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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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    1. Alan Nanes
      just now

      Miniature Market has them available for sale as well.

    2. Chris Perz
      about 2 hours ago

      So, when is US fulfillment to backers supposed to start then?

    3. Allen Chang Collaborator about 14 hours ago

      @Jason Lheureux, @Rob Gootz: Thanks for letting me know. I've contacted GTS and asked for clarification. I was told there was a breakdown in communication between their warehouses but have asked for deliveries to cease delivery immediately until backers receive their copies.

      I don't have the full picture yet, but from what I can piece together, GTS had dated the retail release of the game around this time in preparation of the fulfilment a couple of weeks ago. However, the slower than expected rail transit time (mentioned in our update two weeks ago) pushed the fulfilment date to this week. It may be that the retail release date wasn't also updated accordingly, but that's only my guess. Retailers getting copies ahead of time is entirely unintentional, and I'm super bummed that it happened.

      @Daryl Tan: Yes, SE Asia fulfilment had begun last week, and all of the orders (except a small handful of special cases) have gone out. Unlike other regions, no dispatch confirmation email is sent, as we don't have a process in place with ExChain for this. However, if you haven't received your copy by this time next week, please do contact us. We'll be monitoring the orders on our end as well.

    4. Rob Stewart about 16 hours ago

      I stand corrected. My confirmation was for another game.

    5. Rob Gootz about 18 hours ago

      My LGS just got 6 copies in, and I haven't even gotten an email with shipping details :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Daryl Tan 1 day ago

      Has the south east Asia fulfilment started?

    7. Rob Stewart 1 day ago

      I just got the notification that I will be getting my copy tomorrow here in Washington.

    8. Jason Lheureux 1 day ago

      There are a half a dozen copies of the game on the new arrivals shelf of my local store. I’m hesitant to throw them under the bus cause they provide me all the game space and root beer I can take. But I promise you it’s there!

    9. TheHonestYeti
      1 day ago

      Then I read Jason's comment and I agree that would be very perplexing. Even if for some reason they slipped out a few to their retail vendors in error, if the street date is 7/20 and they are selling it early that can get them into quite some trouble with GTS. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it Allen, and keep us posted.

    10. TheHonestYeti
      1 day ago

      Thank you for the response and no worries Allen, even if that does happen as long as the KS stuff goes out at the same time it is all good. Sure we've had to wait longer than most, but these things happen and I know it's something you have very little control of. It seems like no matter how well you plan, issues arise once the games leave on the boat.

      The wait has been long, but i'll just find a older game in my collection to play :) Then there is also looking at the next Hand of Fate update too!

    11. Allen Chang Collaborator 1 day ago

      @TheHonestYeti: Thanks for letting me know. I’ll email GTS and check if the games have been dispatched. Scott is our main point of contact but he’s currently on holidays and I’m corresponding with a different staff there.

    12. Allen Chang Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Jason: Our distributor is not cleared to sell the game to retailers until they have dispatched backer rewards. I find this perplexing. Can you please tell me which retailer so I can chase this up?

    13. Jason Lheureux 1 day ago

      Half a dozen copies in my FLGS in Michigan. My copy would be sweet!!!

    14. TheHonestYeti
      2 days ago

      @chris - they were last told by GTS that it would be mid to end of this week. I have all the main shipping companies apps on my phone (fedex, ups, and USPS) and keep checking to see if any packages are coming my way...but none yet.

    15. Robert Taylor 2 days ago

      Played it twice.
      Solid gameway/family weight game.
      My 10 year old son loves it.

    16. Chris Perz
      2 days ago

      Any word on if US fulfillment has started yet?

    17. TheHonestYeti
      6 days ago

      @Allen - Is GTS shipping out fulfillment the same time they are shipping out to retailers? I see that GTS is listing the release date as 7/20, which is in line with what they told you would be about when it's shipping out to US backers.

      @Felix - I can see why you were asking, and I think in this case you might have preferred from the EU, as you might have already got it :)

    18. Felix Chu

      @thehonestyeti yeah thats what i am assuming as well. But i have had a couple of ks that actually shipped from EU instead of US (even though they had an US fulfillment center). Thats why i am asking.

    19. TheHonestYeti

      @Felix Chu - If I am following the campaign page correctly, down at the bottom you'll find a shipping chart/graphic, Canada is in Zone 1. So, I believe that is part of the USA shipment.

    20. Felix Chu

      Sorry.. i cant remember where is canada being fulfilled from? Us or as rest of the world?

    21. TheHonestYeti

      @Allen - Definitely not ideal but thank you for the update. It is frustrating to know that others have been able to play the game for over a month by the time we get our copies. Nothing to do but wait though, but appreciate to open communication.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Zecman

      Nooooo. The wait is killing me. I am so excited to get this game to the table.

