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An interactive LED based display for retro pixel art. Use your Android device to change the image or animation.
An interactive LED based display for retro pixel art. Use your Android device to change the image or animation.
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PIXEL Shipping Status and PIXEL Desktop Idea

Posted by Al Linke (Creator)

Hey Everyone, 

Minus a few pending shipments, everyone should have received PIXEL by now. If you did not receive yours, please do let me know. And if you get a chance, shoot me a note on how PIXEL is working for you or better yet post some pics in the PIXEL Google+ community, I'd love the feedback. I'd like to thank you all once again, doing this KickStarter was a great experience.

As far as selling PIXEL post KickStarter, it's a work in progress. PIXEL Guts (the DIY kit version) is available from Adafruit and Seeedstudio now. PIXEL is available for pre-order from Seeedstudio and will also be making an appearance on Grand St in a few weeks.

In addition to the wall hanging PIXEL, I'm pondering doing a version of PIXEL that sits on your desk. An initial design is below. I'd be interested in any thoughts or feedback on this idea/design. What do you think about it, is it worth doing, color preferences, etc.



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    1. Al Linke 4-time creator on

      Ronald, Cade, Edward, thanks very much for the feedback! Really appreciate it. My main take away is a more minimalistic design for the case. I'll work on that and come back with rev2.

      Ronald, on the brightness, I'll see if we can add dimming, I'm not sure about that. Worst case, they can be dimmed very easily simply by playing with the opacity of the acrylic panel that sits in front of the LED matrix. One of the features I'd like to do is make it customizable such that it will be very easy to swap in an alternative acrylic front panel so for those who want dimmer vs. those who want bright vs. those who want more or less LED diffusion.

      Cade, I like the idea, I'll come back with a minimalist design. I am thinking to forgo the acrylic mirror and replace with a smoke/black translucent acrylic piece, similar to the one used in this project . I'll give the battery option some thought, the challenge there will be the extra cost. The other option while not as clean would be to power it off an external high capacity cell phone battery pack like this one…. That will give you around 12 hours or continuous operations, more if the LEDs are on and off during certain events.

      Edward, I'll have to take some measurements but minimum thickness probably around 1.5 inches. Have to make room for the board and cable connections as well.

    2. Ronald L Nelson II on

      Hi Al, what's your thinking about having the mirror part a circle, when the display is square? Just wondering. If you are going with a circle, maybe something like the EMSL Bulbdial Kit design. (It would be a lot bigger, kind of like a mantel clock.)

      It's pretty darn bright, so I'm not sure if I'd have it on my desk (unless it can be dimmed down a lot -- possible?). Cade's idea of a very thin bezel and being able to bring it to parties/shows is a good one. Makes me think of wiring in a mic to make a fancy "color organ". The handle can go.

      Coming up with cool case designs is usually the hardest part for me. Perhaps some product designers out there could brainstorm it.

    3. Cade Goldenberg on

      Hey Al,

      Like the desktop idea, and Green is my favorite color, but I'd like a much simpler design. I'm thinking minimalism. A mirror with a very very thin bezel that is just bigger than the display itself. The case can still be color. I'd like the see the bezel in a matte black or chromed type finish. Also, if it is for the desktop, it would be nice to have notifications such as the gmail logo pop up when new mail arrives. Perhaps a rechargeable battery option for parties or get togethers where you want some mobility. However, I'm not a big fan of the handle, at least in its implementation. I'd be interested in what others have to say.

      Great job Al!

    4. Edward on

      That looks rather chunky to put on a desk,
      Could you do one that looks more like a (digital) picture frame?
      What's the minimum thickness it could be?