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From the makers of Allison Weiss' 1st Kickstarter project comes a new story about one girl, and one internet, coming together... AGAIN.
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Allison Weiss

563 backers pledged $30,795 to help bring this project to life.

Two Weeks Later.... Teenage Years or Teenage YEAR??

OH HEY THERE. Two weeks is so long, internet. I've missed you!! I've been busier than ever finishing out this year. I've got a tour coming up, I've been mailing out a ton of packages, and I've been rehearsing and recording the acoustic version of this new record!!! It's sounding so great! I'm stoked to show it to you!

Here's the thing. I've been thinking a lot about the Teenage Years EP. The original idea was to choose four songs and put them out together in the months following the album release. Turns out, you guys were super excited about way more than just four songs, which got me thinking. 

2012: The Teenage Year???

I propose that instead of taking a vote and only releasing four songs, I instead record TWELVE songs. Do you see what I'm getting at? That's one song a month, released on the last day of the month. Every month. For a whole year. Everyone who donated over $15 to this project will receive said song in their inbox for free. Everyone who missed out will have the opportunity to purchase each song as they become available.


Ultimately it's up to you, Internet. I promised I would make you an EP, but I think this new way could be better. Let's go over the pros and cons...

- You have to wait a full year to acquire all of the songs

- You get 12 songs instead of 4
- Nobody has to choose which are their favorites
- I get to work with different producers and musicians on each track, spending the right amount of time to make everything sound the way it should
- Something to be excited about every month!


Please comment and let me know your personal pros and cons!

See you soon!



p.s. if you were a Tell Everyone Award winner, look in your KS inbox within the hour for a message from me because I need your addresses


    1. Creator Adam Gallardo on December 30, 2011

      YES to 12 songs!

    2. Creator Rachel J on December 30, 2011

      Definitely worth the wait. The more AW, the better.

    3. Creator Jonathan Carpenter on December 30, 2011

      12 songs please! You should actually go in and make it 3 different EP's. MAE did something similar a few years ago.

    4. Creator Erik Kearney on December 30, 2011

      12 songs? One year? YES! I would love the Allison Weiss Song of the Month Club.

    5. Creator Alisha Kirby on December 30, 2011

      Worth the wait. I'm all for this idea :)