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Draw, Roar, Score! Take control of competing dinosaur theme parks in this medium weight roll and write game.
Draw, Roar, Score! Take control of competing dinosaur theme parks in this medium weight roll and write game.
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Welcome to Dino World : a dinosaur-themed roll and write



Final stretch goal, at £67,000 will either be 14mm Dice or Card quality upgraded again! Dependent on final discussions with manufacturer.

  • A thematic Roll and Write with DINOSAURS!

Paths let people explore your park. Dinosaur enclosures are the main attractions! Enclosures need generators to keep them electrified and your visitors safe.

At the core of the game is a fun story of building a great dinosaur park!

  • Racing for Visitor Cards adds tension and interactivity

When playing with 9 or fewer players, you will compete for a different set of Visitor Cards with each of your neighbours. Which ones will you prioritise? Keep a close eye on what your opponents are doing, so they don't grab the visitors before you!

  • DANGER MODE adds even more tension

In Danger Mode, the dinosaurs are trying to break out! You need to not only worry about spatial planning but also about the security levels and how much stress you place on each generator, as you try to keep the fences electrified and stop the dinosaurs from escaping!

  • LIGHT MODE is an introduction, with meaty decisions

We strongly recommend everyone play Light Mode first. Not only is it a relatively simple introduction to the game, but there is already plenty to think consider. With 27 visitor cards to compete over, and 6 different special buildings, there's a lot of replayability.

  • Millions of possible setups!

With a whole variety of Visitor Cards, Labs and Special Buildings, there are millions of setups for Danger Mode! Each time you play, you'll have to consider a new set of abilities and ways to score.

  • Playable with 150 players!!!***

By using a central pool of visitor cards, Light Mode can be played with a ridiculous number of players! Theoretically, you could use the 150 sheets of paper included to run a massive event at a convention!

Or, if that's not enough, use 2 boxes for 300 players.

*** - Final number depends on the arrangement with the manufacturer as it may be 150 double sided sheets (light vs danger mode) or two 75 sheet pads of paper for each mode.

  • A complex spatial puzzle 

Every square of your park is a valuable resource. Enclosures must be accessible to visitors. Each path you build should lead directly somewhere. Generators can be cleverly used for multiple enclosures! Special buildings make you think even more carefully about where your pens are. Every placement is critical!

ROLL the dice

Use each die to draw one of 3 things: paths, a special building, or a dinosaur pen!

Paths let you connect everything together. In DinoWorld, rather than using whole dice values, you use the pips. So to draw two straights and a T you need two pips for the straights, and another two pips for the T!

Special buildings are different each game and offer you different ways to score!

Dinosaur pens are one of the main way you get points! Draw your fences, make sure you have the required number of generator connections, and then simply draw in your dinosaur! You just need to make sure you have a path leading into each of your new dinosaurs by the end of each round.

At the end of each turn, check if you've managed to complete any of the visitor cards next to you! If you have, you take those cards! You'll score them at the end of the game, and you've just denied points to your neighbour!

That's it! Ater 9 turns, the game is over. Hopefully, you'll have drawn a beautiful park where visitors can go to see exciting dinosaur clones!

In danger mode, the dinosaurs might break free! This time introducing a damage tracker, and a power outage phase.

For each dinosaur pen you build, the risk increases. Herbivores increase your threat by one, carnivores are doubly risky!

You can use security to mitigate the danger, but risky play (not using security) does have potential reward...

At the end of each round, roll the danger dice! Add your threat level, subtract your security and see if any pens are straining the generators too much! If they are, the pens will be damaged and be closer to a break-out!

Danger mode also adds a variety of public use laboratories, which will give you different ways to mitigate the rules each game, for a limited use per type of lab.

In the deluxe and expanded edition of the game, it contains 2 new mini expansions and cards for an automa.

Notably, this edition will not be available for general retail until 6 months after copies have been sent to backers! We will however may still sell it directly at conventions such as GenCon, UKGE and Essen and our own website.

  • Aquatic expansion

First, we have the aquatic expansion (3 cards), which lets you fill that lake! The aquatic expansion has fixed numbers for the dinosaurs which are randomised at the beginning of each game. Each card dictates which dice spread is required to build a certain dinosaurs, so some cards may only allow one type of dinosaur to be built with one type of value on the dice, while other cards will allow an even spread of dice for all dinosaurs. 

These dinosaurs are scored using a set collection mechanic, with the same, and different dinosaurs scoring (almost) exponentially.

  • Aviary expansions

Next, we have the aviaries! Choose from a wide selection of awkward and fixed shapes that you will play with each game. Flying dinosaurs breed, so place them early enough that they can be filled! (Final card count 15-20 depending on final playtesting during the campaign)

  • Automa deck for solo players

The 1p Automa lets you play solitaire in a brand new way, making some binary decisions for an AI that competes with you for visitors and points. More details below....

  • How does the automa play?

Designed by automa creation specialist: David Turczi and further refined by Nick Shaw, you will play against a "normal" or "hard" automa. The automa has it's own deck with 16 double use cards. 12 can be used with the core game, while 4 can be added if used in conjunction with the aviary and aquatic expansions. The automa also uses an extra die so that each round you will be rolling 4 dice, allocating one to the automa, and the final 3 to yourself. 

  • How does it work?

