction seems a little bit too strong. Their opacity also looks inconsistent throughout the rulebook. On page 15, the expansion boards do not have projected shades.

      And a quick question... is the game coming with transparent dice?

      Other than that and small grammatical, the rulebook is looking good. The overall art and design it is amazing.

    8. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      Here are the outstanding issues:

      Page 14:

      a) On the Auction House Location Tile:

      Die result for 4-7: SELL CONTACT NORMALLY


      Page 15:

      a) The Body Guard Crew card

      Should be: Bodyguard

      Page 16:

      a) Take Contracts: Take up to 2 contracts from the job board (max. 3 contracts).

      For consistency, should add: Replenish at the end of Action.

      Additional points:

      Page 1:

      a) Six legendary Guilds compete for the favour of the royal family,

      Would be better if Royal Family was capitalised.

      Page 13:


      If pun is intended then that's fine. But if pun was not intended it should be: TEST YOUR METTLE

      Also this was pointed out by Cole Fesser in previous update and it's still not corrected:

      Page 11:

      a) Receive 1 extra Coin when Take a Loan OR pay 2 less Coin when you Repay a Loan.

      Should be: Receive 1 extra Coin when you Take a Loan OR pay 2 less Coin when you Repay a Loan.

      The background stories to the Guilds have been removed. Is this a temporary thing or are they gone for good? They add flavour and it would be a shame for them to be gone.

      Have the cards been checked and double checked?