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From the makers of Allison Weiss' 1st Kickstarter project comes a new story about one girl, and one internet, coming together... AGAIN.
From the makers of Allison Weiss' 1st Kickstarter project comes a new story about one girl, and one internet, coming together... AGAIN.
563 backers pledged $30,795 to help bring this project to life.

SWYM Pajama Party TOMORROW!!

Oh hey!! Did you donate $40 or above to this Kickstarter project? Then you’ve got yourself a ticket to a live-streamed show this Thursday on the internet! I’ll be wearing pajamas, drinking wine, and playing my whole record for you on acoustic guitar. Then we can listen to it in the background while you ask me anything! We’ll laugh so hard and we’ll cry cry cry.

If you qualify, I’ll be sending you a password via email by Thursday afternoon! Save the date!




ONE WEEK UNTIL SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!!! Are you ready?! Let's get down to business!!

I know it's been a SUPER long time since we last talked, so I want to answer some of your questions! Let's do this in the form of a Q&A:

When does the new AW record come out?!
April 16th, 2013... aka ONE WEEK from today!

What is it called!!!
The new record is called Say What You Mean!

What does the cover look like?!
It looks like this!

Are you putting it out yourself?
Nope! I am now a proud member of No Sleep Records, who are releasing Say What You Mean on CD and beautiful colored vinyl! Reserve a vinyl copy here.

So when do I get my rewards for helping you?
If you were one of the 232 people who only selected the 'Physical CD' option, you'll be getting yours on shortly after April 16th via No Sleep Records. Everyone else, your packages will take a little longer.

… but I've been waiting for a year already! What gives?!
Patience my loves! I just returned home from tour and will be spending the next 2 weeks crafting your prize packs and shipping each one to you with my bare hands… alone! It's a lot of work, but I care about you, so I'm doing my best!

…but I don't want to wait any longer to hear the record!
Good news! On April 16th you'll get a digital copy sent right to your email from me, along with any other digital goodies that your reward level promises!

What about the Teenage Years?
Well, you should've been getting those all throughout 2012, but just in case you haven't, you'll be getting them on April 16th as well and you can hear them on Soundcloud right now.

What about that cover of Robyn's song "Call Your Girlfriend"?
This my friends, I am still working on. Expect it during the month of April! This is the month of Weiss. You'll be sick of me soon.

What about the acoustic version of Say What You Mean?
My beautiful and talented producer Chris Kuffner is currently mixing these babies. Remember what I said about The Month of Weiss? Weiss Month 2013? The April Weisstacular? Just keep checking your email, you'll have them soon.

My address changed… and I didn't remember to tell you until now…
It might not be too late. Send an email to and we'll try to get it sorted out!

Something else changed. I have to talk to you about it!
If you have any concerns at all about your rewards, email me at and I'll make sure you get what you need.

Wait, what about the live streamed online party we were supposed to have?
It's all happening the night of April 15th! We're gonna ring in the new album TOGETHER and I'll play you all of the songs on my acoustic guitar! Stay tuned for more info, but save the date for me!

What about the real-life listening party?! When is that happening!
On April 23rd, me and all my friends and all of you are meeting up at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to celebrate! There will be fun, friends, music, even more fun, and photos + party favors from Glamour Kills (while supplies last). Check out the flyer below and click here to RSVP on Facebook.

Are you so excited about your record finally coming out?
You have no idea.

Do you love me?
More than ever.


This is it. It's all happening. You haven't seen the last of me yet!



Dreams, Plans, and My Need For Your Approval

Hey there my loves! It's been a short while since we talked. I wanted to give you a little update on what's been going on with this project since we finished it up. 

First of all, the record is DONE. It took forever to get it just right, but I'm so so so happy with it and I know you will be too. Here's the sad truth though: there is still no release date set.

(not my eye)

I'm sorry I'm so sorry I hate it so much if these were the old days I'd just put it out right now myself, press up a thousand copies, tweet about it, and hope for the best... but it's the dawn of a new era my friends. After all, this project was about Taking It To The Next Level, right? Turns out the Next Level takes some Time

(that's me at the bottom)

Yesterday I met with a new lawyer (her name is Monika, she's a badass). A month ago I got a publicist on board (his name is Chris, he works for Big Hassle). I've got Successful Friends helping me navigate the sea that is the Music Industry beyond the DIY world (shoutout to Soupy of The Wonder Years, who's like unofficial captain of Team Weiss right now). I'm talking to directors about music videos. I'm almost done with my own album artwork. I'm trying to settle on a title. I'm doing so. many. things.

(google search for "doing so many things")

I'm also headed out on the road this month to play some shows with Lou Reed (yes, that Lou Reed), who's whisking me away to a dreamworld in Europe. Turns out plane tickets, hostels, and cars are hella expensive so I might have to do a little more fundraising. (Is this okay? I'm worried. I want you to like me. I want to do the right thing). Please leave a comment below and let me know if you think I'm the worst.

I'll be honest. This is all very overwhelming. I want more than anything to get this music out. I am trying to be patient and tough. Sometimes I want to curl up in a tiny ball and hide for a week. But I made a promise to you and to myself!!! This record is going to RULE!!! You're going to love it!!! Plus what's a few more months in the grand scheme of things?!! When I die an old lady, warm in my bed, I will be glad that I rode horses and lived a life of my own. I will be glad that waited a little longer to make sure I did things RIGHT.

I'll end this letter with a thank you, love you, miss you, need you. You are more patient than I could ever hope to be. I promise it'll all be worth it.

100% Forever right?



The Teenage Years: Track 3 & 4

Hey pals! It's been a long time since we last talked. In case you haven't been paying attention to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc... The Teenage Years are still going strong!!

Track 3: "Stay Right Now" // produced by Joanna Katcher (of Mitten)

Track 4: "Oh Yeah See" // produced by Chuck Brody

Download #4 FREE for the next week!

As of yesterday, my new record is finished being mixed. Which means now we go to mastering to finish this son of a bitch up. Then it's time to lay out album art and start work on baby's first PR campaign. It's gonna be a big summer. Stay tuned, more updates coming soon!



The Teenage Years - Track 2: "I Had To Do It"

Oh hey there. I'm currently cruising up the coast of California towards Los Angeles to start a West Coast tour with Rachael Cantu, and I realized I totally forgot to post the new Teenage Years track! Of course, if you follow me on Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook or my Mailing List, you already knew about it. For the rest of you, here it is!

Click here to listen and download!!! 

"I Had To Do It" was produced by the wonderful Dan Romer!! Percussion by Seth Faulk and me. Guitars by me and Dan Romer. Rhodes and other keys by Dan Romer. Engineered by Dan Romer. Mixed by Dan Romer. Mastered by Dan Romer!!

That's all for now! If you live on the west coast, come see me.

Expect an album update later this week!!!!!!