    23. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      @US backers: As promised, I'm here to update everyone on the dispatch dates. GTS has gotten back to me. The good news is, we now have a confirmed dispatch date. The bad news is, it's early to mid next week. It's a little disappointing that backers will have to wait a little bit longer, but we're glad to have some solid dates.

    24. Echotun

      Arrived in Norway Thursday 05/07. Looks awesome :)

    25. Cole Feeser on

      Ok, I let my anticipation for this game cloud my judgement. My copy is not on its way but I do hope it is dispatched soon!

    26. Cole Feeser on

      I can't be 100% sure but it is possible I JUST got a shipping notification for my copy of the game. If someone could confirm the shipping weight of the game then I may be able to more confirm it is the game that shipped. I'm in PA, USA by the way!

    27. MacenKrace

      @EVERYBODY: take out the coins and turn your coin bag on the other side, your first player token is there

    28. Table Tyrant Games 3-time creator on

      As we have said in previous updates, if you are missing any pieces, please contact to organise a replacement.

    29. Thorsten M. on

      Hey, got my copy while I was on a business trip. Opened it just now and everything looks fine. But even after double-checking everything, no wooden first player marker in my copy...

    30. Kin Poon on

      Not sure about others but I seem to be lucky. Got one extra orange die and one extra bronze coin.

    31. TheHonestYeti

      @Michelle - If you haven't already checked it out, look at the most recent Update (7/1). GTS has the games, but are backlogged. Allen said he will update us here, in the comments, when they get a dispatch (i'm assuming starting to ship) date. So, keep your eyes open. I'm still banking on 2 or 3rd week in July they start to arrive for us here in the US.

    32. MacenKrace

      @Table Tyrant: Just got my game, no doubt one of the best games I own.

      Btw is linnen supposed to be metal components? To me it just doesn't make sense from a technical point of view.

    33. Elizabeth Potter on

      I played this with a friend yesterday and we loved it so we played it again. We found the Prime Position rules a bit fiddly so we didn’t allow Prime Position on the second play, which I think is fairer in a 2-player game anyway. We are going to explore the Alleyways next weekend.

    34. Michelle English

      Has Anyone gotten their game in the US yet???

    35. GutrotUK

      @Stefan you could try

    36. Stefan Sørensen on

      I didnt mean misprint, but 2 cards are damaged☹️

    37. Stefan Sørensen on

      2 of my cards are misprinted, does anyone know where to write?

    38. Kylie Wells

      @Sander "Xyphearos" - unfortunately my wooden first player token doesn't seem to be in the metal coin bag either :(

    39. Missing avatar

      Egegi Ádám on

      Arrived in Hungary yesterday! ^^)

    40. Steven Crane

      I "might" have overdone it with the metal coin purchases.... on the other hand I do have 4 bags of them! :D

    41. GutrotUK

      Anyone else in the UK not yet received a dispatch note or game from Happyshops?

    42. TheHonestYeti

      @joshua - my guess is highly unlikely but I would love to be wrong.

    43. Steven Crane

      Got my copy today in the UK :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua Germenis on

      What is the possibility that the games will arrive before the eighth of July in the US? I know it’s a long shot but I’m really just wonder when they will arrive.

    45. Robert Taylor on

      I’ve asked a few questions on bgg.
      Could someone answer them please.

    46. Allen Chang Collaborator on

      @Simon Templar - The Saint: Glad you got your copy. I'd like to address the concern you and other backers have with regards to the misprints.

      So we are all on the same page, please refer to this diagram that outlines the issues mentioned in our previous update regarding this issue:…

      There are 3 identified misprints, all of which are not gameplay affecting. We are offering stickers for those that prefer this option. However, I would recommend backers play a game or two first before deciding if stickers are warranted.

      The retail version of the game has the same prints as the Kickstarter editions.

      With regards to more details of the stickers:

      1) each sticker piece is no larger than a thumbnail and will come in the size no larger than a standard business card.

      2) They will be handled and posted by us (in Australia) and it's something we'll do after fulfilment is complete.

    47. Simon Templar - The Saint


      I picked up the game yesterday and it was a pleasuer to unpack it. The only bad point is, that realized that I should stick stickers on the play board and on some cards. Is there a possibility to fix this otherwise? Can it not be reprinted and then sent to us?
      We wated since september 2017 on the game and then I should use sticker so in each retail version will be a correct play board and the correct cards. Really dissappointed.
      Hope the thing with the stickers is just a workarround till we get the new printed baod and cards...


    48. Sander "Xyphearos" on

      For everyone missing their wooden player token, Check the coinbag in the extra collectors edition box. That´s where mine fell out when I opened it after playing a game with the other coin bag I ordered :)

    49. Thorlight

      Game recived and my 8 pack of extra coins so much gold mwuhaha ;-)

    50. Jaap Nijhof on

      Got my game in The Netherlands.

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