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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Campaign Update #7 - 6 Player Variant unlocked!

Posted by Table Tyrant Games (Creator)

The next stretch goal has been knocked out of the park and you have got this campaign on to a rolling start into the final week. So, let's get down to business.

Stretch Goals

We hit $46k last night and opened up the 6-Player Variant. Every copy of Smiths of Witnerforge will now come with 2 extra meeples per guild and a rule sheet on how to play the game with 6-players.

To play, instead of moving a single player around the city, players will take turns placing one meeple each into the various precincts and performing a precinct action. This reduces the downtime between plays, allowing the game to run smoother with a higher player count.

Only one of your meeples will be able to claim the first player space on a precinct though so will you claim a spot for your own advantage? or block someone from making the best play possible? The choice is yours.

Next in line for unlocking is the Auction House an alleyway precinct where you can roll the dice on your monetary reward for a contract.

A new stretch goal is revealed

Now that you've unlocked the 6-Player variant, you can start working towards the other end of the spectrum, the 1-Player variant. Once the project reaches $52k, each copy will come with everything you need to play the game solo.

Introducing: The Battleforgers

Some call the Battleforgers “the hardest dwarves to grace the land”, others just think they’re crazy, either way, the Battleforgers are there to get the job done.  

As the name suggests, the Battleforgers are the guild of blacksmiths that you would find on a battlefield. They keep the weapons sharp, the shields strong and make sure no metal goes to waste, keeping the armies they work for well prepared for any battle. Many of the Battleforgers are former soldiers who are either past their fighting prime or have suffered an injury that prevents them from fighting effectively anymore.  

This group of hardened veterans and scarred warriors is led by Selah Stonemaul, a Dwarf from the summer canyons in the south, who left her life in the capital cities to fight and forge for her brethren of Winterforge in the north. Not too many know of Selah’s past, and those that do would rather cut out their own tongue than tell anyone else, as Selah commands the utmost respect of her guild brothers and sisters.  

While their methods are crude, the Battleforgers make some of the strongest weapons in Winterforge and can be counted on when needed most. There’s a new saying around Winterforge… “Never underestimate a Battleforger.”

That's all for today folks. As always, thanks so much for backing Smiths of Winterforge. Without your help, it would not have been possible.

- Dylan, Aaron and the Smiths of Winterforge team

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    1. Jess Turner

      Woot, solo mode!! Looking forward to unlocking that. :)

    2. Gareth Tan Wen-Liang on

      @table tyrant games; could the worker placement mechanic be used instead of action optimisation if for 2 to 5?

      The initial description implies that it could be possible which leads to interesting alternative options for playing the game.

      Flavour wise both approaches would thematically fit, but I wonder if the worker placement mechnic will see any new options in game similar to "adding more workers"? I suppose if you have recruitable crew that can increase actions in the base game, that can translate to having extra workers in the worker placement version? Otherwise it would be a bit of a waste not leveraging on the typical potential options in worker placement.

    3. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      @Gareth Tan Wen-Liang: only for the 6-player variant though :)

    4. Gareth Tan Wen-Liang on

      Interesting. .. so from action optimisation to worker placement?

      Could I ask why the decision to use worker placement mechanics for 6 people rather then vontinue with established rules set and just add more components?