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An Open Source, Bluetooth Alcohol Detector Accessory for Android Phones. For Entertainment Use Only.

An Open Source, Bluetooth Alcohol Detector Accessory for Android Phones. For Entertainment Use Only. Read More
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About this project

The Droidalyzer is an open source, Bluetooth alcohol detector accessory for Android Phones. After pairing the device to your phone using Bluetooth, breathe into the device's alcohol sensor and then check your alcohol level from your phone.

Note: The Droidalyzer is a novelty device, it is NOT calibrated to be a professional Breathalyzer and/or medical device and is for entertainment use only.

After each alcohol reading, you’re prompted with various options such as calling a preset designated driver, calling a taxi, finding nearby friends and places (using Facebook integration), and even a random drunk dial option if you’re feeling adventurous.  It does not output a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading and instead plays different audio responses relative to alcohol levels with four character voices to choose from. The voices were done by a professional voice actor.

What's the money for?

The project is pretty far along meaning the hardware design, prototype, and Android app are all completed. Backers of this project will be helping to create the first manufacturing production run of the Droidalyzer.

The device in the Altoids tin you see in the video is a prototype. The production version offered in the rewards will fit into this smaller generic mint tin case of dimensions 1.43" x 3.35" x 0.8". Cut outs in the case for the on/off switch, USB connector, charging port, and alcohol sensor are laser cut.

There is a re-chargeable Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery underneath the board. You can also see the Bluetooth dongle which is off the shelf.

Here's the charging port. Use any standard USB charger with a mini USB connector.

The Droidalyzer is not only open source but expandable as it’s also a full blown IOIO ("pronounced yo-yo") board. Think of  IOIO as like the Arduino but designed and optimized for Android. Ytai Ben-Tsvi, the creator of IOIO, was kind enough to allow us use IOIO in the Droidalyzer product. The Droidalyzer will ship with female headers pins for the general purpose IOIO pins.

Close up of the Droidalyzer board, technical details here

You can check out the functionality of the Android Droidalyzer app by getting it from the Android Market here or scan the QR below from your Android phone. Of course, it will not detect any actual alcohol without the Droidalyzer hardware but you can run the app in simulation mode now to check out what it will do.

As of now, the Droidalyzer is only available on the Android platform. You’ll need an Android phone with version 2.3.3 or higher for full functionality with Bluetooth connectivity (currently not compatible with Android Honeycomb tablets). Android 1.6 and above will also work but you’ll need to connect the device with a USB cable as opposed to Bluetooth. In theory, the same hardware can also work on an iPhone BUT special approval is required from Apple to do hardware accessories which we have yet to receive so it's Android only for now.

The raw cost of the Droidalyzer in parts is $33 + $8 shipping = $41. Our goal was to make it as affordable as possible so we've left the mark up pretty small at $60 for your cost which includes shipping.

Hardware Features

  • Small form factor, easily fits in your pocket
  • Includes a re-chargeable battery to be used with a standard USB charger with a mini USB connector (charger not included)
  • Upgradeable firmware via USB port
  • Mouth piece not required to keep things sanitary when sharing the alcohol detector among friends
  • Fully hackable and expandable as a fully functional IOIO board

Android App Features

  • Four selectable characters (old english gentleman, pirate, spooky, and mean guy) who speak the alcohol detection results in their own personality
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Functions to call a friend, find a friend, or taxi after alcohol detection results
  • Random drunk dial (only shows up if you’ve had too much)
  • Verbal alcohol detection responses can also be personalized using Text to Speech
  • Language support for English, French, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese

Thanks for taking the time to read about this project. You can find out more about the Droidalyzer at



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    Pledge $60 or more
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    If you’re one of the initial funders, you'll receive one of the initial Droidalyzer units from our first manufacturing run. Price includes shipping.

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    Depending on the demand, we'll make more. You'll receive the same Droidalyzer unit just later on a subsequent manufacturing run. Price includes shipping.

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    We'll add a custom feature you specify to the Android Droidalyzer app. Contact us in advance and assuming it's doable, we'll do it.

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