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The strongest, safest multi-use shackle you'll ever find.
269 backers pledged $18,016 to help bring this project to life.
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      Peter Aweeky on

      Just send us what we pledged for, nobody here plans to lift cars with your damn shackles .

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      Alexandre Chew on

      Can't someone in the us give a call to allied titanium ?

    3. Scott Elwell on

      Its one thing for the project not to work out, but its another to go into total silence and not keep us posted.

    4. K on

      * that would be 1/2"- been so long I forgot what I paid for. lol

    5. K on

      @Alexandre- we are probably the ones who try to use what little we have to spare in a judicious manner, picking out promising stuff which has potential, and hoping that it is all that it is hyped up to be- if and when we receive it.

      Some are the KS parrots who love quoting "KS is not a store, blah blah blah, shut up and wait", some can afford to lose the donations, while others are (unfortunately) used to projects being way late or not producing.

      I would have accepted my 3/4" shackle at lower ratings but no word back about that option = disappointed.

    6. Scott Elwell on

      How do I get my money back? This is crazy.

    7. Scott Elwell on

      Hellooooo…. anyone out there?

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Chew on

      Quite puzzling that out of 269 backers we are only a handful to seem concerned about the situation of this project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew L on

      What is the new shipping schedule?

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Chew on

      Can anyone in the USA give a call to Allied Titanium ? Call (302) 722-8200
      Just hoping things are not what they look like right now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Vittorio Zaniboni on

      all this is really extremely interesting, but what's going to happen now?
      The delay you're running your project is HUGE, and as a matter of respect for your backers, you should be clear and quick in setting the possible ways out.

      Otherwise at least be nice and tell us you're going to keep our money and send out no reward, and we'll know what to expect.


    12. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Chew on

      In customer management communication is paramount.
      Why the silence? Taking the time to inform us in timely manner is the least you can do. As said below, you have had our money for months. And You are more than 6 months behind schedule. I expected more than this :(

    13. K on

      As a courtesy to all of your backers you could at least reply to our inquiries in a timely manner.

      You got our money over six months ago so a little better communication would be good business practices.

      You ask us what we think then ignore us- why ask then?

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Chew on

      Thank you for the update, but I lack to see what your plan is now ??

      As stated by previous comments, there are several options that can be given to backers. You need to define them both in terms of product (existing shackles vs. new true grade 5 batch vs. forged), timeline and cost (partial refund, same cost, extra cost).

      I would accept the existing shackles without delai and at a discount (since they are not Grade 5). I would accept more delay for the forged version, grade 5, but not at an extra cost. On the other hand I would be unhappy with a new attempt of a grade 5 cast version, the wait has been long enough IMO.

      I'm glad you did give us an update but I wonder now where does that leaves us.

      Please be more precise regarding what our options are.
      Thanks and good luck

    15. Missing avatar

      Bryce Bell on

      Oops, guess I replied before the whole update was posted, but I agree with Michael. I think the decision for many would depend on your current state which hasn't really been explained. If you do already have a batch of shackles ready then it seems like the best option would just be offering each individual backer the choice of accepting these or waiting for forged versions.

    16. Missing avatar

      James A on

      It is very reassuring to have an update regardless of the content.

    17. K on

      I'm disappointed that after all the time consumed making the investments that you are now saying the Titanium batch was not correctly mixed- more so after the time spent polishing them before finding this out.

      It is unfortunate and regrettable, but as mentioned below- where does that leave the backers? I have pledged for the 1/2" so am less pleased about it than the smaller size results. For my purposes I could get by with the lower failure findings but I and others pledged for Grade 5 Titanium shackles. I would accept a discount on what you currently have available since it is not up to Grade 5 status so that you can recoup some of your losses, and would be agreeable to a possible discount on the remade Grade 5 shackles (for our understanding of your shortcomings in this attempt) if you plan on making more in the correct mixture of metals to achieve Grade 5 status.

      Bummer, but as long a we learn from our mistakes- a better person/product is what results from the challenges we face in life.

    18. Michael Lee

      I really wish posts could be edited. I didn't mean to imply that forged products would necessarily be more expensive, but the new design and manufacturing process *could* result in higher costs and longer delays.

    19. Michael Lee

      So a few thoughts:

      First, if the lower performance of the cast pieces were due to out-of-spec titanium, why not simply create a new batch with "good" titanium? You've already done the design work, etc. for this product, and already have customers and backers for this product. Over time, it's inevitable that you can improve your processes and designs to create better products, but at the end of the day:…

      Relatedly, is it unusual for titanium stock to be out of spec in this way? Is there any testing you can do before future production runs to ensure that the material is in spec?

      Then there's the stated question of what direction the line of D shackle products should take. It seems that forging will produce a superior product, but at what cost? New designs and new manufacturing workflows all take time, and push out the ETA. If customers don't need the extra strength that forging grants, they may prefer to have the good product now rather than a great product in the future at a higher cost.

      Lastly, what should backers expect? Do you have enough stock on hand to fulfill pledge rewards to those who are satisfied with the strength and performance of the current batch, even though it's lower than expected? For those who would be satisfied with a cast product using in-spec titanium, what is the ETA? For those who may want to wait for forged items, what is the ETA? It's hard to provide feedback, much less decide, without knowing the full situation.

      Thanks for the update, but we could still use more information. To recap, the three options as I see them:

      1) Cast shackles with bad titanium (current batch)
      2) Cast shackles with good titanium (new batch)
      3) Forged shackles (new design and manufacturing process)

      What would be involved in each? Thanks again!

    20. Missing avatar

      Bryce Bell on

      Nice to have an update, but it seems to be missing one of the most important details... when can backers expect their shackles and/or what needs to be done before the shackles are ready?

    21. Missing avatar


      What does this mean for backers of the 3/16" shackle, since it exceeded expectations?