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An interactive LED based display for retro pixel art. Use your Android device to change the image or animation.
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Al Linke

303 backers pledged $51,536 to help bring this project to life.

New Animations and PIXEL V2 Kickstarter Preview

Hey Everyone, PIXEL V2 is about to launch. As part of the launch, five new pixel artists were brought on who did some amazing animations for PIXEL. Best of all, this new art is available and free to you now. Just upgrade your PIXEL animations Android app or the PC app. For the Android app, you'll need to delete the pixel/pixelanimations folder on your local SD card / internal storage and the new animations will show up after re-starting the app.

Other than the new form factor, the big feature for PIXEL V2 (based on your feedback) is the ability to run animations in stand alone mode. You set the art from your Android or PC and the animations will continue to run after your device has been disconnected. 

The plan is to launch PIXEL V2 on Kickstarter at the beginning of January. There's a preview of the Kickstarter below (you'll see some of the new animations in the video). I'd really love your feedback and am open to make changes prior to the launch, please do add a comment with your thoughts.

Happy Holidays!



    1. Creator Al Linke on January 2, 2014

      Hey Ron, looks like we can do the on/off switch, the switch will sit in an acrylic mount where the old V1 board was.

    2. Creator Al Linke on December 28, 2013

      MJP, good to hear from you, hope all is well. Thanks for letting me know. I'll post another update when PIXEL V2 is launched.

    3. Creator MJP on December 27, 2013


      I'd definitely love to replace my board with a V2 as well - the procedure is definitely easy enough. Can't wait to see your new project launch :)

    4. Creator Al Linke on December 27, 2013

      Hey Ron, I'll look into the on/off switch, potentially it could go where the old board is on PIXEL V1.

    5. Creator RonF on December 27, 2013

      Hi Al, that looks like an excellent option! However, it would be great to have an on/off switch - unplugging the usually somewhere hidden power adapter is quite inconvenient.

    6. Creator Al Linke on December 26, 2013

      I'll add some better pics later but here's how the PIXEL 1 upgrade kit would work It's about a 10 minute job and will upgrade your PIXEL V1 to be able to run animations in stand alone mode after your Android or PC has been disconnected. Let me know what you guys think about this. If you like, I'll add it as an option.

    7. Creator Al Linke on December 25, 2013

      Hi Ron, thanks for the suggestion, I like this idea. Other than the form factor, the only difference between V1 and V2 is the board, I'm just not sure how the V2 board will mount in the V1 form factor, I'll play around with this and post an update later.

    8. Creator RonF on December 25, 2013

      The inability to run animations in standalone mode is a major drawback of PIXEL V1 - and the reason why I am currently not using it. Will there be a possibility to upgrade V1 to V2?