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We're adding indie artists to an Alkaline Trio tribute that's already comprised of established artists in hopes of promoting new talent

The idea is simple. Pay homage to an artist that has been influential in the development of countless artists. And the best way to show that respect and to properly pay tribute to an artist like Alkaline Trio is by following a similar path. That being said, we already have an Alkaline Trio cover album comprised of established artists like Allister, Punchline, August Premier, This Time Next Year, Into It. Over It., Jonah Matranga (Far), Ace Enders (The Early November), Joe Wilson, Barely Blind and others. But what we're attempting to do is add quality independent artists in an attempt to showcase some up-and-coming talent.

In essence, we're attempting to get artists that deserve more face time, a little bit more press simply by participating on a compilation that features a number of prominent artists.

I have a list of independent artists that want to participate on this album. Unfortunately there's not enough of a budget secure recording time for these independent artists. So if this budget is met we'll be able to add an additional ten artists (or more) and thus be able to record an additional ten (or more) cover songs on top of the 12 tracks that are already confirmed and in my possession.

Of course this goal isn't meant to gloss over the fact that we also want to add additional artists to the album so that we can cover countless more of our favorite Alkaline Trio tracks.


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    You'll get a release day copy of the album that'll include 30 to 40 Alkaline Trio cover tracks that will be performed by various artists including; Punchline, Allister, Into It. Over It., This Time Next Year, Ace Enders, Jonah Matranga, August Premier and Joe Wilson.

  • Pledge $20 or more
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    You'll receive an advanced copy of the album prior to the scheduled release date.

  • Pledge $175 or more
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    I will add an additional artist to the compilation and accredit you for the creation of the new cover song. Guaranteeing another cover track on the album. As well as your name in the art. You'll also receive an advanced copy of the album prior to the scheduled release date.

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    An additional artist will be added to the compilation, a new song will be recorded, you'll get accredited for the addition of the new artist and track, you'll get your name in the artwork layout and you'll receive a message from me containing the song you helped fund as well as any available alternative mixes of the song. The personal message containing the song will be sent to you the moment I receive the final mix from the newly acquired artist. Lastly you'll receive an advanced copy of the album prior to the scheduled release date.

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    You can actually choose an Alkaline Trio song of your choice, that you want to see get covered and we'll find the best possible artist to perform the cover. Once the song is recorded, I'll send you an advanced copy of the track via email with any and all available alternative mixes. Finally you'll receive an advanced copy of the album as well as song and artist accreditation.

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