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The strongest, safest multi-use shackle you'll ever find.
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    1. Joakim Elm

      What happened after this positive update?

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      Anyone get one yet ? not me either.....

    3. Darren

      THANK YOU for sticking with this project and not giving up! I know the road was challenging in many ways. I also think the additional improvements are awesome. Look forward to receiving these!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nassir Isaf on

      Thanks for the update! I'm even more excited now than I was in 2013.

    5. Susan R Grossman

      I also want to chime in with appreciation of your transparency and update process along with dedication to the best possible product. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Chris & team,
      This is great news. I think Steve Jobs said that in innovation it is the journey that is the reward, not the end point. Here we have had a wonderful journey, seeing innovation in works. The end point looks like a reward as well, perhaps there can be more rewards. Thanks for the update!

    7. Craig Scofield on

      Awesome news mate, It's been a pleasure watching this progress through the different stages and seeing how you overcome the obstacles. Looking forward to receiving mine in the mail.

    8. Dan Gardiner on

      This is fabulous news! Thank YOU so much for sticking with the project, and maintaining your commendable and unwavering focus on creating the best product possible. The success of this project is wholly on your incredible commitment to the project, and I have incredible respect for you. Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Link Cloud on

      I'm just as excited now as I was then! I have moved since. That's life! Thanks for your continued dedication to this project! As always, your passion is admired.