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$13,660 pledged of $45,000 goal
By All Games Radio
$13,660 pledged of $45,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Celeste Dobropolski on

      Hey guys, Loserly here. I want to thank everyone who pledged toward our goal. You are amazing, and we really appreciate the effort. I am deeply saddened the community did not entirely rise up and pull through, but that does not detract from my gratitude to all those who did what they could to help out. I hope you all will continue to show your support in other ways, such as remaining listeners, contributors, and all around amazing members of the only online community that has reeled me in as a regular for the past nine years.

    2. Missing avatar

      cleft5 on

      I am sorry to see that you guys didn't make it. Derrick I am proud of what you attempted to do and it is clear from how much the funding kept increasing dramatically at the last hours that people did believe in what you where trying to do. I honestly just feel like this was an issue of people just not knowing about Kickstarter for All Games. This was an issue of promotion and not one of people not wanting the kickstarter to succeed. I am so proud of what you tried to accomplish and what you did accomplish Derrick. Thank you so much for at least trying to make All Games Radio Network into what it should be and please don't give up. You just have to find a way of bringing the network together and getting All Games the attention it deserves. That's going to be a huge task, but if anyone can do it you can DerrickH. I believe in All Games and I know you are the right person to head the All Games Radio Network Derrick, please don't give up because you are what the All Games Radio Network needs.

    3. Vincent Lynch on

      AGR provided so many hours of entertainment for me - sorry you guys didnt make it. Was really hoping this community would have helped out.

    4. Missing avatar

      FinalRodzilla on

      I have been listening to All Games Radio shows for years. This project is worthy of backing. I have a hard time believing that anyone that listened to old AGI or new DPL would not open up their wallets and support this network. I feel like I owe All Games money for all the free entertainment they have provided me over the years. Cmon dudes I know most of the old AGI crowd is over 30 and can afford at least a $10 spot, even if you don't listen or visit the site anymore build the playground so the new kids have a place to play.


    5. Missing avatar

      cleft5 on

      I truly believe that All Games Radio Network is essential for the representation of gamers and independent media. Good Luck Derrick, I hope you guys make your goal.


    6. All Games Radio Creator on

      The Non-physical rewards are inclusive when choosing the higher tiers. But the physical rewards like the PR items, Tshrits, poster etc are not.

    7. Missing avatar

      BurrHedgie on

      Yes from what I understand the digital rewards are inclusive, the physical ones may be limited, however.

    8. Vincent Lynch on

      I havent listened to AGR in years - but I spent so many hours listening to Scott, Mayor Young, and the crazy callers for hours. Lost of luck to this project!

      Are the rewards inclusive? Id like to pledge the $50 amount, but also be able to get the digital download of the TV Pilot and album.

    9. James Martin on

      Been listening to All Games for awhile, Dead Pixel Live and Fantastic Forum being my favorite shows. Would love to hear some more of the other hosts do guest spots for cross show promotions.