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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #27 - Rulebook is now available

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

Howdy backers,

It's another week down so it's time to get to the weekly update, and there is only one thing on our mind.

The Rulebook is now available

It's here! After initial testing, it's become clear that the major issues we had with the last version of the rulebook have cleared up and this new edition is in a state to show you. We're still tweaking a few things about the book in the coming weeks before we go to manufacturing but now you can take a look for yourself.

To access the rulebook, log in to the Kick'd portal at and access the My Rewards area.


There are a few more things we're finalising with the design, such as the meeples (as seen on the components page) so the components listed in the rulebook are not final. 

If you find any errors, or want to give some feedback on the rulebook, throw them in the comments here and we'll get to them when we can :)

We do have plans to get the rulebook uploaded to BGG in the coming fortnight.

That's all for this week. As always, thanks for backing us.

- Dylan, Aaron and the Smiths of Winterforge team.

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    1. Jason Kotzur-Yang

      Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm the designer on the rulebook. I just wanted to note that our team on this is a little dispersed across timezones and work cycles, and a fair amount of the points were already identified by our editor, I just didn't get a chance to integrate them before the update.

      @Cole Freeser we've discussed your component concerns, and are reviewing our existing specs to make sure game is fully functional for 6 players. We're still doing some final testing, with the rules, for Alleyways and variants, so those elements are just undergoing their final stress test to pick up any niggles.

    2. Cole Feeser on

      @Table Tyrant Games I appreciate that you are taking our corrections and such seriously but I must ask you about three specific issues I noted. One, How are the dealing out of Royal Contracts handled in a 6 player game since per the normal rules (Deal 2, pick one) there isn't enough? Two, where are the additionally required face-up contracts to be dealt in a 5 or 6 player game since the board itself doesn't offer enough spaces for this? Three, why weren't "bios" or backgrounds for the other factions/guilds not also in the rulebook?

      These three things aren't things that require minor editing to the rulebook. In fact one of these may require some significant effort to correct (not enough spaces on the board for Contracts).

      Before I go any further let me just make it clear that up until the rulebook was posted I was moderately to beyond moderately excited for this game and all that comes with it. After seeing the rulebook, despite the noted errors, I am now VERY excited. the rulebook is off to a very fantastic to start.

      My intention is to see this game be the best it can be so just know that I'm not trying to be mean or negative towards the game (not that you were thinking I was but just in case) when I ask specifically about the three issues above.

      So with that all in mind I can't wait for the next rulebook update and I also can't wait until we get some fresh images of those metal coins!

    3. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. We've passed it all on to the rulebook peeps :) -Dylan

    4. Cole Feeser on

      Found a few more errors:

      1. On page 3 the math for the Coin Tokens doesn't add up. 13 Ones + 13 Threes + 5 Fives does NOT equal 40 Coin Tokens neither of which equals the 50 Coin Tokens (Metal Coin Tokens for us KS backers) listed in the campaign description. I think the numbers should be 20 Ones + 20 Threes + 10 Fives.

      2. On page 3 it says that the game includes 25 Work Tokens but yet the campaign description says the game includes 30 Work Tokens. So which is it? 25 or 30?

      3. On page 3 it says that the game includes 10 Royal Contracts which is fine. On page 5 under Setup on step 4 it says "Shuffle and deal 2 Royal Contracts to each Player. Each Player secretly chooses 1 Royal Contract to keep and places the remaining Contract back into the game box." which is also fine. The problem is that on page 13 the rules for Lords of Winterforge (the 6 player variant) makes zero mention of how Royal Contracts are handed out which is a problem because with 6 players you can't deal 2 Royal Contracts to each player

      4. Going back to the aforementioned Coin Tokens. Assuming 50 Coin Tokens is the correct amount would even THAT amount be enough for a 6 player game. I mean technically, yes, it would be because 20 Ones is enough that each of the 6 players could start with 3 but would there be enough leftover that as the game progress you aren't constantly having to exchange Ones for Threes? You might argue that since the 6 player game is a variant it isn't that big of deal but then what about the 5 player game which is official and not a variant. Is there enough available Coin Tokens for a 5 player game?

