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Allegory's second handcrafted collection features reclaimed woods, modern design, the much loved Hi-Tec-C, and customization.
412 backers pledged $42,947 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you & Stretch Goals

Five days ago seems like five months ago. You all have a made a huge difference in the lives of a few entrepreneurs chasing a dream. I'll spare you the personal details until we can sit down for coffee someday, but your timing couldn't have been better. I owe you big, and will work till my fingers fall off getting your rewards to you and making them to the highest standards we can. 

This is a long update, but stick with it :) 

The best part: We still have 27 days to make this HUGE. With your help the sky is the limit for this project, and we have some great plans to bring to the community in the next few months, the bigger this project gets the faster we can get there. See the section below on "long term vision" for more details. 

This sounds cool, but why are you telling us now? 

Because I want you to know what's behind my new personal goal for this project and partner with me to pull it off. We are now going for $150,000 and pulling out all the stops to do so. We'll need your help. 

Spread the Word

Your posts on Facebook and Twitter do more than an advertising budget ever could. If you believe in this project and the long-term goals it will support, please choose a day of the week (or two) and post something about Allegory on that day each week till the campaign ends. Liking us on Facebook is also really helpful, because our sponsored content will then appear on the right side of your friends pages when we advertise the campaign. (Plus you'll get to hear cool stories about trees, green design, and other fun stuff.) 

Stretch Goals 

We'll return the favor for all this progress right away with cool unlocks for new goals, and in the long run with our continued work. The image below shows the stretch goals:

Long Term Vision 

When Kickstarters skyrocketed Pebble to over $10 million raised, you didn't just enable the idea, you transformed it. A cool watch with some great apps became a development platform and marketplace for innovation almost overnight. We, as project creators, can set the place for a cool bonfire, you guys can bring a flamethrower and light up the sky. Allegory has some long-term goals, and you are making them possible much sooner than we ever thought. 

We (mostly you) have already proven that pens can be more than we thought, and can carry our stories. Next we will show that quality handcrafted products + a conscious, globally minded approach to business + a group of enthusiastic supporters = changing lives all over the world. 

Allegory has spent the past months between our two projects crafting a long term strategy for our business. The most powerful part of all this is that there are craftsman in the most impoverished parts of the developing world who still have the drive to make, to create, and to craft. I believe Allegory can be both a template and a partner to those craftsman, and help them make a real impact on their communities. I know this is a big leap from making pens in Chicago, but I must ask for your trust on the following points: 

  • We have a plan to pull it off, but don't want to give too many details out this far ahead of it's implementation. We just think you all deserve to know the mission behind our work, and will tell you more as soon as we are able. 
  • Our current products will remain available, and will stay a vital part of the big picture. 
  • We will continue to push ourselves forward, while balancing our resources and not taking on too much at once. The full version of what I've hinted at above is a multi-year project, but you will see and participate in it's first experiments in Spring and Summer of next year - AFTER we have fulfilled all of the rewards for this project. 
  • Backers who are curious about the details of these long term goals will have the opportunity take part in an advisory group, and receive a full briefing about our vision once this project closes.

Note: This section is called "long term vision" because it is not a part of the Precision Collection project. This is here to let you know that if we hit the lofty goals we have set for the Precision Collection, you will enable us to make faster progress on some larger initiatives once we have completed fulfillment of the rewards.

Thank you all for your amazing support. We hope to return the favor with diligence and excellence.

- Chad


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    1. John D'Alessandro on November 2, 2012

      Awesome, we hit the first stretch goal...woo hoo!!
      I'm going to add a gift box for sure!

    2. Eli Rogers on November 2, 2012

      So at $60,000, you'll have a pledge option where people can get two cap pens in a set? So say, for me, who bought one cap pen, it doesn't really mean much, unless I want an extra pen, right?

      And the $100,000, pretty much the same deal?

      That's some pretty good upgrades for people who can afford them. I wish I could donate at the highest level, but $80 is as much as my wallet will allow.

      Can't wait to see the boxes!!

    3. Chad Schumacher 12-time creator on November 2, 2012

      Hi all

      Michael, you are correct - does that help clear it up Eli?

      Robert- Yes you can change your preference at any time by emailing

      Eli - adding the box will be $12. Adding the box with an engraved message is $15. We are working on getting good quality photos of the boxes as soon as we can so we can post an update.

    4. Michael Yong on November 2, 2012

      @ Eli. They seem fairly straightforward to me. At $60,000 there will be a pledge option for a set of two cap pens, similar to the click set that is currently an option. At 100,000 they will release a limited edition pen (I believe the Aficionado Revolucion is currently the only limited edition) that utilizes the shape and style of the cap (as an example, the Aficionado Revolucion mirrors the Aficionado in shape and style). These assumptions could be incorrect, that's just how I read those goals.

    5. Charlie Starling on November 1, 2012

      Woohoo! Just a little more than $3,000 for the darker color scheme on the mini! Man, I hope that happens! Can't wait to have one of these beautiful pens!

    6. Robert Gingras on November 1, 2012

      Will those of us who already submitted the survey for specifications (ie. for the Mini in my case) be able to change our options if the stretch goal is reached for new hardware?

    7. Eli Rogers on November 1, 2012

      How much for the box?

      And I'm not understanding the $60,000 & $100,000 stretch goals.

    8. Chad Schumacher 12-time creator on November 1, 2012

      Itthiphol - Apologies if this wasn't clear from the above. The wood gift box is a single pen box, and is a option that can be added to a reward for an additional donation. The multiple pen rewards will remain unchanged, as they include a box. If you have chosen the click-set, and would like two single pen boxes instead, you would only need to add one box.

    9. Itthiphol on November 1, 2012

      Once the $25,000 Wood Gift box goal is reached, will anything happen to the $135 pledge since that already includes a gift box?