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The strongest, safest multi-use shackle you'll ever find.
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Shackle Production Update #1

Posted by Allied Titanium (Creator)

We've placed the order for all the tooling to manufacture the shackles. Our experiments to investment cast the 3/16 inch shackle did not go well, as it is so small. Fortunately, we simultaneously did tests on die forging the small shackle and they did go well.

Below is a photo with a 1/4 inch investment cast shackle on on the left and two 3/16 die forged shackles on the right. The polish on the 3/16 inch shackles isn't perfect, as you can see, due to the fact these were just tests to see if the die forging was feasible.

  • Image 321536 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Missing avatar

      Laurie Knight on

      Will the strength of the product be affected by the different manufacturing technique?

    2. Jon D Hunt on

      Glad to see the die casting yielded a desirable result for the 3/16 inch shackle. They both look good, and glad to see you are moving forward!