      5. I think I found a very SERIOUS issue with this one. On page 5 under Setup for step 7 it says, "Randomly draw a number of face-up Contracts from the Contract deck equal to the number of Players, plus one, the game board to create the job track at the top of the game board." What do I do in a 5 or 6 player game when I need to draw 6 or 7 Contracts face-up because as far as I can see the board only has FIVE, yes 5, available spaces for face-up contracts. This seems like a serious oversight, no?

      6. On page 8 under the Prime Position section it says, "There is additional Prime Position when playing with 5 or more players." when it probably should say "There is an additional
      Prime Position when playing with 5 or more players."

      7. On page 8 under the Precinct Action paragraph under the Prime Position section it says, "If you occupy the Prime Position in a Precinct, you may use the bonus for that Precinct. You may only use the bonus once, but do not need to use it on your first action in that Precinct. In order to gain this bonus again, you must leave and then return to the Prime Position." Question is can you use this bonus once per turn or once per "visit" to a given precinct? I mean it makes sense if on your turn you move to a given district, claim the Prime Position and then want to take two precinct actions at that district that you should only get the bonus once. It also makes sense that if you start your turn on the Prime Position of a district and take two precinct actions in a row that you only get the bonus once. What if, though, I start on the Prime Position of a district, do a precinct action, use a move action to "move" right back on to the same Prime Position in the same district and do another precinct action do I then get the bonus again?

      8. On page 8, for the sake of consistency, under the description for TAVERN the word "tavern" in the first sentence should be capitalized.

      9. On page 9, again for consistency's sake, in the description under the picture of the Forge District, the word "forge" in the last sentence should probably be capitalized.

      10. If I complete a Contract I can immediately Turn In said contract and gain the Coin listed on the contract and then at the end of the game gain the RP listed. I could also Hold said contract. If I choose to Hold a contract how do I indicate this? Also, what happens to Held contracts if they are not sold at the Auction House before the game ends?

      11. On page 10 under the Purchase Components section it says, "To purchase a Component, pay the Coin value on the top left corner of the card to the Bank, then place the Component face-up in front of you, forming your stockpile." Instead of "top left" it should probably say "bottom left" because as far as I can see all the cards have the cost listed more in the bottom left corner than the top left.

      12. On page 2 it says, "Rulebook Editing by Darren. T Atherton" when it should probably say "Rulebook Editing by Darren T. Atherton" (Period in the wrong place?).

      13. I've not playtested the game so I don't know how likely this could happen BUT is 13 Loan cards really enough especially in a 5 or 6 player game for example? I mean in a 6 player game everyone can only have an average of two loans. The minute a second person wants a third loan they would be out of luck? I'm not saying you're likely to run out of loan cards often but what happens when you do?

      That's all I have for this go around but I've NOTED some more serious issues this time around. From my two readings of the rulebook it definitely feels like this game would play best with 2 to 4 players but the box does clearly suggest that you can play up to 5 so it is a little concerning when the game says it supports 5 players but per the setup rules the board does not.

    5. Adrian Slade on

      I noticed that there isn't a picture of how the expansion boards are supposed to be placed next to the main board. I personally still can't imagine it nicely in my mind & think that it might be helpful. But it may also be obvious when they are in hand.

    6. Cole Feeser on

      Ok, I spent the afternoon pouring over the rulebook and I got some things to say.

      First and foremost, I LOVE, love, love all the work that has been done so far. With that in mind though there are several mistakes that I've noticed.

      1. Page 5, under step 7 of setup it says, "Randomly draw a number of face-up Contracts from
      the Contract deck equal to the number of Players, plus one, the game board to create the job track at the top of the game board. Example: If there are 3 Players, then lay out 4 Contracts in the job track." - After the "plus one, the game board..." it should probably say "plus one, on the game board..." Also your example of 3 players = 4 contracts on the track while a correct, valid example does NOT match the setup diagram you provide which is 4 players and 5 contracts.

      2. Page 6 under the description for the Gilmead Jewellers it says, "His desire to defend Winterforgewasn’t out of pride," - There should be a space between "Winterforge" and "wasn't"

      3. Page 9 under the whole section about forging contracts under the section 5 of the Success section it says, "If you Hold your completed Contract, it can be later be sold while by your Smith in the Auction House." - This sentence obviously needs reworked.

