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We love meat and we love soap. We want to change your mind about what "clean" means by producing our collection of meat-scented soaps!
We love meat and we love soap. We want to change your mind about what "clean" means by producing our collection of meat-scented soaps!
42 backers pledged $1,905 to help bring this project to life.

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T Shirt Design!

You know you want this awesome T shirt!

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Meat Soap on the News ... in Portland

Our friend Kristina Von Kroug of Meat a la Mode recently cooked up some delicious-looking heart-shaped lobster pies (find the recipe here) for a spot about Valentine's Day food on the news in Portland! There was a contest and the sixth person to call in won a basket prepared by Kristina, which included two bars of ... you guessed it ... MEAT SOAP!! The basket also included a snazzy poster designed by Brian, which we're planning to adapt to send out as our Meat Soap poster for all you Super Suds, Glorious Patron, and Benevolent Bather level Pledgers out there!

You can see our materials in the basket in this screen shot from the segment:

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Full Custom Gospel BBQ Write-up!

Meat Soap benefits from having a full-time meat fanatic on staff! Daniel is an expert on all things BBQ, and he wrote about our kickstarter project on his blog, You can read his post here:

What is Meat Soap? We'll get into that in more detail below, but for now I want to beg a bit. A group of friends and I are involved in a side project only peripherally related to BBQ. We've been spending hours in the kitchen melting various fats to make natural soaps with an alluring natural scent (yeah, it smells like meat fat). Now that we know we can make this stuff, we need help raising money to complete the project. We've started a page on Kickstarter so you can make a pledge, and receive some meat soap (among other items) in return. If you like the project, and want to be a part of it, we'd love to get your financial assistance.

I received the first bar of Meat Soap (above) as a Christmas gift, and the idea to expand the product line was in the works about fifteen minutes later. The initial bar was made of bacon grease (and yes, that's a hunk of cooked bacon in there), but there are so many other fats we want to work with.

When you wash your hands with the soap, your hands actually smell like soap no matter how potent the smell from that bar of meat fat.

We cooked up a mess of meats, including the beef bacon above, and mixed it with a glycerin soap base. Six types of fat and several hours later, we had ourselves a product line.

Now we need to take it to the next level and create some molds and get a bunch more fat. I hope you can help.

If you want to keep up with our progress, then check out @meat_soap on twitter, or join our Facebook page.

- BBQ Snob