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A new musical premiering this summer at Ascendio in Orlando, Florida based on the lives of the Marauders in Harry Potter.
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Jessica Milne

44 backers pledged $1,441 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Costuming, Sets, and Rewards-- Oh My!

Hello backers! Jessica here, just wanting to send out a quick update about the project. Due to numerous factors, Mischief Managed has been converted from a musical into a straight play. This does not affect what support was given-- costuming and the set remain the same as they would have in a musical. If there are any concerns about the change in the production, please send me a message and I can explain exactly what is going on.

Speaking of costumes, they're coming along wonderfully! From the dress robes for the wedding to the daily school robes for Hogwarts, everything looks fantastic. Wigs are being selected in the coming week, and the set design is going from a concept to a reality. 

Rehearsals with the new script have been going well; we are currently working on blocking the show (giving stage direction so the actors know where to move and when). The concept I had for the show remains intact, thanks to all of you! This dream is coming true, and I couldn't thank you more. 

I will be sending out backer surveys in the coming weeks in order to get everything together for your rewards. I truly hope you're excited-- I know I am!

Thanks to All! And News!

Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to announce that we met and surpassed our funding goal-- a big WOW is in order, I think! First, I would like to thank everyone who pledged to support this project. You have turned this dream into a reality.

Mischief Managed rehearsals are well underway. Right now we're concentrating on the individual scenes and group dynamics, but music rehearsals are just on the horizon! Stephanie and Lena are doing some amazing work together-- I'm blown away by everything I hear! 

The costumes are also coming along swimmingly! The fabric for the school robes has been ordered and should arrive in a few weeks. Until then, the dress robes for a special scene are being made, along with some costumes for characters no longer attending school. 

We are setting aside money to look into video recording the show so we can share it with everyone who couldn't make the convention. This is where the extra funding comes in-- thanks to all of you, we're going to be able to make this happen!

Just wanted to fill you all in on where we are and say a HUGE thank you again! I'll be sending out more updates later on down the road, as well as individual backers' messages to talk about your rewards. Until then, it's Mischief Managed. :)