      4. Since everyone STARTS in the Guildhall would the start/first player have claim over the prime position of the Guildhall for their first turn or would they or any other player have to first leave and then return to the Guildhall in order to lay claim to the prime position?

      5. Page 11 under the Pay Loans section for the Bank District although not specified I assume that if the Coin placed on the Loan is equal to the higher value on the card then that Coin is returned to the central pile?

      6. Page 11 under the Prime Position section of the Bank District it says, "Receive 1 extra Coin when Take a Loan OR pay 2 less Coin when you Repay a Loan." - It should say, "Receive 1 extra Coin when you Take a Loan..." The word, "you" was missing.

      7. Page 11 under the Hire Crew section of the Tavern District, in the first sentence the word "action" is misspelled as "waction"

      8. Is it "Battleforgers" or "Battle Forgers"? I ask because on the player board it says "Battle Forgers" as in you can clearly see a space but on page 12 under the written description for them it says "Battleforgers" in the text. I don't care which answer is the right one it just should be consistent across the game.

      9. On Page 15 it should say "THE THIEVES' GUILD" at the top instead of "THE SHRINE OF THOMMAG" again.

      10. On Page 15 it should say "THE RUNESMITH" at the top instead of "THE AUCTION HOUSE" again.

      11. On the back page (page 16?) under the Alleyways Actions section under the "Shrine of Thommag" and the "Thieves' Guild" sections the usage of the word "coin" is capitalized as "Coin" like it is in every other instance in the rulebook.

      12. Not that I have any idea where you'd fit them in but where all the descriptions for "Forgehammer Clan," "Gilded Oak," and "Ironbrow Master Arms"

      13. Unless you tell me they're now actually a KS exclusive shouldn't the player aids be listed on page 3 under Core Game Components?

      14. Page 7 under the "Royal Contract" section under the "Contract types" section there is a space between the "F" and the "o" in the word "Forge"

      15. page 12 inside the big box for "Final Scoring" you misspelled "repaid" as "repayed" in the statement "Each Loan you have Repayed to the Bank"

      16. Page 13 under the Solo Variant section you misspelled the heading "Additional Set up" as Addtional Set up." You forgot an "I"

      That is all I've spotted for now. If I find more I will be certain to share!

    7. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair

      Quite a few errors. Here are the ones I've managed to find:

      Page 2:

      a) And Specials Thanks to

      Should be: And Special Thanks to

      Page 6:

      a) His desire to defend Winterforgewasn’t out of pride,

      Should have a space: Winterforge wasn't

      Page 7:
      a) Royal Contracts have 2 types. When forging, both Skill types are added to your F orge result.

      Forge should not have a space in it!

      b) You can only ever have 2 crew working for you Guild.

      Should be: your Guild.

      Page 8:

      a) If you Hold your completed Contract, it can be later be sold while by your Smith in the Auction House.

      Should be: If you Hold your completed Contract, it can be sold later by your Smith while in the Auction House.

      Page 11:

      a) As an waction, you may hire 1 of the face-up
      Crew cards for your Guild.

      Should be: As an action,

      b) You can fire Crew, and return them to the bottom of the Crew deck, as part of your Hire Crew action..

      Too many commas, and one too many period and the end of sentence.

      c) The Red Cloaks have found themselves in the favour of the royal court

      For consistency should be: Royal Court
      NB there may be other occurrences that need capitalising

      Page 12:

      a) Each Loan you have Repayed to the Bank

      Should be: repaid

      b) The heading for Battle Forgers is 2 words, but in the description Battleforgers is used. Need consistency.

      Page 13:

      a) seeing if you are worthy to receive the Royal Centenary Contract.

      Sounds better: seeing if you are worthy of receiving the Royal Centenary Contract.

      b) Addtional Set up

      Should be: Additional Set up

      Page 14:

      a) On the Auction House Location Tile:

      Die result for 4-7: SELL CONTACT NORMALLY


      Page 15:

      a) The Body Guard Crew card

      Should be: Bodyguard

      b) The Runesmith Location has an incorrect heading of The Auction House

      Page 16:

      a) Take Contracts: Take up to 2 contracts from
      the job board (max. 3 contracts).

      For consistency, should add: Replenish at the end of Action.

      b) pay 1 coin for each crew member you which to keep.

      Should be: wish to keep.