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At the D. Fleiss East West Artist Residency I will research and create boundary-bending work that intersects art, spirit, and science.
At the D. Fleiss East West Artist Residency I will research and create boundary-bending work that intersects art, spirit, and science.
117 backers pledged $4,960 to help bring this project to life.

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Newsletter with photos and stories from Boundless and reward updates

The Boundless newsletter with photos and stories was emailed out through Mail Chimp on Jan., 7th. Most of you have seen it now but from the feedback I have received some of the emails ended up in spam and junk folders. I have followed up with sending the link to those connected to me on FB and have posted the link on my FB page and blog.There are some of you who I am not connected to yet through social media and as this is one of the rewards I promised my backers I am posting a link here for those of you who want to see how my journey went and enjoy the stunning photos taken in the Alps.

Clicking on the link will take you to the Mail Chimp site where the email newsletter is posted. For those of you who were backers and did not receive the email please take a moment to subscribe to the Newsletter list (upper left corner). For those of you who were not backers and want to receive future newsletters feel free to do the same!

Newsletter Link: Boundless: An Artist Residency and Journey to CERN

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The Final Hours

I am delighted with the support I received for this project. I am blessed to have such a wonderful community that rallies for the arts.

I have confirmed my participation with the D. Fleiss East West Foundation for the residency and am in the process of filling out the paperwork for my visit to CERN.

Today, I am meeting with a UMASS physicist who worked on the ATLAS project. This project was responsible for the findings related to the Higgs Boson particle. I am very excited to see what I can discover!

Please accept my sincerest gratitude and deepest thanks for your pledges, cheers, shares, and support! Backers be on the look out for a survey I will be sending you. I will need some information from you based on your pledge amount to make sure you get your reward.

Now that I am familiar with Kickstarter and have experienced the miracles it can generate. I plan to continue being a part of this community and am looking forward to paying it forward by contributing a few pledges of my own. Such wonderful projects from artists like me who all need just a little help to make a dream come true.

Much love to you all. ~xo~Alicia

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Things continue to line up for me in this unfolding journey.

Today, I have confirmed a contact with a physicist at CERN, who will take me on a behind the scenes tour of the ATLAS project while I am there visiting on the official public tour.  This is amazing news!! All I need is to confirm my dates which I will do when this Boundless project makes its funding goal!   

I am also in the process of setting up a meeting with a member of the ATLAS team who worked directly with the Higgs Boson research; he is a physicist from the University of Massachusetts, my alma mater. I am looking forward to this visit and am eager to delve into this new direction my work is flowing toward.

I am gearing up for the last week of my project which has the big challenge of raising the last 50% of funding.  I have had some nice press and have put some in place for next week.

Recently, I was featured on Kristin Nicholas’ blog Getting Stitched on the Farm and Gina Duarte's blog The Pagan Sphinx , which did an artist spotlight on me.  Next week a series of articles will come out in a variety of regional print publications.  I hope this will help continue widening the circle of people who see my project and decide to back it.

A successful Kickstarter usually means it has been seen by many people so even if you aren't interested in doing any of the pledges it would be great if you would share this link with friends, family, on Facebook and any other social media you are involved with.

Thanks again for your ongoing support of this amazing journey.  xo~Alicia

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Boundless Project Update #1

I have had some wonderful developments that I would like to share with you.

Yesterday, I had an open studio sale to augment my fundraising campaign.  Despite being a hot and humid day that involved at least one downpour, we had a constant flow of visitors who delighted in finding affordable art and partaking in a treat or two.  I had an array of work from my modest beginnings as a printmaker and photographer, to what I now focus on, paintings.

It was amazing to see the development of my work over the years all displayed in one space.  Although my painting has matured greatly, the threads of imagery and the progression of my learning and ideas were clearly visible.

A lot of work went into the day.  I had some incredible help from my family and friends to which I am most grateful. When asked “was it worth it?” I would say regardless of how much money I made, yes, it was.  It was really great to connect with people and hear what they thought about the paintings and to share with them some details about this trip.  It was a day filled with touching interactions and stories

It reminded me that some projects are bigger than one person. Some projects involve a whole community.  I think these are the best kind of projects. I have been so thankful that my artistic vision and goals have been recognized and supported this way.

Now with the open studio behind me I can plan the 3 paintings that I will do while at the residency in Austria.  I am typically not an artist that works that fast so I must lay a strong foundation to my paintings before I arrive.  I will be working on paper which can be easily rolled and transported.  The paintings will either focus on the crystalline structure of water or they will be the first explorations I do with the particle collision imagery.  I will need to spend a little time experimenting to figure out which would make the most sense to paint during my time there.

On the CERN front, I have also been making some progress in making personal connections with the physicists who are stationed there. I want to make the most of my short time at CERN where I will be researching for future work that revolves around particle collisions and the Higgs Boson.  Making these personal connections is crucial to learning and seeing all I can during my visit.

This project has spurred much interest. I have been approached by several bloggers and magazines.  Some have also volunteered to help spread the word about Boundless to ensure its success. One example of this is; a few months ago I was the featured artist in SuperConsciousness Magazine and today a Boundless project intro and link appeared in the on-line newsletter. 

Although my stats have been up and down I am feeling positive about my chances of success. It has truly been a pleasure to see this project grow well beyond my normal reach. Thank you so much for your generosity and support.

Sincerely, Alicia Hunsicker

To stay up to date on the funding progress of Boundless here is a link to Kicktraq which displays detailed stats, trends, and projections.

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