The automa will have one card drawn from the automa deck at the beginning of each turn. The card will be double use, with each side giving instructions of what the automa would do (and therefore score), if you choose that side. The side you choose will be dependent on the die you allocate to the automa - hence starving yourself of a particular value, and potentially gifting the automa valuable points if allocated without careful consideration.

  • How does it score?
The automa scores by using a set collection mechanic of units written on the cards themselves such as special buildings, dinosaurs and in hard mode, the security and generators. The trick is to allocate a die to the automa with careful consideration!

A german version of the rulebook has been translated, while a french one is in the works. We hope to offer multiple languages through the Boardgamegeek page soon

 *The deluxe edition will not be available for retail purchase for 6 months after backers get their copies. We will however allow late pledges to allow those late to the party, to get this edition, right until we start shipping them out. So if most backers have received their copies in June, the deluxe edition will only be available the following January. Please note, Retailers who back this campaign directly, will also be treated as kickstarter backers - so there may be a small number of retailers who sell the deluxe version of the game.

To save on shipping costs you can order our popular and previous games: 

  • Ruthless - a pirate themed deckbuilding game (£23/$29)
  • Pocket Pharma - a pharmaceutical themed drafting game (£21/$27)
  • Pocket Sub - an abstract strategy game of nautical warfare (£16/$21)
  • To add these on, please use our pledge manager when it opens
  • The Pocket games mentioned above are the deluxe editions

Dice Hospital may be available in the future as an add-on, but will be available soon through all good FLGS's. 

Additionally, we are likely to offer extra pads for people to purchase, again in the pledge manager. We think it'll be around £6-8 if purchased along with a game through kickstarter/pledge manager. 

Play along with Tom Heath by using the basic print and play files we've supplied!

We always offer excellent rates for retailers around the world. If you are a retailer, please send us a message with your store email address and we will send you our rates!

For groups of 10 or more people, we are happy to provide group pledge discounts, as long as the games are sent to a single location. Prices will severely vary between location (due to shipping and customs) so please message us for rates. 

We are subsidising shipping and absorbing some of the cost of each shipment, so we can offer shipping within UK/USA at no additional cost!

Costs elsewhere are shown in the approximate local currency. To double check the pricing to your region or for more accurate pricing, please go to to the tier and select your country. 

Due to previous shipping issues we do not ship to South America, Mexico, Russia, and all of the Middle East (in particular UAE, or Saudi Arabia). 

We do not charge additional shipping after the kickstarter! You will not have to pay anything more!

Transparency guarantee

With every game we have kickstarted, we kept backers informed of all the problems, issues, and - of course - good news as we get the games finished, manufactured and sent to your door. This project will be no different. We don't believe in updates for the sake of them, but we try to do an update twice a week during a campaign, and once every 2-3 weeks after the campaign is over.

Get it before retail

Lab Wars and Cauldron Master, our first two games, were delivered on time or even early! Dice Hospital was held up at customs and faced a few manufacturing issues, but we are in turn delaying the retail launch to put our backers first. Backers are always our priority. 

World class manufacturing

For this project, we are considering Longpack, who we have worked with several times in the past. We are also considering established Polish manufacturers (Trefl and Axel), who might be able to print and deliver the game in only 6 weeks. Ultimately, it will depend on the exact number of backers, and how many we print.

Shipment and Fulfilment

We will be shipping most - if not all - the games from our UK Alley Cat Games HQ via Royal Mail. If Brexit has happened before the games are ready to be shipped, we will send some games to EU to be fulfilled from within. As such, the game should be customs-friendly for all EU and UK backers.

An optimistic prediction of the timeline:

  • mid-December: Submit Files to manufacturer 
  • January: Manufacturing
  • February: Chinese New Year
  • early-mid March: Shipping from China to the UK begins
  • Mid-late April: Arrives in ports
  • Early May: Fulfilment commences 
  • late May: Fulfilment completed. Most backers have their copies. 

If we do decide to use a Polish manufacturer, our timeline will be as follows:

  • December: extra time for tweaks
  • January: Submit Files to manufacturer 
  • early February: Manufacturing  
  • early March: Shipping from Poland to the UK 
  • mid-March: Fulfilment commences 
  • late March: EU Fulfilment completed. 
  • early May: fulfilment completed. Most backers have their copies.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any delays it could push this back farther for completing fulfilment. The above is an optimistic prediction. We always put a worst case scenario on our tiers - as delays can happen.

This game has had the attention of a talented team lavished upon it. 

Risks and challenges

As always with our campaigns, we cannot prevent "god like" failures such as thunderstorm, hurricanes etc.

We can promise you though that we will do everything in our power to keep everyone updated, and will stick to the original plan if at all possible.

We have lots of previous experience running projects. We are a capable and knowledgeable company. Customer service has always been our number one priority.

Brexit is a new potential obstacle that we might have to deal with. Worst case scenario, we will have WTO terms for import/export with EU and customs will become an issue. ACG does have the cash reserves to absorb the potential extra cost of the game and - worst case scenario - we will send several cases of the game back into EU.

We have worked out a plan to hopefully send the games to EU backers before Brexit, but this can't be guaranteed. If we do get the games as planned, EU backers will be sent games earlier.

We will be selling the games at UKGE - but only if backers can get their games first, or at worst, pick up their games at the UKGE.

We are a very open company and welcome feedback, suggestions and comments either publically or privately!

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