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We love meat and we love soap. We want to change your mind about what "clean" means by producing our collection of meat-scented soaps!

We think that...

everyone should smell like meat!

We firmly believe that the aroma of freshly cooked bacon should linger long after breakfast and that meaty and clean go hand in hand. That's how we arrived at Meat Soap. By using animal byproducts that are typically discarded as main ingredients in bars of soap, we are looking to change minds about what "clean" means. A variety of fats will be rendered by our crack team of fat melters to create a rainbow of colors, scents, and flavors (but don't eat Meat Soap, no matter how tempting!)

Our plan is to design and fabricate a custom soap mold to produce our collection of butcher paper-wrapped soaps. We hope to spark a lively debate about personal hygiene and meat consumption, while resurrecting the tradition of using animal-based resources to their fullest potential. We think clean people should smell like bacon, not like mint or roses.

We must raise enough money to pay to for a set of soap molds from a custom mold producer out of Portland, Oregon. Once we hit our funding target we'll procure the molds, melt some fat, and develop our bars of soap. Producing the custom molds will cost a minimum of $500, so the more bars of soap people request, the lower the cost of the soap! We'll order the raw materials for our soap (assorted meat fat to render and glycerin soap base) and we'll manufacture enough soap to keep you lathered in protein! Then we'll lovingly wrap each bar with butcher paper and send it to you! Don't mind the grease stains, they add character!


Is it safe?
Er... probably? Meat Soap has not been tested on animals but we've been washing our hands with our prototypes. Since Meat Soap contains no preservatives it won't last forever, and for the love of Mike DO NOT TRY TO EAT IT NO MATTER HOW DELICIOUS IT SMELLS.

What's with the stickers?
We want you to stick our cute piggy logo on everything. We're looking at making them scratch n' sniff to smell like bacon if possible, but otherwise they'll be awesome vinyl stickers for you to treasure!

What do these shirts look like, anyway?
Check out PROJECT UPDATE #3.

Wait - if I pledge $400 you'll buy a PIG?
Yes. We'll buy a pig through Heifer International to help make someone's life better!

What happens if you don't get funded?
Then your pledge will not be charged and Meat Soap will fade into a tragic cloud of obscurity and darkness forever.

What if I'm a Vegetarian?
Well, some of us like plants a little more than others. But you can still get some Meat Soap! That way you'll smell like meat without needing to eat it!


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    Tiny Bubbles Package - Thanks! You’ll receive a set of meat soap stickers and our undying love and appreciation.

  • Pledge $15 or more
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    7 backers

    Recovering Vegetarian Package - So, you've finally seen the bacon-colored light and come to the charred side? A set of meat soap stickers, one bar of meat soap, a listing on our website await you!

  • Pledge $35 or more
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    Card-carrying Carnivore Package - Mmmm, meat. You would drink it for breakfast if you could! You’ll receive two bars of meat soap, a set of stickers, a website listing, and a spiffy Meat Soap graphic tee shirt.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    Super Soap Suds Package - Can't decide whether today is a bacon or a brisket day? Why choose! Three bars of Meat Soap, each with a unique scent, a Meat Soap poster, and everything else in the Card-carrying Carnivore Package can be yours!

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    Meat Soap Glorious Patron Package - Glorious? Check. Meat Fanatic? You'd say yes but the brisket might fall out of your mouth! Five bars of Meat Soap, each with a unique scent, a special listing on our website, a limited-edition Meat Soap poster autographed by the team, and everything else in the Card-carrying Carnivore Package can be yours, and might keep you out of the kitchen for, oh, 15 minutes.

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    Benevolent Bather Bundle - Wow, uh, we don't really know what to say! But if you're feeling this generous, we will send you everything in the Glorious Patron Package, as much awesome karma as the USPS will allow us to ship, AND donate a pig, in your honor, to Heifer International.

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