Funded! This project was successfully funded on August 29, 2011.


a new skateboard magazine with an art book feel, focusing on quality, photography, and arts.

*the booklet featured in the video is the printed intro media kit, a teaser for the magazine.


wednesdsay, aug 24, 2011 - we hit our minimum funding goal with 5 days left! any additional pledges will go towards adding pages to the 1st issue, and increasing the number of copies printed!

this is your last chance to have 43 mailed directly to you, as well as to purchase archival prints!

thank you for being a part of 43 magazine!


friday aug 5, 2011 - check the updates tab for further updates!


thursday july 28, 2011

hello friends!
i've been developing 43 for well over a year now, building it thoughtfully from the ground up, questioning every detail to result in a magazine that is as inspiring as the skateboarding featured in it.

43 is a free, independent, non profit, bimonthly skateboard magazine,
with a clean art book feel, dedicated to quality, photography and arts.
it will be distributed to skate shops throughout the US, and select international cities.

magazines play an essential role in skateboarding’s heritage, documenting the culture. 43 is the skateboard publication devoted to the unfiltered portrait of real skateboarding.

all we need now is funding to cover the paper, printing, distribution, and contributors. with your support, this will be a special 1st issue with minimal or no advertising. moving forward, we will fund future issues with advertisements on no more than 38% of the magazine's pages.

check out the rewards for donating,
please help spread the word by sharing, blogging, and fwding this page,
and we’ll see you at the premiere launch show!


*int'l shipping rates for rewards
canada - add $4 for 1 issue, add $19 for subscription
mexico - add $8 for 1 issue, add $39 for subscription
beyond north america - add $11 for 1 issue, add $52 for subscription


(if you can't watch the video, further information is down below)


16" x 20" archival print rewards, including but not limited to:

stevie williams - backside 180 nosegrind - manhattan, new york - 2008

josh kalis - frontside noseblunt slide - manhattan, new york - 2008

mark gonzales - frontside wallride pull out - manhattan, new york - 2006

donny barley - manhattan, new york - 2008

other options available upon request.


in case you can't watch the video:

43 is a forgotten name for the trick more commonly known as a frontside no-comply. this magazine is a 43 on the skateboard world, putting one foot down, turning it around, while continually moving forward. we’re presenting the essence of skateboarding by not complying with conventional guidelines and formula.

the format is a square the size of a 12 inch vinyl record cover. vinyl is a traditional medium with a full and rich sound. this appreciation has seen a revival against the overuse of lower quality, digital mp3 audio.

we're printing in the US with vegetable based inks,
on 100% post consumer waste, uncoated paper.

missionskateboarding has forever embodied a spirit of independence and imagination. it challenges the status quo.
the mission of 43 is to promote the inspirational skateboarding, arts, and independent thinking that exist beyond the commercial side of skateboarding, perpetuating its positive impact on society and youth counter-culture.

contributing photographers
we have amazing submissions from some of my favorite skateboard photographers, inlcuding brian gaberman, kyle camarillo, brendan klein, ian o'connor, travis howell, ryan allan, zach malfa-kowalski, ty bush, jelle keppens, eric antoine, marcel veldman, eric mirbach, and hendrik herzmann.
artist features
along with skateboard content, 43 will also feature work by artists and photographers actively involved in skateboarding, showcasing work that transcends typical standards of “skate art".

for the release of every issue, we’re having a gallery show of large prints and works featured in the edition. each show will open in a different city, with a catered, open bar reception, for a unique, socially interactive experience with the magazine.

at $20,000, we will be able to produce an edition of 8,000 copies.
Our production overhead is kept to the bare minimum,
72% of funds are for paper and printing,
15% are for distribution, and
13% are for editorial costs.
the more we raise, the more copies we print.
our goal is to triple the target and yield a distribution of
25,000 copies across the US.


pledged of $20,000 goal
seconds to go
  • Pledge $25 or more
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    211 backers

    1) the PREMIERE ISSUE mailed to you, + your local skate shop added to the distribution list; + a THANKS on the 43 magazine website. *see info for int’l shipping rates.

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    2) SUBSCRIPTION - 1 year (6 issues); + your local skate shop added to the distribution list; + a THANKS on the 43 magazine website. *see info for int’l shipping rates.

  • Pledge $325 or more
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    3) ARCHIVAL PRINT - a 16" x 20" archival print of a photo that’s in the 43 media kit, including but not limited to photos of legends stevie williams, josh kalis, mark gonzales, or donny barley; + the PREMIERE ISSUE reward. *see info for int’l shipping rates.

  • Pledge $425 or more
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    4) the ARCHIVAL PRINT reward; + the SUBSCRIPTION reward. *see info for int’l shipping rates.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    5) FOUNDING PARTNER - your name printed in the magazine as a founding partner of 43; + 2 ARCHIVAL PRINTS; + the SUBSCRIPTION reward; + a SPECIAL THANKS on the 43 magazine website. *see info for int’l shipping rates.

Funding period

- (32 days)