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A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
A competitive strategy game of Dwarven blacksmithing for 2 to 5 player, set in the fiery heart of the mighty Winterforge mountain.
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Smiths of Winterforge

AU$ 87,787


Smiths of Winterforge is a board game for 2 to 5 players set in the heart of Winterforge (SOLO AND 6-PLAYER VARIANTS UNLOCKED). The six legendary guilds of Winterforge compete once more for the favour of the royal family. Hire your crew, hone your skills, and forge epic items to become the most renowned blacksmith in all of Winterforge!


Each turn, players travel throughout the great city of Winterforge. You have limited actions available; do you hire a crew and expand your capabilities, shop for exquisite raw materials, or try your hand at forging legendary items? The choice is yours.


Forging the best armour, weapons, and trinkets is the only way to win favour with the royal family. Plan your path to the forge carefully by patiently collecting only the highest quality materials, vastly improving your chances of success, or take a risk and rush in early in an attempt to outpace your rivals. The decision is up to you.


You don't have to do things alone. Boost your capabilities by hiring the right crew from the tavern, giving you unique skills and abilities. Tailor your guild to suit your playstyle and improve your chances of successfully crafting your Royal contract.


Out-wit, outpace and out-skill your rivals to earn the Royal Centenary Contract and become the most renowned blacksmith of Winterforge!

The Anvil pledge reward tier comes with a copy of Smiths of Winterforge:

From the beautifully illustrated game box to the epic quad-fold board, dice, wooden bits, punchboard tokens, and over a hundred cards, the Smiths of Winterforge box is packed full of awesome, high quality, components.

Every pledge also comes with 50 Kickstarter exclusive, limited edition custom designed metal coins. The Kickstarter exclusive reward will not be made available outside of the campaign, special events and conventions.

The Winterforge team got together to demonstrate a quick round of Smiths of Winterforge. Check out the video below (6 minutes):














*Final meeple design may change
*Final meeple design may change




*KS Exclusive Coin Bag comes with every copy of Smiths of Winterforge and Metal Coins Add-On Pack
*KS Exclusive Coin Bag comes with every copy of Smiths of Winterforge and Metal Coins Add-On Pack



All prices are in Australian Dollars
All prices are in Australian Dollars

Due to the size of this game, please contact us if you are from any for the following regions: South America, Russia, Ukraine, or if shipping for your country does not show up when you attempt to pledge.

EU-Friendly Shipping

As with all our campaigns, we offer EU friendly shipping to our EU based backers (including add-ons). The shipping is a bit more expensive, but you're guaranteed not to get charged any additional fees such as VAT or other customs charges. Rewards will take a little longer to arrive since we ship everything to a European fulfilment company first.

Custom Packaging

We want every reward to arrive in excellent condition. As such, every copy of Smiths of Winterforge will be pre-packed in a durable, custom, cardboard mailer box complete with corner protectors.

You've taken the time to support our campaign, and put your faith in us, so the least we can do is give your copy every chance of arriving unscathed.


Given that Smiths of Winterforge is a fairly large game—both in dimension and weight—there are going to be slightly different requirements, depending on your region, which can affect discounts we're able to offer. For anyone interested in group or retailer pledges, we'd ask that you please get in touch with us so we can work out pricing with you.



  • Dylan Shearer — Game Design
  • Aaron Sparke — Game Design
  • Jennah Grimsey — Game Design
  • Ian O'Toole — Board Art, Graphic Design & Art Direction
  • Jamie Noble-Frier — Character Art & Key Art
  • Allen Chang — Game & Campaign Development
  • Alistair Kearney — Production
  • David Scott — Public Relations
  • Julian Pennisi  Video Production


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Risks and challenges

Between Table Tyrant and Rule & Make, this is our seventh Kickstarter project, and we've learnt a lot from the first six. We have the knowledge and experience to see this project through, which we've demonstrated with our previous campaigns. There are always elements of risk to any project and we've identified the following areas that introduce the most risk and pose the biggest challenges for the project:


Kickstarter campaigns live and die by how well creators communicate with their supporters. We keep all our backers informed through weekly updates covering design, pre-production, mass production, right up to fulfilment and final delivery. We promise to keep you informed.


Drawing from our experiences in the print industry and our previous campaigns, we know how to produce a high-quality game. We've set up manufacturing supply chains with several component manufacturers and are confident we can produce a top-notch product.


Shipping can add significant delays and costs, and much of the process is largely out of our control. To mitigate this, and improve delivery reliability as much as possible, we will be using a combination of fulfilment services. Most rewards will fulfil directly from China, however, we may choose to use fulfilment centres in UK, AUS, and USA, where appropriate.


To help avoid over-reaching, we've pre-planned all the stretch goals. They have been carefully considered and budgeted. Once funded, we'll reveal what the stretch goals will be.


We are proud to offer a “no questions asked” refund policy to give every backer complete peace of mind when pledging. Should you request a refund within 14 days of this campaign ending, we will refund you the full amount, including fees. After that, it is minus Kickstarter and payment processing fees (since we cannot get these back). Once production numbers are confirmed, and fulfilment has begun, however, we are unable to provide refunds.

As this campaign is being run in Australian Dollars (AUD), all refunds will be provided in AUD only.

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